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Packing Tips

Packing Tips

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Packing goods, valuables and other commodities belonging to your home/office is a tricky and skillful task. Now with just few days left for your moving, you cannot acquire skills of expertise packing. However it is better to get some quick, helpful and safe Packing tips. So you can look up for these Packing Tips below that are sure to help you in coming out with goods as they were, undamaged, original and safe.

So this time you relocate, try to:

1. Make Use of Right Size of Boxes

While packing things in carton boxes make sure to put heavy items like books in small boxes and lighter items such as pillows, linens or curtains in bigger boxes. A large box containing heavy items is always a common complaint among professional movers. These make the task of loading and unloading difficult and develop the chances of breaking of things inside.

2. Put Heavier Goods in Bottom & lighter Goods on Top of Boxes

When packing things inside box try filling it with heavier items in the bottom and lighter things on the top Also it is always advisable to pack heavier boxes first and then the lighter ones towards the trick’s front portion if you are loading the truck yourself. It helps in keeping the balance.

3. Pack Items You will be Needing FIRST in a Clear Plastic Container

Bring home a big Transparent Plastic Container to accommodate things like paper towels, trash bags, box cutter, phone chargers, toilet paper, power strips, eating utensils, selected cookware, tools and other things alike. It will meet your necessary things requirements at new place.

4. Never Ever Leave Empty Space in Packing Boxes

Always remember to fill in the gaps or space inside packaging boxes with packing paper, socks, clothing or hand towels. It will reduce the chance of breaking of things inside the box after while the transportation of goods.

5. Don’t Put Items of Different Rooms in the Same Box

Make separate packaging boxes for each and every room. It will make fasten your packing task and will definitely make your unpacking task a lot easier.

6. Tape boxes well.

Taping packing boxes is of great importance under relocation process. Therefore make sure to use couple of tape stripes close to the bottom and top of the box. Tape well your packing box where maximum stress is concentrated. This will prohibit damage to the packing box.

7. Enlist the color-coding system.

You can try using color code for every box containing goods of different room. Choose a color for each room then label that room’s packaging boxes with same color tape. You can try labeling door of every room with a color sticker or tape for easy recognition of packing boxes of the specific room.

8. Do Good Taping and Bubble Wrapping of your Expensive Paintings before Packing in a Box

Do not wrap oil paintings of your home with regular paper as it will stick to the painting. For Paintings or pictures framed with glass try making an X by a masking tape over the glass for strengthening it and holding it tight together if in case it shatters. Also wrap picture frames in paper or do bubble wrapping and put in a box with other frames. You can also maximize picture frames safety by placing a piece of cardboard between every frame piece.

9. Take Photo of Electronic Wire Fittings before Packing

Before you start packing wires and cords take a photo of how your electronics are connected. It will help you in remembering how to do it again at new place.

10. Consider Giving Maximum Safety to Items that Demands Special Treatment

Fragile or highly sensitive items like TVs, Big fancy mirrors, paintings, big glass showpiece and other such fragile objects you own always demand a special care while relocation process. It’s best to keep their original boxes safe to take in use every time you relocate. Else covering such fragile objects with quilts, bubble wrapping, paper sheets and other would definitely help in maximizing its safety inside the packing box.

11. Vacuum seal Out-Of-Season Clothing

Out of Season Clothes are obviously not the things to come in immediate use after moving to a new place. So it’s advisable to pack these in Vacuum seal bags. This will take less space in comparison to other goods.

12. Bundle Breakables

Things that are brittle in nature or are easily breakable like your dishes and other cutleries consider packing these by putting packing paper around each and then wrapping bundles of 5-6 together with more use of paper. Consider packing dishes on their sides and never flat. Also use lot of bunched-up paper as padding below and above. You can keep bowls and cups inside one another with paper in between each of them and do wrapping 3-4 in a bundle. Do packing of these in a dish barrel box.

13. Cover Toiletries & Cosmetics with Saran Wrap

Don’t worry about breaking or spilling of your toiletries while relocation. Do cover the openings of toiletries and cosmetics with saran wrap and then put back the tops. This will really help.

14. Tape Screws & Bolts Underside Furniture

Yes this will definitely help you in losing such little essential things like screws, bolts and other little things while relocation. Also this will help you in remembering which screw or bolt belongs to which furniture or household. Do make sure that you bag these things first.

15. Make Handy Medical Kit with You While Relocation

It is always very necessary to keep medical kits with you during relocation. You may never know that when you come in need of a medical assistance while packing, transporting or unloading goods. Instead pack a separate box of medical aids like band aid, antiseptic liquid, cotton, pain killer pills, doctor’s tape and other such things and keep it with you to be handy at any time of need.

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