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It feels great to shift to your new home. The excitement to finally live in your new abode and design its interiors is unmatched, and everyone wants to get their shifting done ASAP. But shifting is easy said than done.

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There are a lot of stages of shifting, and each one is time-consuming, crucial, and sometimes hectic too. To get things done quickly, we often hurry and become a little too careless, which leads to blunders and makes our job more difficult and time-consuming. For example, not packing stuff correctly, and when you finally open things after reaching your drop location, you unpack your stuff only to find out it was not adequately packed, and now it’s all a mess.

So, what’s the solution to keep this mess at bay? How you can pack and unpack appropriately for a better relocation experience and make your work a lot easier. Yes, packing and unpacking with a do’s and don’ts guide make your job easier, and it is not a time-consuming task either. Let us help you know the best steps you can follow for packing and unpacking and have a hassle-free home shifting experience.

Tips for easy and convenient packing:

Tips for easy and convenient packing

1. Think plan and prepare : Any task requires planning before plotting, and relocation is no different. You must plan your packing systematically before putting your stuff into a box and loading it into a truck. While the below tips will help you organize your packing a lot, you must also consider taking out a fixed time to do this job. Take a minimum of 1 hour from your daily routine and dedicate it towards serious packing. This step will guide you to manage your time and shift simultaneously.

2. Prepare your packing equipment before you begin : Make sure you have asked your packers and movers to provide you with cardboard boxes to pack your stuff in. gives extra boxes to its customers to pack their clothes, books, and other household stuff. Then keep tape, scissors, and marker ready, so your packing becomes easier.

3. Make segments : Before you put all your stuff in boxes, divide it based on a few factors like essentials and not-so essentials, then pack them with their respective designation like separate boxes for kitchen stuff, living room stuff, bedrooms, books, and clothing, etc. Make sure to mark on each box the things it contains so that when you begin unpacking, you will know what the box has inside it, how to handle it, and its priority too.

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Here’s what to do while packing such boxes:

  • Label each box
  • Put essential items like medicines in the last slot of packing.
  • Properly secure each box with tape.
  • Don’t mix two types of things like keeping books or electronics with kitchen items.
  • Put a label of ‘Top’ on every box, so it is loaded carefully, and the stuff inside of it doesn’t get messed up or damaged.
  • If there are delicate items in any box, make sure to mention ‘Fragile’ on it so that you and your movers can handle them with utmost care.

4. Don’t pack two heavy items together : it is not just a bad idea but a dangerous idea to pack two heavy items like a microwave with a juicer etc., together. The chances of accidents and things getting damaged get higher, and you also face problems in loading and unloading them since they get heavy.

5. De-clutter as you pack : De-clutter items that are faulty, damaged, or no more in-use products. It keeps your new space more organized, and shifting is also considered the perfect time to de-clutter.

6. Prepare for the first night at your new home : If you have ever experienced shifting in your life, you will know why first nights at a new place are difficult. Our furniture is not arranged, and we are too tired to unpack that the necessary items like pillow and bed sheets also get difficult to find. The best resolution to this issue is to pack a separate box with such necessities and label it clearly so that the important stuff can come in handy whenever required.

7. Take pictures : Taking pictures of every essential setup, box, or detail before packing them is a good idea. This helps you reset the stuff while ensuring everything is in its correct place and is connected rightly. It saves time and effort when you reinstall such things at your new location.

And that was all about planned packing. Now let us also know what a planned unpacking should look like.

Tips for easy and convenient unpacking:

Tips for easy and convenient unpacking

1. Start with essentials : As mentioned above, you must pack your necessities at the end and in a separate box. Label it correctly so that you can quickly find it after your relocation is done since they are your utmost crucial items. So, you must start unpacking with food, medicines, and things that help you sleep peacefully to rest properly, relieve your tiredness, and regain your strength.

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2. Unpack room by room : If you have put a label on all your stuff according to its contents and which room it belongs to, getting to this step will become easier. You must unpack one room at a tie to eliminate chaos and mess.

3. Prioritize each room’s unpacking : While you must unpack items one room at a time, you should begin this process after deciding which room is on the topmost priority and which one can be set up at the end. Starting with the kitchen is a good idea, then shifting to your room where you would sleep and taking up drawing and living room based on their importance.

4. Unpack first and everything else afterward : While we dream of decorating our new home as soon as we shift there, we should focus on our unpacking and think of decoration later on. This is because once everything is in front of your eyes, it will be easier for you to decide which piece of furniture or decorative item will look the best in which room.

5. De-clutter : Well, if you have already de-cluttered before packing, then what’s the need to de-clutter again after unpacking? Well, you must check if there is any clutter to be discarded and also throw away the packing papers and boxes that you don’t need anymore.

Now you are all set to pack, shift, unpack and reorganize your new home. Follow these easy tips and make your life easy. Whether you want to relocate to Bangalore or anywhere across India, these unpacking and packing tips will help you everywhere. So start planning and implementing now!

Anishka Luthra