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Moving Checklist

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Household Moving Checklist

Shifting house from one place to another can turn out to be a stressful task when done in an unorganized manner. Every relocation task can be done in a well-manner by creating a moving checklist for household shifting. This will not just saves time and energy, but will also prevent missing any crucial tasks.

8 weeks before moving checklist

Pay visit to every room of your house and decide what you need to take along and discard. Create an inventory of all the items you want to keep and consider if any household stuffs need special packing supplies.

The next step is to purge your house by donating unwanted clothing, redundant furniture and other household goods (bedding, pots, pans, dishes) to the charities in the town.

Keep everything in record such as all estimated quotations, receipts, and records related to your move.. Things to be kept handy on the moving date like old newspapers, dusters, medical kit, torch light, credit card, insurance documents, and instant snacks.

Begin your search for reliable packers and movers in your city based on your budget and kind of move.

✔ Shortlist at least 3 movers and packers for your move.

✔ Check their legal documents like registration and GST certificates, PAN cards, etc. before finalizing the deal.

✔ Have a face to face interaction with the packers and movers to get moving cost estimates.

✔ Ask questions to them regarding the work experience, ownership of transport vehicles, estimation of moving charges, moving insurance in case of intercity relocation, packing materials to be used, etc.

✔ Finalize the date of moving.

✔ Ask for a written invoice with proper breakup of the moving cost to avoid hidden charges.

As soon as you plan to shift to a new city, it is important to inform the current school of your children about this decision. Ask for copies of your children’s records like the transfer certificate from the old school authorities as you’ll need them for the admission in new school.

If you are relocating to a new city, get the admissions of your kids done in a good school in your area. Submit the requisite documents asked by the new school authorities and enrol your kids.

After completing all the formalities of the admission in the new school, it’s time to pay a visit to the new place where you’ll be shifting soon. Get acquainted with the people in the neighbourhood and have an idea about the amenities available there to save your time after the move.

If you are living on rent, it is important to give notice to the landlord for the requisite period based on the lease terms and conditions. It is important to check the lease agreement for the notice period.

If your relocation is not an official transfer but a personal decision, it is high time to resign your job and serve the notice period. The notice period may vary from 15 days to two months (nearly 8 weeks).

6 weeks before moving checklist

Arrange boxes and packing materials like Tape, Thermacols, Bubble Wrap, and permanent markers in advance. Also, order special containers for moving dish barrels and wardrobe boxes.

Get to know the best packing hacks to pack your items for safe transportation.

Make bookings of flights, trains, or hotels well in advance to avoid last-minute price hikes.

Collect the copies of you and your family health records from your current doctor. Ask for recommendations for good doctors in the new city.

Have a discussion with your agents of both health and automobile insurance regarding your decision of relocation. Check with them whether they provide services in the new location and get your documents transferred to the new address.

In case there are some home repairs which need to be addressed, then it is necessary to do them as it can affect getting your security deposit back from the landlord.

When you are availing the car transportation service of the packers and movers, remove everything from the vehicle such as spare tyres, jacks, music systems, or any other accessories as they may go missing in the transit.

Take measurements of the new rooms and note down their dimensions. Make sure large furniture get accommodated through the doors of the new house.

Clearly label and number each moving cartons and boxes with its contents. Mark the boxes with fragile items and keep them separately.

Keep hardware items like screwdrivers, hammer, nails, pliers, etc. in a separate bag for the assembly and disassembly of furniture on the moving day.

Hire the best truck rental services weeks before your date of shifting within your budget.

Donations of household items made to charities and shifting expenses occurred for official transfers are subject to tax deductions.

4 weeks before moving checklist

Get your new address updated at your local post office and also in your documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN card, voter ID, and other ID and address proofs.

Notify your bank, credit card companies, insurance providers, etc. about the change in address.

In case of local/domestic shifting, it is better to get your cars/bikes serviced beforehand to avoid mid-way issues.

With moving and supplier at hand, a month before is the right time to start your packing.

Keep documents like legal papers, passports, ID proofs, birth certificates, etc. at a safe place and carry them with you on the day of the move.

Start using up stuffs that you don’t want to move on the relocation date like frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies.

If you have a pet at home, you can either take it along with you to the new home or simply avail the pet relocation services from a recommended packers and movers.

Inform your utility service providers to disconnect the services such as the set top boxes, Wi-Fi connections, gas connections, electricity, telephone connection, etc. just before the day of the move.

If you are a member of a club or gym, then inform them about your move month in advance. You can either get your membership transferred to the new place or get it cancelled.

