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Indian Railways have always made lives of its people better and easy with its remarkable services. Not just it helps in bridging the gaps of thousands of kilometers and miles between your loved ones, but it also help in moving your valuables safely from one destination to another. With its useful and beneficial service of bike transportation by train available, people can now easily relocate anywhere in the country and get their two-wheelers transported in an easy and safe manner. The easy to understand guidelines of the Indian railways relating to this service has made bike transport via train a simpler procedure for everyone who wish to get their bikes moved to another city.

Here is a quick guide to bike transportation via train which will give you clarity of the procedure and rules to be followed when contacting the rail authorities for bike shifting in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, or any other city in the country.

Advantages of Bike Transportation by Train

Relocation of a bike or a scooter is in itself a challenging procedure and when you get it done with the assistance of a local auto transporter in India, it becomes even more stressful for you. With the facility of bike transportation by train available with the Indian Railways, you can certainly stay relaxed and avail some amazing benefits of this service.

1. Affordable: Indian Railways have always served people with their efficient and pocket-friendly services not even leaving bike transport from one city to another. You can get your two-wheeler location outside your city limits in an affordable manner by opting for this incredible services of this Indian Railways.

2. Time saving: When you think of hiring packers and movers in Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore or any other city in the country for your bike transportation, then you need to do a good amount of research and verification to hire a reliable and licensed transport company which requires a great deal of time. But, when you decide to shift your bike to another city via train, then a lot of time gets saved as you don’t have to indulge in serious inspection of a private transport company as this service is readily available with Indian Railways.

3. Trustworthy with zero damages: Being a government body, you can definitely trust Indian Railways for your bike shifting in India. Your two—wheeler will be carefully and safely moved to its destination without any damages.

Bike Transport by Train – List of Documents Required

Relocating a bike, scooter or a motorcycle via train requires certain formalities to be fulfilled by the person availing such service of the Indian Railways. So, before you approach to take this service, you need to keep certain documents with you to submit with the booking office such as:

  • ID proof issued by the government – Aadhaar card, driving license, Voter ID card, Pan Card, Passport, etc.
  • A copy of bike insurance
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the bike
  • Reservation Ticket (In case of bike transport as luggage)

A person who is intending to transport a bike through train has to fill a form for bike transport by train with the details such as name, current and destination address, and contact number.

Methods of Bike Transport by Train – How to Transport Bike by Train?

Indian Railways mainly offers two kinds of modes for the purpose of bike shifting by train in India –

  1. Bike transport by train as LUGGAGE
  2. Bike transport by train as PARCEL

Out of the two methods of bike transportation, the most recommended one is the bike transportation by train as a parcel in which you can get your bike shifted from one city to another through any train or a rail wagon as decide by the rail authorities.

Bike transport by train

Let us understand both the processes of bike transportation by train in detail:

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1. Bike transport by train as luggage

Bike transportation by train as a luggage is a quicker mode to get your two-wheeler relocated at the desired destination as the person intending to shift his bike will also be travelling in the same train. Once the person approaches the destination, he can immediately receive it. It is a much expensive method of bike transportation via train as you will have to pay for your travel as well as for the service.

Advantages of Luggage Transportation Mode

  • Quick and safe mode of bike transportation as the mover will also be travelling in the same train.
  • Immediate possession of the bike at the destined railway station.

Disadvantages of Luggage Transportation Mode

  • Possibility of advance booking is not there.
  • A person has to travel along with his bike and so it is very time consuming.
  • Luggage slot availability must be checked before the booking is made.

Procedure for Luggage Bike Transportation

Step 1: Visit the railway luggage booking office at least two days before the decided date of transporting your bike by train.

Step 2: Carry copies of your mandatory documents such as RC of the bike, ID proof, and the travel ticket with you at the luggage booking office of the railway station.

Step 3: Fill the luggage booking form with the required details and pay the charges for this service.

Step 4: Get your bike packed by trained packers.

Step 5: Carry the luggage booking receipt and the endorsement of the train ticket with you.

Step 6: After you arrive at the destination, visit the luggage office with the original train ticket and the luggage receipt.

Step 7: The authorities will provide a dispatch or delivery receipt.

Step 8: Receive your bike from the required train compartment.

Important Things to Keep in Mind to Transport Bike As Luggage

Be there at the railway station with your bike at least three hours before the scheduled departure time. Get your bike packed with the best packing experts to avoid any dents or scratches in the transit. Ensure that your bike is loaded in the same train in which you are also travelling.

