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We always lose our stuff at home. Sometimes we lose the same item over and over again, and other times, we lose the items that are most required at that point in time. But you must agree that items getting lost in your home, never to be found again, can be the most annoying thing ever. It needs to stop, and the problem needs to be fixed anyhow.

If you also suffer from this issue and need to know how to prevent your belongings from getting lost in your home, then the information below is for you. We have found 3 ways to help you prevent your stuff from getting lost. Read them carefully and become in pro at managing items at home.

3 ways to prevent your stuff from getting lost

3 ways to prevent your stuff from getting lost

1. Have dedicated places for different categories of items

Have dedicated places for different categories of items

One of the major reasons why we lose our items at home is not having their dedicated places. Any product will feel abandoned when they are not properly placed at their right location. And ultimately, it will either extinguish just like how things vanish, never to be found again, or it will be thrown out by someone thinking it is not required anymore.

Such things happen quite frequently, and to prevent them, one must have dedicated areas for all sorts of stuff at your home. Edibles, grooming, toys, clothes, papers, cosmetics, and every big and small item must have a dedicated place where they should be placed. It will prevent everything from easily getting lost, and you will be able to find your stuff always at its place.

2. Have a common box, drawer, or area where all lost and found stuff can be stored

Have a common box, drawer, or area where all lost and found stuff can be stored.

Dedicate a space as a lost and found area in your home. This isn’t the same as your store room as it will not have your valuables kept safely until you need them again, but it will have everything that is lost and need to find its place again.


Have a huge drawer or a cabinet in your living room or storeroom dedicated to items that have lost their pair, or you are unsure if it belongs to your house. In case of uncertainty, don’t throw it away, as you might not know it belongs to one of your family members.

They might be worried about the item, and your throwing it away can upset them. So, the best option is to put them in the lost and found corner. This space will help you save a lot of things from getting lost and will also maintain all the junk from messing around in your house. Once in a while, whenever you get time, clean the lost and found drawer so that you can find other items as well and throw away all that still needs to find its place in the house.

3. Label everything

If you are confused about where to put your items so they don’t get lost, start labeling their containers. Small items like hairclips, paperclips, important notes, exclusive jewelry that you wear, a document, any medicine, equipment, etc., can easily be misplaced since we get confused about where to put them in the first place.

This can happen to so many of us, and the best way to deal with this situation is to label the storage containers, baskets, boxes, drawers, etc. This will simplify storage for you as you will quickly put the item in its correct place after using it.

Tips to prevent yourself from losing your belongings at home

Tips to prevent yourself from losing your belongings at home
  1. Make notes for important things. If you think you will forget where any important item or document is stored, add its details to your diary or phone. You can create diaries or digital notes for this task.
  2. Never mix two different categories of stuff. Let everything stay in its dedicated container at its dedicated place.
  3. Practice discipline in putting everything in its place. Once your work is done with any item, do not leave it anywhere. Doing so makes it easier for the stuff to get lost. So, never leave anything carelessly anywhere after using it. Put it back in its proper place.
  4. Build a habit of organizing spaces every few days. This will help locate all the lost stuff easily and manage the place enough to take out the things you need.
  5. Declutter unwanted things at home as much as you can. Decluttering unwanted things create space for important belongings. This ensures you always have space to store important things, and everything that isn’t required is thrown away.
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It takes small efforts to effectively help you save your thing from getting lost. Now that you know all the best ways to prevent your stuff from getting lost, try them out and share the results with us. Help your kids build this practice of placing everything in its right place after using them. This practice will positively impact them while preventing your belongings from getting lost.


Managing things at home can be tough, especially when you have kids. It is natural to be careless as our attention is divided between multiple things. In such a scenario, losing valuables becomes easy. But you must change it before it becomes a habit and people at your home get comfortable with losing things.

Try out all the tips to prevent yourself from losing your belongings at home and save your time, money, and energy, be creative in organizing your home and teach your kids everything that is crucial for them. For more details on home shifting, home decor, Vastu Shastra, office relocation, and much more, stay tuned to

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