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Plants Moving Tips

Plants Moving Tips

A Guide- Shift Your Plants Successfully to New Destination!

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Green plants always make your living space happy and alive, and become the integral part of your family. So if you are moving you need to take some Moving Plants Tips, so that you can carry these integral parts with yourself to new destination.

Moving Plants from one place to another isn’t that hard, as it needs special attention and care like your fragile items and antiques. You can even hire a Plants Moving Company in order to take professional assistance, so that you plants can be shifting to new destination without much trouble.

Things You Need to Consider

It wholly or solely depends on whether you are moving from one city to another or from one country to another country. Some countries do not allow you to carry your plants with you, while other does with proper investigation. So prior taking your plants with you, make sure which are the species that are allowed without any trouble.

Why Need Professionals Assistance?

It would be hard for you to leave your loving plants, but if you are moving abroad and the country doesn’t allow you to carry plants, then there is no alternative. If you can consult from professional Packer and Movers firm they will certainly provide relevant info and some Moving Plants Tips to you. Hire Professional for the simple reason that Plants are too fragile and can suffer while moving. Thus you need a professional firm to do this task for you.

Move Your Plants Yourself

Move your plants by yourself; this is certainly the best option. All you need to do is find some robust boxes, you need to line them either with plastics or cloths and at last place your plant inside. You need to put either a bubble wrap or foam between the pot and the box for cushioning. You can carry them in the back seats of your car, if they are small. For bigger plants you can lay them on the floor of your car. This is certainly the best idea, as then they are within your eye range. This will make you happy instead. Be careful of the temperature use your car’s Air conditioner if needed, otherwise open window for the passage of clean and fresh air inside.

Repot Your Plants into Plastic Containers

If you have planned to move then be aware of the fact that plants needs time to adjust as per new surroundings and season. Thus it is very important to repot your plants into plastic container at least one week in advance. Plants can only accommodate into plastic containers only when they have given time to do so. Tall Plants similarly needed to be wrapped in plastic, but remember to poke few hole in the plants to let them breathe.

Take Stocks of Your Outdoor Plants

In case you want to carry your outdoor plants with you, but don’t want to destroy the settings for new owner then take some stocks of your favorite plants with you. Now the question is how to carry these stocks with you. The answer is purchase some floral tubes, fill them with water and cap them tightly. This will not let your stocks to destroy and save them from changes in travelling, and when you reach to the new destination than these are ready for next home or garden.

Give Your Plants Time to Acclimatize

Immediately after reaching the new destination remove the plastic by which it is wrapped, pour some water onto them and some plant food. In case you have transplanted them into plastic pots give at least a week before you put them into original pots. Moving is very hard on plants they need to acclimatize as per new environment and conditions. So don’t over stress them by changing their positions again and again. This may result in bantam growth or even death.

Settle Your Plants Quickly

You need to settle your plant as quickly as possible, by providing them food and watering, and plant them straightaway. There are some plants who do not like certain types soil for this reason they are needed tested with a pH kit which is easily available in most nurseries. Water them well use fertilizers, repeating this activity until they get fully settled.

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