As flammable and hazardous items are not allowed in the moving truck nor you can take them with you in your car, it is better to dispose them.

If you wish to shift your car through packers and movers or a car carrier service at the new location, then it is the right time to book one for you.

Avail this service to ensure safety of your goods in the transit.

2 weeks before moving checklist

Contact your packers and movers and confirm the date of moving with them.

Empty the contents of the safe deposit box in the bank and get them safely transferred to the safe deposit to either the new branch of your current bank or to your new bank altogether.

To avoid last-minute confusion regarding what should be kept where, it is important to decide well in advance.

In case you have decided to beautify your new home with new furniture and other items, then it is the right to make such purchases.

Appoint labour to paint the new home as you want.

Get a baby sitter appointed in case the size of the move is quite big and you are relocating domestically.

Two weeks before is the right time to invite your family and friends to the housewarming or Griha Pravesh Puja in your new home as you would be held up after that.

It is better to clean and wipe your furniture and other items in advance so that they can be ready to be placed in the new home.

Leave your rugs and blankets with the drycleaners. They will come properly wrapped up and can be opened in the new home.

As packers and movers do not undertake plants relocation services, you must make arrangement for your plants. You can either take them along with you or find a new home for them.

If it’s a within city relocation, then get your leaves sanctioned from your company in advance for your move.

1 week before moving checklist

Begin emptying your wardrobes, cabinets, etc. of all the items and keep them separately in the carton boxes. Keep your expensive clothes in suitcases.

Things like face products, toothbrushes and toothpastes, cash, etc. must be kept handy.

Remove all the items from your gym locker before you move to a different place.

Box up kitchen items and label them properly.

Make arrangements for the trash disposal on the final moving day.

Get the bag in which you have kept all the important documents and keep it in your suitcase which you will carry with you.

The electronic items which are no more in use can be disassembled and packed after clicking photographs for future use.

Ask for the new home keys from the owners or the builder.

If you have any perishable items in your fridge or kitchen, it is better to donate them.

Get your carpets cleaned and properly packed to avoid any dust on them.

While moving home, clean and defrost refrigerator a night before relocating home.

Take extra care of potted plants and pets while moving them. They are extremely sensitive to new climate and new place. Don’t forget to water your plants generous before shifting them.

Checklist for Moving Day

Moving Day Checklist for Old Home

Check for the ID cards of the representatives of the company and guide them.

Check the packing material used to pack different items.

Remove the sacred home temple by removing the slippers and with clean hands as well.

Keep a check on the items that are being loaded into the moving truck. Ensure delicate items are always on the top.

Keep valuable items like jewelry and important documents to a safe box. Transport this safe box personally in your private vehicle.

It is important to carry water bottles with you.

Double-check the inventory sheet of the moving company with yours and compare it to keep a track of the items.

Check everything is fine in the old home and nothing is left behind. Turn off the lights and switch off the fans.

Bid adieu to your neighbors and thank them for their love and support.

Moving Day Checklist for New Home

Tell them where to keep labeled boxes.

After the unloading, check for the damaged or missing items. Also, have a look at the bill of lading of packers and movers and make sure the damaged or missing items are noted in it to claim damages.

Make the final payment of the packers and movers charges.

Ensure that the inventory sheet is signed by you and the packing and moving company.

Before settling things in your new home, it is important to clean it properly.

Place the temple in your new home.

Get the furniture in place using the right tools and equipments.

Take out the items from the boxes and place them at their required places.

Office moving checklist

Relocating an entire office from one location to another is not a one man job. It requires collaborations from the employees or the services of packers and movers for a hassle-free shifting experience. Starting the preparations well in advance will reduce last-minute hustles and saves a lot of time and energy. So, below is the detailed checklist for office relocation which will make your move a smooth and convenient process for you and your employees.

5-6 months before office move

Maintain folders and subfolders to keep the copies of the important documents and data such as moving quotes, checklists, timelines, contacts, spreadsheets, timelines, and details of the budget at one convenient location for easy accessibility.

If you are planning to relocate the office before the expiry of the lease period, then you may lose on your safety deposit. Read all the terms and conditions of the agreement and take steps accordingly.

Create of team of people who will be responsible for the entire shifting process and delegate moving tasks.

Contact several packers and movers for your office relocation in your area and hire the best one that fits in your budget.

Taking moving insurance on heavy plant and machinery which constitutes a major part of your operations is a great idea.

Relocating an office may be an expensive affair. So, it is better to create a moving budget beforehand to prevent spending money excessively.

