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Bike Transport

Bike Transport

Shifting a two-wheeler like a bike from one city to another is not as easy as it appears. People need expert assistance from the bike transporters in India to relocate their bike from one city to another in a hassle-free manner. Using the best packing materials and equipments to disassemble the bike for easy transportation, the companies offering the services of bike transport in India make this procedure a safe and smooth procedure for their esteemed customers. Now, you don’t have to worry about your two-wheeler as it will be delivered to the new location in a safe and timely manner. Hire best bike transportation companies in India now from thepackersmovers.com and be prepared to have a wonderful bike moving experience!!!

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Bike Transport

Bike Transport Services in India

Bike transportation in India has become a popular method of getting your two-wheeler moved to any part of the country in a hassle-free manner. Various bike transport service companies have sprang up in the country in the recent years owing to a great demand of bike transportation by people in India. Nowadays, people mostly prefer to relocate their bike by hiring a professional and experienced bike shifting company for their bike transportation rather than riding it on their own.

Bike parcel services in India is a modern technique of two-wheeler transportation in which the manpower of the company will pack your bike with the right packing supplies to protect it from scratches and dirt and then load it in the moving truck selected by the customer for timely delivery at the new destination. Such companies are familiar with the routes and roadways in the country and have the experience to timely deliver the vehicles of their customers at the required locations. The moving trucks are well-equipped with the facilities to protect the vehicles during the process of transportation.

People can either hire exclusive bike transport services in India or packers and movers in India which offer bike relocation services in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. The services offered by them are cost-effective and promise to provide utmost customer satisfaction at all levels.

Bike Transporters Near Me – The Hiring Guide

Hiring bike packers and movers in India for your bike transportation to a long distance is as complicated as hiring packers and movers for your household shifting. The factor of safety is one of the major concerns and therefore, recruiting bike transporters that are experienced and licensed for such a job is the right thing to do. Professional bike carrier companies have experienced and skilled staff to perform every activity of bike relocation in a well-planned manner to ensure full safety of your vehicles during the transportation.

There might be hundreds of bike parcel service providers near your location, but identifying and hiring the right one requires skills and research. You definitely don’t want to compromise the safety of your vehicle and aim to hire a bike transport company that will be the best match for your bike relocation. Here are some tips which can help you hire the best bike shifting service in India -

A reputed and experienced bike shifting company will always have happy customers in its kitty. You can check the reviews and ratings of the selected company on various review websites posted by the former customers of the company.

Benefits of Bike Transportation Services in India

Bike transport services comes with many benefits and makes the task of relocation simpler and stress-free for the people. Our bike shifting services offers a variety of advantages to its customers which includes –

Bike Transportation Charges and Cost

Bike transportation cost charged by the bike transporters in India is affected by many factors such as the distance to be traveled, model of the bikes, condition of the bike, weight of the bike, type of moving vehicles, cost of packing materials used, etc.

The average cost of moving a bike from one city or state to another is here –

Methods of Bike Transport in India

Bikes and scooters can be relocated to any city or state in India by the following ways –

Bike Transport by Train:

Transporting a bike by train or Indian Railways is one of the most cheapest methods of bike shifting in India. There are two methods from which you can choose:

1. Bike transport as luggage: Under this procedure of bike transportation, you need to board the same train in which your bike is getting transported. You will get the delivery of your bike immediately as soon as you get down at the destination city. In this method, you need to pay extra for your tickets and luggage.

2. Bike transport as parcel: It is the most popular means of bike transport by train as you just have to load your bike on the train after the submission of some documents and receive it at the new location without travelling in the same train to take the delivery of your vehicle.

To avail this service of Indian Railways, you should keep the fuel tank of your bike empty otherwise a fine of Rs. 1000 will be levied on you. A list of documents are required to be submitted with the rail authorities such as the bike RC, insurance, etc. along with the form. You should collect your bike from the luggage department within six hours of the arrival or pay for every hour.

The cost of bike transportation by train includes the following charges –

Rs. 300 – Rs. 1000 depending on the packing service availed.

If the bike declaration cost is up to Rs. 10,000, then there are no charges to be paid. If this cost is more than Rs. 10,000, then 1 percent of the declared value to be paid.

It will depend on distance and weight of the bike.

Bike transport by bus:

To transport your bike within the distance of 800 kilometers, you can avail the service of bike transport by bus. Buses like Volvo load your bike in the luggage compartment section and transport to your desired destination. You need to get your bike packed properly by bike packing experts using the best quality packing materials such as bubble wraps and cushion sheets to protect it from damages. Sometimes, the bikes are also surrounded by luggage bags which protect them from dents and scratches. When you are availing this bike transport service, remove additional accessories of bikes like fog lights, saddlebags, crash guards, etc.

Bike transport by air:

When you need to get your bike shipped to another country, the best and fastest method to do the same is by transporting it by air. Air cargo is definitely one of the safest method to reach your belongings to another nation with minimum to zero chances of damages. Under this method, you can ship your bike as luggage through a air freight company. In the destination country, you need to appoint a custom officer to clear all your paperwork related to your international bike transport service by plane.

The cost of shipping bike through air is an expensive process owing to its efficiency and punctuality. The average cost of moving a bike through air would be somewhere around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000. This cost will depend on the distance, volume and weight of the cargo.

Bike packer and movers:

Packers and movers in India not just help people moving their household goods from one location to another, but also their vehicles. With the good knowledge about the routes in India, they can help you move your bike anywhere in the country in a timely and hassle-free manner. Such companies will pack your bike using the premium quality packing materials and prepare it for the long distance journey. Then, your bike is packed as a parcel and loaded in the moving vehicle selected by you for doorstep delivery at the new destination. People need to submit some documents with the packers and movers company for smooth transportation of your vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Bike Transport Services Near Me

Q. What is the bike transportation cost in India?

Q. How to transport bike safely to a new city?

There are multiple ways to ensure safe transportation of bike to a new city which includes –

  • Check the condition of the bike as transporting a damaged bike will cost you more as compared to a functioning bike.
  • Arrange necessary documents for secure bike shifting such as driving license, bike insurance, pollution check, RC, road tax slip, etc.
  • Hire experienced bike carrier shifting services based on the services, charges and former customer reviews and ratings.
  • Check for the damages as soon as you receive your bike at the new location so that you can timely claim your compensation.

Q. What is the safest method to transport a bike?

An enclosed truck is the most safest methods to transport a bike anywhere in India as it protects your vehicle from rain, dust, dirt, scratches, etc.

Q. How much does it cost to transport bike by train?

The cost of bike transport by train includes the packing cost which is up to Rs.1000, delivery charges and insurance charges. For more details on the bike parcel transportation charges, you can visit the Indian Railways website.

Q. What documents are required for bike transportation in India?

The documents required for bike transportation in India are –

1. Copy of Bike RC

2. Copy of bike insurance

3. Copy of the driving license

4. Original P.U.C. certificate

Q. Is NOC necessary for bike shifting in India?

Yes, NOC is a mandatory document which is required for smooth bike transport in India.

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