You have finally moved to your new home. Your packers and movers in Delhi, Bangalore, etc., have placed your packed goods in different rooms. Now, you are wondering how to spruce up your new home. You can hire interior decorators in your city who will beautify your home according to your preferences or with the latest trends.

You can also adorn your home with beautiful paintings. Paintings will add so much color and vibrancy, which certain rooms of your home may lack. Many paintings give off happy and cheery vibes, and a few are melancholic. You should choose Vastu-specific paintings, which will bring colorful vibes, and positivity and prosperity to your new abode. Placing Vastu paintings at home helps attract auspicious energies and eliminate the Vastu doshas.

So, in this blog, we will discuss the paintings for home as per Vastu to attract good energies, the paintings and directions to follow, and the ones to avoid. This blog is a must-read if you want to make your new home Vastu-compliant!

Best Vastu paintings for home


We have mentioned the best Vastu paintings for home with their correct placements so that you can reap their maximum benefits. Read on:

1. Buddha paintings


If you want to attract peace and good luck in your new home, place the painting of the divine Lord Buddha, who attained Nirvana. Lord Buddha in a meditating pose symbolizes serene and peace; hence, a painting of the Lord in a meditating pose will be best for your home.

A Lord Buddha painting will attract peace, good luck, and fortune. You can place this auspicious painting in your living room, bedroom, study room, etc. But remember to avoid placing the painting on ground level, in the kitchen or dining area. Placing a Buddha painting in the entryway will help ward off negative, restlessness, or unwanted energies.

Best directions – East, north and northeast

2. Painting of a couple


To keep your love life all merry and avoid any marital discord, Vastu says to place a painting of a couple in your bedroom, which will also attract good luck and prosperity. The painting can be as subtle as two hands entwined in a painting of a couple in a romantic pose.

If you want spiritual Vastu paintings for bed room, you can also choose Radha Krishna paintings. Radha and Krishna are symbols of pure love and friendship between them.

Best directions – Southwest

3. Running horse paintings


Running horses are one of the best paintings for home, as per Vastu. Vastu Shastra states that horses symbolize achievements, power, perseverance, and loyalty. It’s also one of the best Vastu paintings for success and growth in your endeavors. The number of horses in the paintings and their textures and colors also attract good energy to your home. The seven running horses are among the most common and most auspicious horse paintings you can choose.

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Best directions – East, south, and north. According to the Vastu, a horse painting shouldn’t be placed in a pooja room, study room, or bedroom.

4. Floral paintings


If you want to attract more good luck and fortune to your home, you can place floral paintings there. These are considered paintings for good luck, as per Vastu, as they attract positive energies.

You can pick floral paintings with peonies, roses, lilies, orchids, etc., bringing positive energy to your home. A lotus painting will also bring good luck in the form of fortune, wealth, and wisdom, as this flower is associated with the Goddess of wealth and wisdom, Maa Saraswati. But make sure that the lotus painting in your home is always clean and does not gather dust. Otherwise, it may cause ill effects.

Best directions – East, north and northeast

5. Paintings of peacock


Peacock paintings are next up in our list of the best Vastu paintings to attract positivity in the home. Peacocks are beautiful birds denoting beauty, vitality, speed, strength, and success. You can choose a painting of a group of peacocks, promoting harmony in the house.

According to the Vastu, since peacocks are one of the biggest predators of snakes, placing a peacock painting in your home can reduce the Rahu dosha, which has the form of a snake’s head. Peacock paintings can be placed anywhere in your home, be it the study room, bedroom, or home office.

Best directions – South direction

6. Paintings of greenery and nature


According to experts, if you are looking for Vastu paintings for prosperity, you can place paintings of greenery and nature in your home. Apart from adding green and liveliness elements to your living room, such paintings per Vastu science can attract positivity and stimulate growth, development, and prosperity.

Such paintings will also bring good luck to you and your family. You may have the opportunity to meet new people, have new growth opportunities in life, and have positive energies surrounding you. You can also place paintings of greenery with sunshine or birds, attracting more auspiciousness to your home.

Best directions – East

7. Butterfly painting


If you are about to go through a huge change in your life or a massive transformation, then you must place a butterfly painting as per Vastu. Butterfly paintings signify good luck, and paintings of this beautiful creature are suggested when you go through a transformation as these represent change, joy, and carefreeness. It’s also a sign of a positive change because of the butterfly’s metamorphosis from a caterpillar.

Best directions – East or northeast

8. Painting of mountains


We have also added mountain paintings to our list of the best paintings to keep at home as per Vastu. Students, job seekers, or businesspersons will benefit from placing mountain paintings in their bedrooms, living rooms, or study rooms.

If you want to cut down your expenses, you can also place a mountain painting in your home, but it should not have any water bodies. Mountain paintings are considered auspicious and will lessen unwanted expenditures and increase your savings.

Best directions – South or southwest direction

9. Painting of flowing water


Water is one of the basic elements of nature, the most crucial element on which we depend for life. According to the Vastu, flowing water is a sign of flowing wealth. Hence, a flowing water body is one the best Vastu paintings for money. You can choose from flowing rivers to mesmerizing waterfalls or beaches crashing the shore.

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Remember that flowing water is what represents the flow of money. So, avoid placing water paintings that show stagnant or still water, which represents a lack of financial growth.

Best directions – Northeast

10. Phoenix paintings


If you want a very powerful and positive painting to be kept at home that is Vastu compliant, then you can choose a garuda or a phoenix painting. Phoenix is a magnificent bird that, in Hindu mythology, is known as the ride of the supreme Lord Vishnu.

According to the experts of Vastu, keeping a garuda painting at home helps eliminate the negative energies, fears, and thoughts in the mind. A phoenix is a powerful bird symbolizing strength, bravery, freedom, and farsightedness. Having this painting for home, as per Vastu will bring you confidence and the quality that this magnificent bird possesses. It is also believed that placing a garuda painting at home means having the presence of Lord Vishnu in your home.

Best directions – South direction

Which paintings should not be kept at home, as per Vastu?

There are certain paintings that you must not place in your home which may attract negative or unwanted energies in your abode. Paintings with sad or negative themes like death, pain, discord, poverty, etc, should be avoided. Paintings of the Taj Mahal paintings of scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata should also be avoided. Paintings of wild or scary animals must not be placed in your home. Lastly, any painting with scary themes or dark or dull colors must also be avoided.

Additional tips for Vastu paintings for home

  • To increase the safety of your home, you can place a Panchmukhi Hanuman painting in your home on the southwest side of the wall.
  • Vastu suggests adorning your children’s rooms with paintings of sunrise, running horses, Goddess Saraswati, and mountains in the east direction.
  • Don’t overload the walls in your home with paintings, as this can attract inauspiciousness.
  • Avoid hanging sad, depressed or dull artwork in your home, as these can attract negativity and remove optimism.
  • If you want to attract money, you can also place paintings of sailing ships in your home, which, according to Vastu, is great for attracting wealth. You can pick a painting with more than one sailing ship, which denotes more than one source of income.

Wrapping up

Placing beautiful artwork and paintings on the different walls of your room is one of the best ways to decorate your new home. Now that you have relocated to your new house with the help of the best household shifting services in your previous city of residence, it’s time to decorate your new abode. And paintings are one of the best home décors. You can pick any of the Vastu mentioned above paintings that will spruce up your new home and attract success, good luck, and wealth to your new home.

Pratiksha Priya