Moving to a new city is exciting but also very overwhelming, as there are so many tasks that you have to do. Find a good neighborhood to live in, hire reliable household shifting services in your current city, and if you have children, you must also find a good school for them. As a parent, providing your children with excellent education and learning is your top priority.

Finding the right school for your child is very crucial, and that’s why below we have provided some top tips on how to pick the right school for your child after a move. Read on:

1. Consider your and your child’s needs

Consider your and your child's needs

The first and foremost thing to do when looking for a school for your child is to consider his or her and your interests. Determine what you seek in a school, such as the reputation, curriculum, board affiliation, extra-curricular activities, etc. Also, remember your child’s interests, such as theatre, sports, literature, etc. If your child requires special education services, ensure the school provides that.

2. Search various schools in the city

Search various schools in the city

Start searching for the different schools in your new locality or nearby. You can surf the web to quickly get a list of the top schools in the area you are relocating to. After moving to the new city, you can also talk to your neighbors about the different reputed and top schools for your children.

3. Research the schools

Research the schools

After reviewing the different school names, you must shortlist a few that match your and your child’s interests. Then start your research on these schools. Visit their website to check about the school’s history, achievements in the past, and accreditations. Also, check the curriculum for your child’s grade for admission, programs, etc.

You must also check the reviews and ratings given by the parents who have already admitted their children to the particular school and alumni. This will help you understand the quality of the school and the overall environment inside.

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4. Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities

Education is important for all students, but so are extra-curricular activities. Studies will help your child excel in academics, while extra-curricular activities will help your child discover his or her passion. Make sure the school you choose for your child also focuses on studies and extra-curricular activities, such as sports, games, theatre, literature, etc.

5. Visit the schools

 Visit the schools

It’s also very important to visit the schools you are considering for your child. Visit the school premises to check all the resources your child will be offered here, such as a library, playground, science labs, computer labs, canteen, etc.

Check the classrooms and discuss his class grades and syllabus with the teachers. Also note the cleanliness of the overall school, maintenance, and the environment around. Visiting the school will help you a lot in deciding on how to decide the best school for your child.

6. Safety of the school

Safety of the school

As parents, safety is also a major concern for your child. You must be concerned about your child’s safety, especially in a new city that you are not familiar with. So, remember to check the safety measures taken by the school to keep the students safe. Check whether security cameras are installed, security guards are at the main gates, if there’s a fire alarm, etc.

7. Commute


One of the important factors to consider when choosing a school after a move for your child is the commute. While searching for the best school for your child, you must also think about your child’s daily commute. Choosing a school near your home will be convenient for your child. If the school is far, then think about the options for commute. You can drive your child to school or opt for school bus transport service.

8. School fees

School fees

Another essential factor to consider when choosing the best school for the child after a move is the school fees. Different schools offer different fees, so compare the cost before picking one for your child, especially when you are on a budget. The cost factor must also be considered along with other points to help you pick the right school for your child.

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9. Admission preparations

Admission preparations

Once you select your child’s school, you must start preparations for the admissions. Some schools require new students to take an entrance test. So, make sure your child brushes up on his or her studies for the last grade for the test.

You will also need some essential documents for your child’s admission to the new school. Following are the basic documents that most schools in India require for admissions:

  • Child’s Aadhar card
  • Child’s birthday certificate
  • Child’s color passport-sized photographs
  • Residential proof of address
  • Parents or guardians’ passport-sized photographs
  • Marksheets of previous class/standard

10. Consider the time to move

Consider the time to move

Before relocating, there are two things that you must do. First, start searching for the best packers and movers in Delhi, Chennai, etc., for home relocation and then choose a date for your move while keeping your child’s studies in mind.

The best time you can choose to move is during the summer break as this way your child will not fall behind in studies at the new school. Any other time after the summer break can hamper your child’s studies. Home relocation can sometimes be a sudden decision, and you may not be able to move during the summer, but you can relocate during mid-year.

You always want only the best thing for your child and the best school is on the top of the list. Finding a school for your child after a move is difficult but also very important. But we hope the above tips on how to find a school for your child after a move have helped you. Don’t worry much; just ask for references from your neighbors and friends already in the new city, follow the tips above, and get your kids admitted to the right school.

Pratiksha Priya