3-4 months before office move

Communicate your packers and movers about the new location of your office for distance calculation, size of your move, quantities of items to be relocated, etc.

Fix a final date of relocation with your hired packers and movers after providing them with all the details of your relocation.

Once the date of the move has been decided, it’s time to notify the current landlord about the same to terminate the lease.

Hold a face-to-face meeting with your employees and inform them about this decision. Tell them about the new office address and the date of move so that they can plan accordingly.

Collectively handle the task of relocation by distributing responsibilities among the employees.

It is important to share your new contact details with your partners, clients, and other third parties who will be impacted by this decision. Also let them know about the impacts of this decision on the deadlines of the projects.

Ensure that list of the above people is up to date for future correspondences.

Once the location of the new office is registered in the name of the company, send out notices of the new address to banks and financial institutions, Telephone Company, stationery services, insurance companies, internet service provider, accounts departments, food service companies, photocopiers or printers and others.

Make an inventory of all the office furniture and equipments along with their numbers. Decide what you’ll take, sell, donate or store. Also, make a list of fragile or delicate items which needs to be taken care of while relocating office items.

If you wish to change the landscape of your new office, then this is the right time to hire a professional interior designer.

2 months before office move

Considering your inventory list and the space available in the new office to decide in advance where furniture, office equipments, desks, and other things should be kept.

If you decide to replace the current furniture or equipments, then now is the time to place your orders for new ones for the new office space.

Find a suitable utility company providing telephone and internet connection services at the new location.

Hold a meeting with IT department and check with them whether they can manage the setting up of computers and IT systems on their own. If not, arrange for extra help externally.

The list will help you collect keys, access cards, and parking passes from the passes just before the moving day.

Communicate your decision to relocate to a new place to the housekeeping, cleaning, and security service providers to discontinue their services. Also ask them to clean the current premises on the moving day.

Either get your business insurance transferred to the new office address or look for another insurance company.

If a part of your office will be under the renovation process, then look out for an external storage facility to keep your items safe for the time being.

1 month before office move

Make bookings to occupy parking areas for the moving vehicle and elevators for loading of office items in the moving vehicle.

Complete all official paper works to obtain permits and licenses.

Hold discussions with your hired movers and packers regarding the decided floor plan of the new office to give them an idea.

Make a list of emergency contact numbers for the planning team.

Tag furniture, laptops, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, UPS, & office supplies to avoid losing them in the transit.

Provide employees with all the essential packing and moving supplies like carton boxes to pack the items on their desks. Label these boxes in their names so that they can be easily traced at the new office.

Get utility services like telephone connections, electricity, Wi-Fi, etc. transferred to the new location or find new options for the new office.

Get the new office address updated in your company website; business accounts; social media accounts; accounts receivable and payable; banks and financial institutions; magazine and newspaper subscriptions; letterheads of the company; listings on Google.

Arrange for the parking permits or passes for your employees before the moving day.

2 weeks before office move

Members must be assigned from each department to manage and handle the responsibilities related to the packing. They will take care of –

✔ Instructions related to the parking and directions relating to the new office.

✔ Deciding who will stay behind at the current location until the last moving truck leaves.

✔ Deciding who will reach the new office location first to manage and supervise.

✔ Ensure the codes assigned to the work stations are properly laid out in the new office.

✔ Make sure that all personal belongings have been taken home by the employees.

The company should ask for the office keys and access cards well in advance.

Ensure telephone and internet connections have been set up by the time you shift into your new office.

Quickly get the computers of the employees and IT systems installed in the new office to resume work.

Communicate to your employees to save their data and files separately in a hard drive or pen drive for back up.

Rehearse the moving day with the planning team and other employees covering all the minute details. What items must be kept ready for the packers and movers; who will handle the relocation process at the current location; who will accompany the packers and movers in the moving vehicle; and who will be present at the new office address to receive the consignment.

Employees will be responsible for their personal stuff.

Last day before the moving day

The task of packing and labelling boxes and other things must be completed by the last day just before the day of moving to save time and money

Considering your inventory list, collect all the above items from your employees and dispose them.

Call them to get the telephone and electricity connections disconnected from the current office after the move.

Moving day

The other office items and equipments will be packed by the packers and movers using the best quality packing materials.

Loading of expensive and light items at the back of the truck and inexpensive and heavy items will be place in front of it.

Handover the keys of the old office to the owners and fulfil other formalities as required.

The office items and equipments are unloaded at the new office and then placed within the office premises.

All the equipments and items will be arranged in the places as planned previously. The cartons of the employees will be opened at the required work station for set up.

Connect the telephone connection, internet and IT system.

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