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Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

The one that is pulling back everyone from relocating their place from one city to another is the problem of storing their belongings and valuables at a secure place so as to keep them safe and secure at night. You can overcome this problem by availing the storage and warehousing services from the packers and movers companies at any location in and around India and foreign countries as well. All the companies that are listed here, offers the movers with a secure and safe warehouse where everything varying from households, furniture, fridge, cupboard, and many more, can be kept without having any tension in mind.

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Warehousing Services

Benefits of Warehousing and Storage Services

Warehousing and storage is one of the most important services when you are planning an intercity relocation from one city to another. People availing the service of domestic relocation in India sometimes requires to store their belongings at a safe place for a certain period of time. Packers and movers offer such warehousing and storage capacities to their customers which comes with amazing benefits such as -

1. Customized warehousing space

Experienced packers and movers in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, or any other city in India offers the facility of customized warehousing and storage spaces to their esteemed customers in their storage units to store their household and commercial goods for a short or long period of time.

2. Required equipment and machinery

Our movers and packers providing warehousing services to their customers have the essential machineries and equipment to move, load and unload goods in the warehouses without any damages. They even organize the items of their customers as per their needs.

3. Efficient packing and labelling

Professional packing and moving companies in India ensure safe packing of all the household and commercial goods before taking them to their warehousing units. They even label the boxes and items for better identification and avoid any misplacement of goods.

4. Inventory tracking systems

Warehousing and storage companies have a proper inventory tracking system which helps people to track the shipment of their goods and ensure safety of their belongings.

5. End-to-end logistics services

Right from the picking of the household and business goods from the source location to taking them to the warehouse and then finally delivering them at the destination on time, our packers and movers offering warehousing facilities offer complete logistic services.

6. Security systems

Warehousing companies have access to security cameras and guards to ensure safety of goods from theft or damages.

7. Insurance

Our packers and movers with warehousing facilities offer insurance facilities to their customers to ensure protection of their belongings from any kind of damages. Such insurance coverage will save them financial losses incurred while their goods are in the warehouse.

8. 24/7 customer support

When goods are lying in the warehouse of the packers and movers for a long term, people seems to worry more. So, our moving companies with storage units have responsive customer staff to resolve your doubts relating to the safety of the goods.

Packers and Movers Warehousing Services

The moving and storage companies in India offer a variety of warehousing and storage services to their customers who are moving to a long-distance and needs a place to store their goods for a particular period of time. Such services of packers and movers includes –

Short-Term Storage Facility: Our packers and movers offer the services of short-term warehousing and storage of both household and commercial goods to the people who wish to keep their goods in the warehouse for a short span of time like a few days or a month. This service will let them relocate to a new location in a hassle-free manner without any stress of losing or damaging their belongings.

Long-Term Storage Facility: Moving companies in Delhi and other cities of India help people meet their long-term storage needs of their belongings for whatever reason. The 24-hour monitoring through cameras and security guards ensures the safety of your belongings at all times.

Household Goods Storage Facility: The storage services provided by packers and movers or warehousing companies let people store their household goods such as furniture, electronic appliances, etc. and take the responsibility of their safety. You can keep such items in their warehouses for any amount of time and then take the delivery.

Industrial Goods Storage Facility: Warehouses and storage facilities of packers and movers companies have enough space and specialized containers to store large-sized industrial goods like machineries and equipments as long as they want.

Hiring Tips for Warehousing and Storage Facilities

Warehousing and storage of goods is an additional service offered by the packers and movers in the country to let people keep their goods safe for a certain period of time on the payment of warehousing charges. They can either keep their goods for a short span of time or for a long-term as long as they want. The warehousing units of such companies have a large amount of space to keep the belongings of their customers and camera surveillance to ensure the safety of goods.

With a good number of companies with warehousing and storage facilities available on India, it is one of the most difficult jobs to find a suitable one for your goods. But, we have solved this problem and brought wonderful and useful things to consider while you hire genuine and the best packers and movers warehousing capacity for your needs.

1. The location of the warehousing facility and its proximity to your place

2. Working hours and time for warehouse access

3. Warehousing charges and costs

4. Amenities in the storage capacities available

5. Security measures taken by the company

6. Reviews and ratings of the customers

7. Insurance options available

8. Space for storage available

Process of Warehousing and Storage Services

Each warehousing and storage facility follows different steps depending on their industry and customer requirements. However, there is a basic warehouse process that is normally followed.

1. Notification of warehousing

Before you actually send your goods to the warehouse for storage, you need to book a space in the warehousing facility to keep your goods for a required amount of time. For this, you need to contact the company or your packers and movers about this requirement in advance.

2. Receiving of goods

Once the goods have reached the warehouse, unloading of goods will begin. The goods will be scanned and proceed to the storage location. Within this step, both the quality and quantity of goods will be assessed.

3. Putting away of goods

Goods are assigned a location in the warehouse based on their quantity and weight. This factor will also determine the cost of warehousing which a customer will bear for this service. This location is recorded by the warehouse supervisor or owner for records and the same information will be shared with the customer.

4. Storage

This step of warehousing includes bringing the goods of the customer at the storage location (short-term or long-term) where it will be scanned once more. This step involves assessing the replenishing time of the goods and the amount of inventory required to optimize total labour work.

5. Picking

Under this step, a picking list is prepared by the warehouse authorities to verify the goods of the customers that are to be dispatched or shipped. This step helps in better speculation of the stored goods and increases the accuracy of the fulfilled orders.

6. Shipping

Under shipping, the goods will be prepared for dispatch at the customer’s place and the all the records are cleared by the warehousing authorities. The staff at the warehouse and storage facility will pack the goods and prepare them for shipping at the doorsteps of the customers.

Movers and Packers Warehousing Charges and Costs

200 CFTRs. 100 - Rs. 150Rs. 700 - Rs. 1000Rs. 10000 - Rs. 12000
300 CFTRs. 150 - Rs. 175Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500Rs. 14000 - Rs. 20000
630 CFTRs. 160- Rs. 190Rs. 1500 - Rs. 3000Rs. 25000 - Rs. 35000
735 CFTRs.175- Rs. 220Rs. 2000 - Rs. 3500Rs. 40000 - Rs. 45000
890 CFTRs.200- Rs. 300Rs. 3500 - Rs. 4500Rs. 48000 - Rs. 55000
995 CFTRs.350- Rs. 400Rs. 4000 - Rs. 6500Rs. 60000 - Rs. 75000
1630 CFTRs.375- Rs. 450Rs. 7000 - Rs. 8500Rs. 70000 - Rs. 95000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Packers and Movers Warehousing Services

Q. What is a warehousing service?

Q. What is the role of warehousing in logistic industry?

Warehousing constitutes a significant part of the logistic industry. It offers storage facility of residential and commercial goods which also includes their packing and shipping.

Q. How warehousing is beneficial for people?

The benefits of availing warehousing services include –

  • Efficient handling of stored goods
  • Assured safety of goods
  • Quality control checks at the time of receiving and shipping of goods
  • 24*7 security

Q. What factors affect the cost of household goods storage services?

The warehousing cost of household goods is variable in nature and depends on various factors such as the number of goods and the time period of warehousing.

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