Love Your Fascinating shelf of Books? Here’s How You can Move them Safely!!

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Books are actually one of the much priced possessions of every household. And, for some people they are not less than something as precious as gold or diamond. For them, it is a key concern on how they can work out a plan for safely relocating their books.

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There are ways and techniques that can aptly relocate this priced possession without causing any damage to it. I am going to list out the ways by which you can judiciously and mindfully pack and move books while relocating.

1. Segregate Useful books from those you don’t need

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Books can add a lot of weight to your overall household goods and so it’s a good idea to help yourself by finding an apt home for those goods you don’t actually need. If everyone in your family is book lover including you, you must have created a library. It will be a tough job to relocate them all and it will add on to the Packers Movers charges to a great extent particularly if they are charging according to weight.

2. Make the classification according to the type of books

type of books

It’s a great idea if before starting with actually packing; you could classify your books as per their type. This way, it would be easy for you to unpack and arrange at your new home. And, most importantly this will keep your books safe.

3. Choose a sturdy boxsturdy box

Books are heavy and it is `quite important to choose a packing box which is strong and sturdy and that hold on to the heavy weight of books. Its’ a good idea to explore, you may also ask for the same from a friend who has recently relocated.

4. Secure the bottom of the box properlybox properly

Once you have chosen the right type of box, you will need to then secure it from the bottom properly because that is the area that is going to hold the most weight. Check the inside of the box if it’s clean and dry and make sure that it can support the weight of your books.

5. Pack the hardcover books fittinglybooks fittingly

It is always advisable to put the hardcover books in the box the way you used to put them on the shelf. Make them stand in the box in upright position with their spine against the box’s wall. And, be sure that they are not packed too tightly because that may also damage your books.

6. Keep your books safely inside the boxinside the box

To keep the books safe, it is often required to place stiff cardboards in between the books, this will also keep the spine of the box straight preventing any movement of the box. You must also protect each of the books with paper and should be kept in a well-padded box. You can use foam chips or bubble wrap to line the books properly inside the box.

7. Place books inside the box with paper edges in downward directiondownward direction

Be it a hardcover book or a paperback, you should not keep the book with its paper edge facing the in the downward direction. Doing that may cause damage to book and pages may get bent. Always keep the paper edges in the upward direction and the spine in the downwards direction.

8. Place large books flat inside the boxflat inside the box

You must have some large sized books in your library and it is important to keep them in flattened position inside the packing box when you are relocating. There are many packers and movers enlisted on this online directory, who will guide you with helpful books moving tips.

9. Avoid packing books at odd angles

books at odd angles

You can use all the methods to pack books but packing them with at odd angles can damage them and that will also occupy a lot of useful space. While you must place books inside the box closely but don’t make it too tight because that can cause them to bend.

10. Tape the box properlytape the box properly

The box must be packed and taped properly so that there isn’t any scope for it to open up during the entire relocation process. You must also label each of your book boxes with the name of the room where it has to be placed and the type of books it contains. Make sure that the books packed boxes are placed in dry place where there isn’t any source of water.

11. Check the weight of the box after packingbox after packing

Books are way heavier than other items, and if you will know and mention the weight of the box of books before loading, it will help you during unloading. That way you will be aware of the weight of the box and will handle with care without causing any damage to it.

So, this is a worked out lust of things that you must take care of when you are packing your books during relocation. These tips will surely save you from getting your books damaged in the way of packing and moving.