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Unloading Tips

Unloading Tips

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15 Useful Tips for Unloading a Moving Truck and Unpacking Goods

The day of Moving is always the most stressful but despite that you need take deep breaths and calm during moving. Once you arrive at your new residence it becomes very important to unload your moving truck in an organized way. You can call your family members or friends to help you out with the process of unloading the moving truck. More the people for help in unloading the moving truck the quicker the process of unloading will be accomplished. Also you need to remember and consider that unpacking process is not necessarily to be done in one day.

Therefore to help you in having an organized, safe and peaceful unloading process, here are some factors for consideration that you must go through if you are soon to relocate at a new place. Have a look:

  1. You need to decide in advance that in which room you desire to place appliances and furniture before you make any start in the procedure of unloading the moving truck. Also make it sure that you have big enough hallways and door ways that lets you to move your items inside your new residence and then into the rooms.
  2. For a hassle free unloading and unpacking of goods you need to consider that labeling the boxes with their contents and the room they belong to during packing is very important. You can simply place labeled boxes in the room they belong to without opening each of them while unloading. This allows you to be organized.
  3. It is very important to assure that there is a safe pathway from the truck leading to the house and also inside the house. If there is any obstruction or debris then clear it before unloading goods.
  4. Always be cautious or careful when you are about to open rear gates of moving truck as momentum can let packing boxes press on the gates and thus it can fall over you very easily.
  5. Do take inventory of all your items as soon as they are unloaded from the moving truck in order to assure that nothing is broken or lost. If you have hired a moving company then do keep a list of every damaged item during the transit.
  6. In accordance to the room plan that was made before the move consider placing larger furniture in the specified room first and then put bed and tables together.
  7. When during unloading households you come across bigger items that are flat like ironing boards, mirror, mattresses or box springs then let them stand against the wall of the moving truck with straps or ropes.
  8. While packing, mark boxes with goods of immediate use as “Open First”. After unloading open the “open first” boxes in order to meet the need of goods are urgently required for further unpacking a give a start to the set up of new residence.
  9. Make a pile of cardboards and plastic that can further be recycles after you are over with unloading things from the moving truck.
  10. After finishing the entire process of unloading of your goods, do remember to walk through the moving truck to assure that there is nothing left behind in it and then sweep the truck before letting it go.
  11. Now when everything is unloaded in your new house there may arise a feeling of frustration because of being surrounded by the stacks of packed boxes and unpacking is the final thing to do. Therefore it is better to start unpacking the things on the next day of unloading. There is also no need of unpacking all the boxes in one day.
  12. After unpacking appliances install and check the appliances. Do have a professional for the installation of gas appliances.
  13. Start your unpacking process with kitchen items. Do make a plan before about the where to place the items that are to be used every day. These should be placed where reach is easy. Items that are not to be used regularly you can wait to unpack those.
  14. Do set your bathroom secondly including unpacking toiletries at first, putting soap and paper into place and hanging shower curtains. Then start with living room and bedroom. Remember to unpack items firstly that are essential and leave the items that are not to come in immediate, use.

Do assure to designate few boxes and items that will be moved to a self storage unit. Basically self storage is an excellent home storage solution for all the items that you are in need but do not have a room to accommodate them at new home.

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