Three Mistakes You Should Avoid During Shifting on your Own

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When planning to shift your home, there is a lot of task to do. It’s not only of utmost importance to pack your belongings and ensure they reach the new place safely, but it is also significant to pack them properly. This is especially important when you have to move a lot of things including furniture, pets and plants. Many people who would like to move to and from Bangalore or other cities usually hire professional packers and movers. But, hiring packers and movers in Bangalore ( does come with a cost that you may find pretty high sometimes. Some of you might think of it’s a wastage of money to spend on hiring professional packers and movers. But, it isn’t if you find a reliable one. Even Packers and movers in Mumbai charges aren’t higher as far as reliable relocation experts are concerned.Not all move frequently, but there are some who do move from one place to other like weather. A one moment they are here, the other there. This makes hiring a truly expensive affair for such people after all, who would like to spend frequently on movers when every month they have to shift!

So baby, there is one thumb rule to follow and keep costs minimum- and, that’s moving everything by yourself! Sounds crazy? Yes, it may, but wait a minute. If you have finally decided to move by yourself, we have compiled a few pointers for you to consider. Here are very common mistakes that we all commit when relocating. So, we must be aware of that to get things done right. What are those mistakes? Let’s take a look at that by scrolling down.

Avoiding or not making a prior checklist: creating a relocation checklist is of utmost importance to keep a track of all your valuables. This will help you count how many bags, packaged boxes or cartons you have. Always pack ahead of the time or in advance to ensure a label on top of the box stating the contents it has and also make a separate file to check everything has been packed to move. Remember, being organized is the best way to steer clear of hassles and avoid any sort of mistakes.

Not following an organized way to pack things up: There is a thumb rule, when packing start with the outermost contents, when unpacking, do the process in reverse. In lame words, pack the contents first then bubble wrap to minimize jerks and all. When unpacking do not pour the carton direct on the ground, instead, open it then pick out the contents one by one.

Not making a separate kit for emergency: One of the most important factors while shifting is that we should get engaged in our day to day life. If you’re shifting on day after which you have to join your office or work, college etc, ensure keeping a separate bag full of your regular used essentials. Keep this kit along with you or on top of the things so that you get it easily when you need it.

Keep these tips in mind and make your shifting in Bangalore or any other city an easy task with reliable packers and movers!