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Chandigarh City Information

Chandigarh City Information

Happened to be the first planned city of India, Chandigarh, is the capital city of two states, namely Punjab & Haryana. The credit of its orderly layout and stunning modernity goes to the Swizz-French architect, Le Corbusier.

Chandigarh City Information

Often regarded as the “City beautiful,” it is a city rich in culture, traditions, and modernity. If you want to get an insight into Punjab’s ethnicity or modernization, a Chandigarh visit is necessary. It is a peaceful city with extensive lushness around; broad avenues, grid-like blocks, shopping & nightlife, and fantabulous places of interest add a lot to Chandigarh tourism.

Come and join hands with to explore that, besides its pleasantness, what makes Chandigarh a dream city of every tourist.

How to Reach Chandigarh?

Reaching Chandigarh is easy. Either you can come via road, rail, or plane depending upon the distance and place.

chandigarh by road

Chandigarh-By Road

CTU or the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking provides regular bus service to Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Please note that the CTU also runs public transport buses from ISBT (Inter-State Bus Terminus) in sector 43 and sector 17. Note: From Delhi, it is 4-5 hours to Chandigarh. Please look below to find out how much distance you may need to cover by car if coming from these below-mentioned cities.

  • Shimla to Chandigarh; distance: 110 km
  • Dehradun to Chandigarh; distance: 175 km
  • Amritsar to Chandigarh; distance 250 km

  • Chandigarh By Rail

    Chandigarh-By Rail

    Chandigarh Junction Railway Station is the main railhead of the city. It provides connectivity to other important cities of India.

    chandigarh by air

    Chandigarh-By Air

    Reaching Chandigarh is easy. There are non-stop flights available from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kullu, Lucknow, Bangalore, Dubai, Sharjah, and a few more that connect the city.

    Transport Facilities in Chandigarh

    Getting around is certainly not tricky in Chandigarh. From local buses to taxi, auto-rickshaws to cycle rickshaws and cycle all provide easy access to move in and around the city.

    Accommodation Facilities in Chandigarh guarantees you have no hassles to find comfortable accommodation for yourself during your stay in the city. Whether you expect a few holidays in Chandigarh or a complete move, the city offers you a wide variety of accommodation ranging from budget hotels to mid-range hotels to 5-star luxury hotels to resorts to lodge and Dharamshala. You can book one based on your affordability.

    People & Lifestyle- Chandigarh

    Being Punjabis, the people of Chandigarh are very lively and friendly. They live life to the fullest. They are large-hearted people who like to help everyone.

    Talking about their lifestyle, both men and women like to wear traditional and modern clothes. They are fashionable who keep a close check on the latest market trends and follow it too. However, Punjabi suits, salwar, kurta pajama, jutis, mojris, and colorful paranda are always in demand.

    Punjabis, be it from Chandigarh or anywhere else, live a vibrant life. It will always be your pleasure meeting them.

    Groceries- Chandigarh

    If you are in Chandigarh and want to buy a few groceries, there would not be any problem. You can visit a nearby market, famous bazaars, general stores, supermarkets, or malls to shop for the items you wish to buy. In case you do not have time to go to the market, it will help if you place an order online. We are sure you know many online sites to shop from and get your parcel delivered to your doorsteps.

    Cost of Living presents a comparison between Delhi and Chandigarh's cost of living charges. Please note the cost given below is the estimated cost informing you how much the following items would cost you to relocate there. These charges are subject to change, and their variation depends upon many factors.


    SizeItemsEstimated Charges (Per Month)
    For 85m2 ApartmentGarbage, Water, Electricity, Cooling, and HeaterChandigarh Delhi
    INR 5,000INR 4,000
    Internet (60 Mbps or more) Chandigarh Delhi
    INR 900INR 700


    SizeEstimated Charges (Per Month)
    1-Bedroom Flat (Outside City Centre)Chandigarh Delhi
    INR 8,000INR 9,000
    1-Bedroom Flat (Within City Centre)Chandigarh Delhi
    INR 13,000INR 17,000


    ItemsEstimated Charges
    Local Transport (one-way ticket)Chandigarh Delhi
    INR 25INR 30


    ItemsEstimated Charges
    Food at Inexpensive RestaurantChandigarh Delhi
    INR 200INR 300
    Meal at Mid-Range Restaurant (2 People)Chandigarh Delhi
    INR 800INR 1,500

    Tourist Attractions – Chandigarh

    Chandigarh is one of the happening places. The city is grabbing attention for its fantastic nightlife, beautiful gardens, and shopping opportunities. It is one of India’s cleanest cities that offer you some wonderful places to explore. Below mentioned are the city’s tourist places of interest that will make you fall in love with the city. Here they are:

    1. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden
    2. Rock Garden
    3. Sukhna Lake
    4. Pinjore Gardens
    5. Government Museum & Art Gallery
    6. Shanti Kunj
    7. ISCKON Temple
    8. Topiary Park
    9. Leisure Valley
    10. Sector 17 Market
    11. Chandigarh Capital Complex
    12. Japanese Garden
    13. Garden of Fragrance
    14. International Dolls Museum
    15. Butterfly Park
    16. Garden of Palms
    17. Le Corbusier Centre
    18. Open Hand Museum
    19. Thunder Zoo
    20. Mohali Cricket Stadium
    21. Terraced Garden
    22. Musical Fountain

    Shopping in Chandigarh

    Chandigarh is a shopper’s paradise. The capital city of both Punjab & Haryana offers various street markets to haute couture satisfying the shopaholics with or without any budget.

