Close to 4 crore people in India own a pet, which is staggering. Pets help overcome boredom and decrease stress. Spending time with pets is quite fun, but the real challenge is to move with them. House relocation is quite common in India as people look to explore better job opportunities and education and get closer to friends and family.

House relocation is a complicated process, and shifting with pets becomes twofold difficult. Most people struggle with shifting with pets, as even movers don’t have experience in dealing with pets during the move.

Pets get nervous and stressed during the move as they are getting away from their home. Shifting with a pet can be quick and seamless with this ultimate Guide, as you will get to know every detail about shifting with a Pet.

Say goodbye to all the hassle you had to face while shifting with your pet as here is the step-by-step Guide to moving with your pet.

Research about the new Location


A major mistake most people commit is that they shift all their focus to the moving process and do no research about their new location. Many residential societies and localities in India have pet restrictions, so make sure you thoroughly research the new location before you finalise a location.

Once you are assured that there are no restrictions on moving with your pet, you can proceed with the moving process.

Consult with Pet


Before the shifting process begins, it is vital that your pet is in optimal health. Visit your Pet’s veterinarian and get a check-up of your pet. Ensure that your pet is fit for travelling long distances.

Discuss your moving plan with the vet and share the climatic conditions of the new place. Take advice from a vet, as they have years of experience in handling pets.

Also, ask for the list of essential medications that may be required during travel.

Make your pet familiar with the move


On the moving day, a significant challenge is to manage the pets as they get quite nervous and stressed during the shifting process. To make the move less stressful for them, try to familiarise them with the moving process.

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Give the pet its favourite toys and make it familiar with the carrier. This will help the pet get used to the condition.

Allow the pet time to get used to the situation and make the shifting process a gem for them.

Get a new Collar tag

A collar tag is the most crucial tool for identifying your pet. While a collar tag isn’t very significant when the pet is near you, it is vital during pet relocation. While travelling, you must attach it to the neck collar of your pet. Update the information to provide the new home address, phone number, email ID, etc.

Pack Your Pet’s Essentials


As you start packing up your belongings, be sure to set aside your pet’s essentials in a separate box or bag that will be easily accessible during the move. This should include:

  • Sufficient food and water for the duration of the journey
  • Medications, supplements, and any necessary medical records
  • Favourite toys, blankets, or bedding to provide comfort and familiarity
  • Leashes, collars, harnesses, and any other necessary equipment for walks or outings
  • Litter box, litter, and scooper for cats
  • Cleaning supplies for accidents or spills

It’s also a good idea to pack a first-aid kit specifically for your pet, containing items such as gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers in case of emergencies.

Planning Transportation


Transportation is the most complex part of the pet shifting process as you have to move your pet into a carrier, which most pets aren’t comfortable with.

Opt for an adequately ventilated pet carrier with sufficient space so that the pet feels normal in the carrier. You can also put your pet’s favourite toys in the carrier so that it doesn’t feel lonely or stressed during the shifting process. Hire an experienced and verified transport company for a smooth pet relocation experience.

For long-distance moves or international relocations, flying may be the most practical option. However, it’s essential to research airline pet policies and requirements well in advance, as each airline has specific regulations regarding pet travel. Be sure to book your pet’s reservation early, as space for pets on flights can be limited.

If you’re moving overseas, familiarise yourself with the import regulations and quarantine requirements of your destination country to avoid any delays or complications upon arrival.

The pet should be of at least 8 weeks of age to travel on the flight.

Let them Explore the new House


When your pet reaches the new location, the first thing you should do is allow it to explore the new house. The moment your pet enters the new house, it will forget about all the worries and stress that occurred during the transit.

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The new house will be an empty place for the pet to play and explore, which will help them get settled in the new location.

Pets usually take some time to settle into a new location, so don’t worry if your pet isn’t feeling settled early on. With time, the pet will get settled, and you should spend some time with it to make its experience in the new house more comfortable.

Find a New Vet


Find a reliable veterinarian for your pet within the first week of your move to the new city, as any delay can put your pet in danger. To save time, you can also ask the vet in the previous city for recommendations or ask your friends and family for suggestions.

Go for a routine check-up to ensure your pet hasn’t developed any severe health issues or infections during the travel.

Familiarise Pet with new Place and People


After you have settled in your new house, make it a daily routine to take your pet out for a walk and help it get familiar with the new locality. Regular walks will immensely help the pet normalise in the new locality and get familiar with new faces. Pet relocation in India is quite exhausting, so allow the pet to relax a bit and know more about the new place.


Pets are emotional, innocent, and loyal. During the move, they go through a lot, and it is vital for you to support them. Moving with pet is a burdensome task, and you can opt for a pet transportation service as well to simplify things. Throughout the move, always prioritise the safety and comfort of other people and your pet.

Be aware of all the legalities and formalities involved in the pet shifting process so that you comply with all the guidelines.

Happy Moving with your Furry Friend!

Shivam Ahuja