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Packing Calculator and Moving Box Calculator

Estimating the need for packing boxes and other material requirements is one of the most confusing tasks in the process of packing and moving. There are different sizes of boxes available in the market, so choosing the right combination of boxes is important. A layperson would not be able to judge the quality of packing material required. To help in getting a rough idea of Packing material requirement, thepackersmovers has developed a wonderful tool called Packing Calculator & Moving Box Calculator.

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How to use Packing Calculator & Moving Box Calculator

To use this amazing tool, you fill the two boxes, where in the first one, you select the number of bedrooms you have in your house, i.e., if you have a one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, or so on. If you have an open-spaced kind of house, then select a studio apartment. After that, you have to fill in the number of the person that lives in your home and will be moving with you. After filling both the boxes, you just press the calculate button to get a close estimate of the packing material requirement.

Types of Boxes and Packing Supplies

Packing is a complicated task, and one needs a lot of supplies to pack their belongings. Choosing the correct packing material will not only keeps your stuff safe but also eases the task of moving. To choose the correct packing material, first, you need to understand about the different types of boxes available in the market and the different packing supplies and their uses:

  1. Medium Box
  2. Large Box
  3. Extra Large Box
  4. Wardrobe Box
  5. Picture Box
  6. Packing Paper
  7. Bubble wrap
  8. Stretch wrap
  9. Roll of Tape
  10. Tape dispenser
  11. Markers

Advantages of Packing Calculator & Moving Box Calculator

The tool is prepared by the Industry experts, and these experts have used their relevant experience and knowledge in developing it. You can use this tool before choosing the packers and movers company. This Packing Calculator & Moving Box Calculator tool has many advantages like:

  1. One can get approx results within minutes
  2. Helpful in self-packing process
  3. This tool will be helpful in deciding the budget
  4. High customer satisfaction

Factors affecting what Packing material to use

  • Size of Shipment: The size of the staff determines the size of the box you will need for packing.
  • Fragility of Belongings: If you are moving fragile belongings, you will need more bubble wrap and better quality boxes.
  • Weight and Volume of Shipment: Weight and Volume of shipment also affect the amount of Packing material one might need.
  • Design readiness: If the design of your stuff suits the box, design is also an issue, hence, the need for a picture box or the wardrobe box.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The budget allocated by you affects the type of packing material used by one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the meaning of Packing Material?

In the process of Packing for moving to a different house or office, one uses special material to keep their belongings safe; that material is called packing material. It includes boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, etc.

Q2. Why do we use bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is used to keep fragile belongings safe. It helps to move the stuff in one piece, i.e., without breaking.

Q3. Why do we use packing paper?

Packing paper is a thick paper that is wrapped tightly around your products. It keeps the dust away and saves your belongings from scratches.

Q4. Do we pack clothes separately or leave them in the cupboard?

According to professional packers and movers, cupboards should be emptied before moving as it makes moving them easier and reduce the chances of any damage.

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