    Luxury clothing brands to home décor to stores selling antiques to record stores to jewelry shops, and furniture stores guarantee that the city will never leave you empty-handed. After a lot of research work, we have collected a list of spots that must be on your next shopping escapade. So, here they are!

    Shopping Markets in Chandigarh

    1. Sector 17 Shopping Plaza
    2. Shastri Market, Sector 22
    3. Palika Bazaar, Sector-19
    4. Rehri Market, Sector 15
    5. Sector 34, Furniture Market
    6. Sector 11 Market
    7. Sector 15, Patel Market
    8. Sadar Bazaar, Sector 19
    9. Sector 41, Krishna Market
    10. Sector 7 Market

    Some More Shopping Places in Chandigarh

    1. Glass Palace; location: Madhya Marg, Chandigarh; offers exotic bedroom chairs and drawing room sets
    2. Punjab Government Emporium; location: Sector 17, Chandigarh; offers vibrant Punjabi shoes and attires
    3. Gujarat Handlooms & Handicrafts Emporium; location: Sector 20 D, Chandigarh; offers painted wooden, metal, and brass handlooms
    4. Pal Footwear; location: Janta Market, Chandigarh; offers traditional Punjabi footwear of different colors and styles
    5. Honey Hut; location: Sector 22, Chandigarh; offers jams and juices

    Famous Malls in and around Chandigarh

    1. Elante Mall
    2. DLF City Centre
    3. North Country Mall, Mohali
    4. Central Mall, Industrial Area Phase I
    5. Paras Downtown, Zirakpur


    The Punjabi traditional food is an integral part of North Indian Cuisines. There is no specific food item that belongs to Chandigarh, but mainly the Punjabi food famous worldwide.

    The center of attraction of Punjabi food is the extensive use of butter, cream, cheese, and ghee. The traditional Punjabi food gets prepared in earthen food to enhance its aroma. However, the pulses get cooked on a slow flame with typical Punjabi Tadka. One name that does not fail to lure your attention when it comes to beverages is the Punjabi Lassi. Some like it in a sweet form, but some prefer it salty to beat the sun’s heat.

    Vegetarian cuisines include:

    1. Makki di Roti
    2. Sarson Ka Saag
    3. Dal Makhni
    4. Kadhi
    5. Palak Paneer
    6. Punjabi Chole
    7. Stuffed Punjabi Parantha
    8. Rajma Chawal
    9. Baigan Ka Bharta

    Non-Vegetarian cuisines include:

    1. Butter Chicken & Punjabi Lachcha Parantha
    2. Chicken Tikkas
    3. Amritsari Fish

    Other Handpicked Food Items are:

    1. Golgappe
    2. Dahi Bhalla
    3. Chaat
    4. Pav Bhaji
    5. Kulfi
    6. Tikki
    7. Paneer Tikka
    8. Cheese Chilli
    9. Frankie
    10. Momos
    11. Spring Rolls
    12. Burger

    Nightlife- Chandigarh

    Chandigarh is a happening city. With a plethora of dining, clubbing, and partying options along with others all-inclusive of late-night restaurants, live music venues, open sky restaurants, late-night food delivery outlets, dhabas, bars, and whatnot, the city is an ultimate hideaway at night.

    If you are a party freak, we assure you that these below-mentioned places won’t disappoint you. They include:

    1. Wild West Pub; location: Lava Sector 17A & Sector 35, Chandigarh
    2. Lava Bar; location: Sector 17, Chandigarh
    3. The Great Bear; location: Sector 26, Chandigarh
    4. Hops N Grains Sector 9, Panchkula
    5. Hoppin Restro & Bar; location: Elante Mall, Chandigarh
    6. Kitu Su; location: IT Park, Chandigarh
    7. Paara Club; location: Chandigarh Industrial Area
    8. 10 Downing Street; location: Chandigarh Industrial Area
    9. The Back Room; location: Sector 34, Chandigarh
    10. Round the Clock; location: Sector 10-D, Chandigarh
    11. Food@U; location: Multiple Outlets
    12. The Night Factory; location: Multiple Outlets
    13. Grapevine; location: Sector 22, Chandigarh
    14. Swagath Restaurant & Bar; location: Multiple Outlets

    Hospitals in Chandigarh

    The hospitals in Chandigarh provide high-class and unparalleled service. The city’s hospitals have an excellent reputation worldwide for rendering top-notch facilities to patients. Besides, the healthcare sector of Chandigarh ensures a specialized team of expert doctors and world-class amenities for the fast healing and overall well-being of the patients.

