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Pre Moving Tips

Pre Moving Tips

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Pre - Move Tips You Must Follow!!

Relocating to new home or office is one of the most stressful tasks that one experiences. Therefore being prepared for the act and taking every important step to insure safety of goods and possessions can help a lot in reducing the level of stress.

No matter what the intensity is but moving is never easy. After all you would be disassembling a familiar or routine lifestyle, pack it into boxes, transport it to a new address and then will reassemble it at a new place or residence. The entire process is quite disruptive and can be a headache to manipulate. But it is neither something very difficult to do nor something impossible too. Once you are sorted with where to move and when to move, it is the right time to get organized. Do have a plan and stay organized which in return smoothes the moving process and makes you ready to handle unexpected happenings as well.

Getting prepared for moving is not a day affair rather it’s a preparation of weeks before. So if you are all set to start with your packing arrangements, do consider these Pre-move tips that you need to start right from:


  • Search and do obtain moving or relocation estimates from different Packers and Movers in India and choose the one that best meets your suitability and preferences.


  • Meet your hired Packers and Movers service provider to discuss cost, claims, liability coverage, packing of goods, unloading goods procedures and more.
  • Sort out, throw out, donate or sell things that are no more you use or will need.


It is very important to send a notice or application about the change in your address to all the publications you subscribe to like:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Professional journals
  • Newsletters


  • If you are hiring packers and mover then do make all arrangements before one or two days of loading goods.
  • If you are packing yourself then begin with all your packing arrangements. Make a start with things that will not be in immediate use.
  • You can also make arrangements for temporary storage of your goods like warehouse services if you find it necessary.
  • Remember to send drapes, curtains, carpets and furniture for repairing work or cleaning.
  • You can also plan to get repairing work done at your new house.


  • At your old house schedule a day to disconnect major appliances and utilities rather schedule to make new connections at new house.
  • If you are having an inter-city/state/country relocation, then remember to make travel arrangements and hotel reservations in prior to your trip.
  • It is advisable to make prior reservation with apartment dwellers to reserve elevator for pickup on the delivery day.


  • Organize all the records such as car license, registration and insurance or policies.
  • Do take good care of all your important bills, bank account and stock papers.
  • Get your medical, veterinary or dental records with you.
  • Do remember to obtain, fill and mail the change of residential address.
  • Do consider making special arrangements for the transportation of pets and plants.


  • If required then arrange a baby sitter on the moving day.
  • Get your prescriptions Transferred at your new address.


It is important to disconnect all your utility services in advance for

  • Gas
  • Telephone
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Trash

1-2 DAYS

  • Do have a Packers and Movers service provider to get your things packed well in an organized way.
  • It is important to defrost and dry refrigerators as well as freezers a day prior to the moving day.
  • Pack all the valuables one day before that will be carried by you on the moving day.
  • If you have planned to travel by car then it is important to check your tires, battery, wire connections, oil, gas, wipers and other necessary things.
  • Arrange for cash/traveler’s checks for trip expenses and payment to mover
  • Make arrangements for cash/traveler’s checks for incurring all the trip expenses and payments to be done to the hired Packers and Movers service provider.
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