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Moving Day Countdown

Moving Day Countdown

Countdown for Moving Day
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When your plans are for relocating, keep in mind that nearly everything takes longer time then that you have expected. Therefore the best way of keeping in track of everything is by planning and staying organized. Here below you will get a helpful Moving Countdown plan to do more, save more and experience a hassle free relocation.

Eight Weeks Before

  • Hire your packing and moving service provider.
  • Look for rental prices of moving trucks if you are doing it yourself.
  • Do make an inventory listing everything you own.
  • Decide what needs to go in the car, truck or trash.
  • Do consider planning of furniture placing in your new home.

Six Weeks Before

  • Be ruthless in clearing your closets.
  • Do remember to transfer your medical records to your new doctor.
  • Transfer your children’s academic records to their new school.
  • It is important to transfer your kid’s academic records to new school.

Four Weeks Before

  • Make confirmations of bookings with your moving company.
  • Make an arrangement to have packers and Movers there at your place 2 days before moving day if they are render packing services top you.
  • Bring packing tape and boxes if you are packing your valuables yourself.
  • Start packing you’re out-of-season clothing first and then other items that you would need right away.
  • Do remember to fill change-of-address in the cards at the post office.
  • Notify your new address to your family, friends, insurance agent and the bank.
  • Make prior orders for furniture, cutlery and dishes.
  • If you subscribe any magazine then do send your new address email.
  • Do remember to make copies of every important document of yours like passport, academic certificates, birth certificates, dental, and medical records.

Three Weeks Before

  • Make arrangements to have all the utilities disconnected few days prior to the day of move.
  • Make set up for the utilities at your new home.
  • Start with your packing process in room by room order.
  • If o u think you would needs a babysitter then do arrangements for it.
  • If possible then reserve the freight elevator of your building for the day of moving.

Two Weeks Before

  • Start arrangements of your pets and plants relocation.
  • It is useful to get rid of things that you cannot move with like propane, gasoline and alike.
  • Keep on packing small-small things that are not in immediate use.
  • Try to line up few helpers who will help in loading your goods in the rental truck.
  • Hire a plumber and an electrician to disconnect all the appliances you are planning to move with

One Week Before

  • If you are making a long-distance move then prefer opening a new bank account.
  • Make sure you are available with enough medication that can last through the move.
  • Pack a bag of all necessary things that you might need after you move in to the new house like soap, towel, plates, torch, cleaning solutions and other such things.
  • It is import to defrost the refrigerator and clean it two days before you move.
  • Start labeling packing boxes with colored tapes or with rooms they belong to.
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