    Salient Features of Hospitals in Chandigarh

    1. Well equipped ICU
    2. Affordable treatments
    3. Fully insured & Self-insured treatments available
    4. Ethical medical practices
    5. Hi-tech equipment available
    6. 24X7 blood bank, pharmacy, and ambulance service
    7. Modern facilities available
    8. Highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners and helpful nursing staff

    Schools- Chandigarh

    The schools in Chandigarh provide the best education to all the children irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion. From government-aided schools to privately managed schools and public schools, all are readily available. Their primary focus is to impart quality education to the students contributing towards their overall personality development.

    If you expect relocation to the city anytime soon, please note that the city has some of the finest schools to offer you, having affiliation from the CBSE board, ICSE board, and state board. They are always open to provide admission to the students based on their merit.

    Colleges- Chandigarh

    The colleges in Chandigarh have highly qualified faculty, spacious campuses, outstanding infrastructure, equipment, laboratories, and other facilities catering to modern education needs. The city’s colleges also organize various educational and extracurricular activities that keep the spirit of healthy competition alive among the students.

    Some famous colleges in Chandigarh are:

    1. Punjab Engineering College
    2. Government Medical College & Hospital
    3. DAV College
    4. Indo Global College of Architecture
    5. Guru Gobind Singh College for Women

    Note: Ayurvedic colleges to homeopathy colleges to law colleges to nursing colleges to pharmacy colleges, and so on are available to help students gain higher education. They provide all the modern facilities and equipment must for their physical and mental growth.

    Universities & Educational Institutes in Chandigarh

    The universities and educational institutes in Chandigarh help students polish their skills and become the best version of themselves. The university education also helps gain professional qualifications and respect and recognition worldwide.

    Some well-known universities in Chandigarh are Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, and Nutrition, Institute for the Blind, Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology Degree Wing, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Punjab University, & Post Graduation Institute of Medical Education & Research.

    Work Opportunities in Chandigarh

    The main occupation of people in Chandigarh is trade and business. Many large-scale and small-scale industries of metals and alloys, paper manufacturing, machinery, food products, sanitary ware, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances, etc., are available. But with the advent of IT companies, the city is gaining a new identity by offering jobs to deserving candidates.

    Advantages of Staying in Chandigarh

    1. It is a clean and green city in India.
    2. The roads are spacious, so you can enjoy driving.
    3. The city offers many sightseeing places to go on trips with your friends and family.
    4. It is a pollution-free city.
    5. Life in Chandigarh is easy-going and affordable.

    Disadvantages of Staying in Chandigarh

    1. It may become difficult for you to buy groceries and confectioneries if you reside in or around IT Park.
    2. The shopkeepers usually close their shops by 9.00 pm
    3. It will help if you have your vehicle in Chandigarh to save yourself from paying money to taxi or cab drivers.
    4. The career opportunities are not great.
    5. The city’s nightlife is impressive, but not that much compared to Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

    Moving Tips to Chandigarh

    In case you expect relocation to Chandigarh, you need to know a few moving tips so that you can plan a comfortable relocation. We guarantee you that these moving tips will help you make a well-organized move to the desired city based on your preferences. So, here they are:

    • Pre-planning is always good. It helps you know what you should carry along with you and what you should not.
    • For successful relocation, you need to have adequate funds with you. Insufficient funds will spoil your mood.
    • It will help check if the new place's climatic conditions are favorable or not before you step out of the home in pandemic times.
    • Please ensure all your connections, like utility, cable, etc., are disabled. Otherwise, the companies will chase you for money that you may not even deserve to pay.
    • You can also ask friends about their valuable suggestions to make your move even more exciting and hassle-free.
    • Look out for some relevant information related to your move on Google.
    • You can also plan a short trip to the city before relocating to have an idea about the same from your close quarters.
    • For relocation worth your money and time, it will be good to contact a professional moving and packing company.
    • Importance of Packers and Movers is a storehouse of a wide variety of reliable moving and packing companies. Please free to go through the information available on our portal to make your relocation trouble-free. We assure you that all the registered agents on our platform provide professionally managed relocation services. From packing to loading, every service is fully insured and available at unbeatable rates. The packers and movers Chandigarh offer timely and safe moves to the desired destination. They are available to assist you 24X7 and all around the year. Please ensure to book them through us for a successful moving experience.

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    Population 1 Million (Approx)
    Area 114 km²
    Geo Location Northwest India
    Language Punjabi, Hindi, and English
    Average Climate 23.2 °C | 73.8 °F
    Best Time to Visit September to November
    STD Code 0172
    Nearest Airport Chandigarh International Airport
    Nearest Railway Station Chandigarh Junction Railway Station
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