Living in a place for a decent period can help you understand your needs and want better. The list of must-haves keeps getting longer, and you know what you want in your new home, what must be avoided, and what should be fixed.

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If you have had the opportunity to shift your house ever, you must consider a few things before moving. These things will ensure your new home give you the safety as your previous one and doesn’t feel like an alien place where you have shifted with your family to live.

When you have to shift from one place to another, there are multiple factors you consider before finalizing your new home relocation. While you don’t always get to choose the city you live in, and sometimes your life takes that decision for you, your home and its surroundings can indeed be selected or rejected by you. Keeping that in mind, we thought of providing you extra help by sharing some crucial tips on essential things to check, change or fix before moving into your new home. Have a look at all the details:

Change your locks:

Change your locks

If you are concerned about your security, this is a must-follow step before shifting to your new home. It doesn’t matter who the previous owner was, and it also doesn’t matter if you knew the previous owner. Even if you bought the home from a known person, adding this step to increase privacy is a must. The reason behind this change is you might not know who has access to your house keys and still has it with them. This threatens your house, you, and your family’s safety. Even if you are out of budget, at least try to change the locks of the front and back doors to have a layer of protection. You can always change the other locks after some time as well.

Check for repairs:

Check for repairs

It is a great idea to always check for crucial repairs before you move into your house. You can take a look yourself or get some suggestions from the previous owners about the things they find repairable. We know you start seeing significant issues that need your attention only after you start living in the house. Still, you can at least check if the doors work correctly or not and whether their locks and handles are fixed or lost, if the switchboards are working, and if there’s any electrical appliance that isn’t working. Check any leaks in the house and thoroughly check the washrooms. Make a mental note of everything, and whenever you get time before or after shifting, you can always go through your list and see what repairing needs to be done.

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Mentally set up your home:

Mentally set up your home

Before the final move, it will be higher in your favor to mentally set up your home and decide which major piece of furniture will be placed where. This prepares you for the shifting in advance, and you know in advance to tell your packers and movers to place your furniture at a particular spot.

We know many things are already understood while looking at the design and architecture of the home. Still, calculating things like where your already existing stuff will be placed and what new things you should buy for another space helps you design your home better and make your shifting easier.

Take a thorough walkthrough:

Take a thorough walkthrough

This step should be initiated for multiple testing and verifying aspects of your new house. There’s so much you should know and doubly check before moving into a new space that we feel like helping you out with a list of essential tasks. Here are a few things to look out for while taking a round of your new home:

  • If there’s any corner filled with pests, damp walls, or molds that needs your immediate attention.
  • If there’s any space from where rats, lizards, or mosquitoes can enter your house before you make your final entry.
  • See if there are keys for every lock or not. All the cupboards, doors, windows, drawers, and safes should have their respective keys.
  • If there is anything that comes with a guide or warranty, see whether the previous owner has kept the documents of all such things or not.
  • Everything that was decided to be in the deal (if anything other than just the house is included) is present in the place or not.
  • The repairs you asked your previous owner before finalizing the deal are completed or not.
  • See if the house is safe for pets and babies or not (if you have any). Fix every place that isn’t fit for a pet, or an infant should be fixed immediately.
  • See if there’s any wall or window that can cause theft in your house and how you can repair it to minimize the chances of a robbery in your home in the future.
  • Locate your fuse box for future reference.
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These things will ensure your new house has everything to accommodate you quickly and is a safe abode for your relocation with family.

Perform a thorough deep cleaning:

Perform a thorough deep cleaning

We know this isn’t even a thing to mention, as almost everyone washes their new home before shifting with their stuff. But it is still important to mention so that you don’t miss this step out of hurry, excitement, or tension of shifting.

Deep cleaning your new home is essential to ensure it is clean up to your standards and there are no strands of dust left behind. While many sellers clean their houses before handing over the keys, a few don’t practice such things. And hence you must clean your house according to your standards and requirements. Clean the kitchen floor, sink, and shelves thoroughly, and wipe the cabinets: deep clean the toilets, toilet seats, and washrooms. Mop the floor neatly and remove dust from windows and doors. Check if there are spider webs and clean the sealing as well.

This deep cleaning will make your new house home-like and leave your mark on it as if you aren’t new here but have been living for a long time, and such a feeling makes adjustments to new places easy and quick.

Once you are done with everything and successfully moved into your new home, you can throw a welcome party to know your neighbors and invite your old friends, relatives, and neighbors to show them your new abode.

Anishka Luthra