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Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips

11 Important Relocation Tips & Advices!

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Unless you believe in the practice of being minimalist, moving is one of the most stressful and biggest tasks to perform. However if you give a head start and stay organized you can turn this mammoth like procedure unscathed and will get ready to enjoy the process of new abode. Thus to help you out in your relocation, here are 11 relocation tips that are sure to reduce your moving day chaos a lot.

1. Be Organized Early

It is advisable to not to leave anything for the last minute. Unless you need to pack up and shift to a new place in a hurry, there are chances of around 30 days to 60 days to plan properly and assure a smooth move. You can create a countdown list and itemize everything that you need to get done week after week.

2. Figure Out the Strategy of Moving

On the moving day how would you go from point A to point B is the main factor to determine. For short moves you can take help of your dearest friends or consider renting a truck for the day. However if you have a big family then consider moving long distance by hiring Packers and Movers in India.

3. Start Packing Stuffs of Least Needs First

Start your packing with rooms that are least in need of yours. It is a relocation tips advice to pack items that are not used on daily basis by you. For example you can pack seasonal clothes, gardening tools, Christmas lights, coats and other such stuffs at first. This will reduce much of your efforts of last days of moving.

4. Do Packing Room Wise

One of the best moving relocation tips to remember always is to pack things of one room at a time. It is quite important relocation tips to follow but despite of that for some reasons such factor gets neglected. However considering this relocation tips advice will help you staying organized and later get enough time to inform movers or truck loaders to load boxes accordingly.

5. Start De-Cluttering Home

Well one of the advices you must always consider very important is de-cluttering. You can try out donating or put your unwanted things on sale. These days selling your old goods have also become easy because of many second hand or old goods selling portals. You can ask your friends, relatives and near and dear ones if they are in need of something that you are finding of use no more.

6. Do Weight Check

It is important to check weight of every packing box that must not exceed 30 pounds. Abiding this tip may get you a back injury or your packing boxes might not withstand the weight. You can also consider packing light items in large boxes and all your heavy stuffs is small boxes. This moving relocation tip can save you from a deal of pain.

7. Fill Empty Gaps in Packing Boxes

Yes it is quite important to all empty gaps in a packing box. For this you can use packing papers, old newspapers or make use of old rags or small clothes like socks, stoles and things alike. This will assure the safety of goods while transportation.

8. Labeling is Important!

Labeling is one of the important household as well as business relocation tips. You need to write contents on each and every packing box with a marker. Do remember to label on the sides of the packing box not on the top as this will make it easy to recognize box with goods. You can also consider using different color tapes for packing boxes of every different room. You can involve your kids in this process. This will help your kittle ones to cope up with the move.

9. Remember- Heavy Items in the Bottom!

It is important to remember pack boxes with heavier items in the bottom. It’s a thing of common sense but yet an important factor to consider while you pack boxes. Also by putting heavy weight packing boxes underneath the lighter boxes would ensure no breaking or crushing of items during the transit of goods in the transport wagon. Packing boxes of books or furniture items are excellent examples what you must pack first.

10. Pack an "Open First" Box

It’s a kind of Hold All packing box but unlike other boxes your Open First Box will have the items that you will need on reaching the new home. To pack Open First box you need to devote some time in thinking what items you will need after reaching your ne residence. It may consist of plates, bowls, spoons, knife, soap, towel, tissues, toilet papers, toys and other such stuffs.

11. Safeguard your Valuables

You must find out a safe place to keep your valuables on the day of move. You can insure anything that is breakable or valuable to you if you are using a Packers and Movers in India. Well if you are moving with a computer then it is very important to keep a quick backup of all important files if in case something happens during the transit and you lose all your important files and data.

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