2. Bike transport by train as parcel

Also known as motorcycle cargo by the Indian Railways, transportation of bike as a parcel by train is an affordable mode of bike transportation by train in India. This service is similar to the service of packers and movers in India in which your vehicle or goods will be nicely and safely packed and then moved to the destination city in a secure manner. Parcel bike transport via train requires submitting your bike at the bike parcel office of the Indian railways after efficient packing and the rail authorities will deliver it to the destination place and the same can be collected from the destination railway station. The whole procedure takes 3-5 days of time depending on the distance to be travelled.

Advantages of Bike Parcel in Indian Rail

  • Saves time as you don’t have to travel along with your bike to the destination city.
  • The cost of shipment in case of parcel bike transportation is much cheaper than the bike transportation as a luggage.

Disadvantages of Bike Parcel in Indian Rail

  • You need to make a booking for this service in advance.
  • The time taken by this method of bike transportation is much more as compared to the bike transport as luggage.
  • The rail authorities will have the discretion over the train in which bike will be transported.

Procedure for Bike Parcel by Train

Step 1: Pay a visit to the parcel office on the day of moving or before the day you want to get your biked moved as a parcel via train. Don’t forget to carry all the documents like copy of the bike RC and insurance to make the booking.

Step 2: Get your bike packed properly by the expert packers.

Step 3: Fill the bike parcel form and enter the requisite details such as chassis and engine number of the bike and make the payment for the service. Collect the receipt for parcel booking.

Step 4: Write the booking receipt number on the bike for identification purposes at the time of delivery.

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Step 5: The Rail Authorities will decide the train in which the bike will be parceled to the destination city. So, confirm the delivery date from the parcel office before leaving.

Step 6: You can get your bike collected from the destination any time within 48 hours of the transfer of bike to the warehouse of the rail authorities. Any further delay beyond 48 hours, additional charges would be levied.

Step 7: For successful delivery of the bike, carry the parcel booking receipt with you. Check for the bike receipt number on the bike for quick collection.

Bike Parcel by Train Charges and Cost

Bike Parcel by Train Charges and Cost

The cost of transporting bike by train as a parcel mainly depends on two factors –

  • Distance to be travelled
  • Weight of the bike

However, the charges for bike transportation via train is much cheaper than other modes of bike shifting in India. As bike transport by train as parcel is a much common mode of bike transportation in India, the charges mentioned-below will also be applicable for this means of transportation of bike.

Services Charges
Packing Rs. 300 – Rs. 1,000 (Depending on the type of packing material used for the bike)
Transportation The cost is calculated on the basis of the distance and the weight of the bike.
Insurance No charges of the declared cost of bike is up to Rs. 10,000.
1% of the declared cost of bike if it is more than Rs. 10,000.

Indian Railway Rules for Bike Transportation via Train

Indian Railways has set some rules and regulations which must be observed when you are transporting your bike or any other two-wheeler by train.

1. Keep the petrol tank empty

It is important to keep the petrol tank empty when getting your bike transported via train. Violation of this rule will be subjected to a fine of Rs. 1000/-.

Bike lost or damaged in train accident

If your bike gets damaged or lost during a train accident, the rail authorities will pay for the loses or damages on the basis of the declared value of the bike.

Engine and chassis number of bike

It is mandatory to mention the engine and chassis number of the bike in the parcel form as it will be checked at the time of delivery.

Delayed bike collection

In case you fail to unload and collect your bike from the destination station, then you can again make parcel booking with the rai authorities at the nearest railway station and collect your bike.

Bike Parcel Booking Time of Indian Railways

People can make a booking for bike transportation by train at the railway stations during these hours:

For parcel bike transportation – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For luggage bike transportation – 24*7

Bike Parcel Booking

Frequently Asked Questions – Property Purchase Muhurat 2021

Q. How much does it cost to transport bike via train?

The cost of bike transportation by train will depend on the method selected for bike transportation. Bike transport as a luggage is much more expensive than bike transport as a parcel.

Q. What are the charges for bike parcel in train?

The cost of bike parcel in train will include the packing, transportation and insurance charges. The cost of packing will be Rs.300-1000 depending on type of packing and the transportation cost of bike as a parcel will depend on the distance and weight of the bike. The insurance charges will be NIL if the declared value of the bike is less than Rs. 10,000.

Q. How to parcel bike by train?

Visit the parcel booking office at the railway station along with the required documents such as RC of the bike, ID proofs, and a copy of the bike insurance. Fill the bile parcel form and submit it along with the required documents. Keep the copy of the booking receipt with you to collect the bike from the required destination.

Q. What is the time limit to keep a bike at the station?

You can keep your bike for six hours at the railway station after which you will be charged Rs. 10 per hour.

Q. Can bike be transported with petrol in fuel tank?

No. The rules of the Indian Railways for bike transportation clearly states that fine of Rs. 1000 to 5000 will be levied on the person who has petrol in his fuel tank during the transportation.
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