“All walls start by laying the first brick. How little or great they become is up to you.” – Anonymous

In India, people strongly believe in purchasing land and then constructing their dream home as per their needs or requirements. Getting their home constructed and designed on their choice of land gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to them. Their piece of land holds sentimental value in their hearts and therefore, they ensure to leave no loopholes in getting their dream home built in the best possible manner.

As people of India are extremely religious in their thoughts and actions, and always make sure to seek divine blessings in whatever they do, the ritual of Bhumi Pujan is no different. Whenever they purchase a plot for construction of their home or business, they ensure that this ritual is carried out in its true letter and spirit. So, before you actually commence building your home, it is better to know the best dates or best muhurat for Bhumi Pujan for 2021 to bless your new home with the blessings of the Almighty and to ensure that everything goes well as planned.

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Significance of Bhumi Pujan in India

The ritual of offering prayers to the Almighty and Mother Earth (Bhoomi Devi) before commencing the construction of a building is called as Bhumi Pujan. A Foundation Stone or Brick is laid in a portion of a land and different Gods are invoked to seek their blessings so that there come no obstacle in the construction work. It is like seeking the divine permission to dig, till or drill the land. Another reason of performing this activity is to seek the forgiveness of the living beings residing underground as they habitat might get disturbed due to the construction activities. This religious ceremony is performed to appease he five elements i.e. Water, Air, Earth, Sky and Fire.

Significance of Bhumi Pujan

Some of the benefits of Bhumi Pujan include:

  • It also helps in eliminating Vastu Dosha or negative energies from the land.
  • It protects your home and family members from any natural calamities or accidents.
  • It purifies your house and increases good luck.

Griha Nirman Muhurat 2021: Auspicious Days, Tithis, Nakshatras, & Months

Bhumi puja is an important ritual which needs to be performed during an auspicious period of time to preserve its sanctity and get maximum benefits. So, find below the best days, tithis, nakshatras, months and lagna for bhoomi puja in 2021.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat
  • Auspicious days for neev pujan: Monday (सोमवार), Wednesday (बुधवार), Thursday (गुरुवार), Friday (शुक्रवार), and Saturday (शनिवार)
  • Shubh tithi for griha arambh: Dwitiya (द्वितीया), Tritiya (तृतीया), Panchami (पंचमी), Shashthi (षष्ठी), Saptami (सप्तमी), Dashami (दशमी), Ekadashi (एकादशी), Dwadashi (द्वादशी) and Trayodashi (त्रयोदशी)
  • Good nakshatras for bhumi poojan: Rohini (रोहिणी), Mrigashira (मृगशिरा), Pushya (पुष्य), Uttaraphalguni (उत्तराफाल्गुनी), Hasta (हस्त), Chitra (चित्रा), Swati (स्वाती), Anuradha (अनुराधा), Rohini (रोहिणी), Dhanishtha (धनिष्ठा), Uttarashada (उत्तराषाढ़ा), and Revathi (रेवती)
  • Best months for home construction: Phalgun (फाल्गुन), Vaisakh (वैशाख), Shravan (श्रावण), and Magha (माघ)
  • Vastu Muhurat for Bhumi Pujan in 2021

    Are you looking for an auspicious date for house construction or bhoomi pujan in 2021? Just like marriages and griha pravesh, bhumi puja is also required to be performed during an auspicious time period to bring good luck and blessings. Here is the list of auspicious dates and timings for griha nirman in 2021:

    Bhumi Pujan Shubh Muhurat Dates in April 2021

    Following are the best shubh muhurat dates for bhoomi pujan in the month of April:

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Vaisakha (वैशाख) 14th April 2021 Wednesday Dwitiya Bharani
    29th April 2021 Thursday Tritiya Anuradha

    Shubh Muhurat Dates for Bhoomi Pujan in May 2021

    Find below the auspicious dates for the occasion of Bhumi Pujan for the month of May 2021 for your knowledge.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Vaisakha (वैशाख) 1st May 2021 Saturday Panchami Mula
    3rd May 2021 Monday Saptami Uttara Ashadha
    8th May 2021 Saturday Dwadashi Uttara Bhadrapada
    13th May 2021 Thursday Dwitiya Rohini
    15th May 2021 Saturday Tritiya Mrigashirsha
    22nd May 2021 Saturday Dashmi Uttara Phalguni
    26th May 2021 Tuesday Purnima Anuradha
    Jyeshtha (ज्येष्ठ) 28th May 2021 Friday Dwitiya Mula

    Bhoomi Puja Dates in June 2021

    Planning a bhumi pujan ceremony in the month of June? So, find here the best dates for bhumi pujan shubh muhurat.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Jyeshtha (ज्येष्ठ) 2nd June 2021 Tuesday Ashtami Shatabhisha
    4th June 2021 Friday Dashmi Uttara Bhadrapada
    5th June 2021 Saturday Ekadashi Revathi
    11th June 2021 Friday Pratipada Mrigashirsha

    Auspicious Dates for Bhumi Pujan in July 2021

    Here are the shubh muhurat dates for neev pujan (bhumi pujan) in the month of July to bring happiness and prosperity to your new abode.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Ashadha (आषाढ़) 22nd July 2021 Thursday Trayodashi Mula
    24th July 2021 Saturday Purnima Uttara Ashadha
    Shravana (श्रवण) 26th July 2021 Monday Tritiya Dhanishtha
    28 July 2021 Wednesday Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada
    29th July 2021 Thursday Shashthi Uttara Bhadrapada

    Griha Nirman Muhurat Dates in August 2021

    Are you looking for an auspicious date in the month of August for Bhumi Pujan? Find below the best dates for bhumi pujan for your kind reference.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Shravana (श्रवण) 4th August 2021 Tuesday Ekadashi Mrigashirsha
    11th August 2021 Tuesday Tritiya Uttara Phalguni
    13th August 2021 Friday Panchami Hasta/Chitra
    14th August 2021 Saturday Shashthi Chitra/Swati

    Neev Pujan Dates in September 2021

    Bhumi Pujan needs to be performed during an auspicious time. Here are the best dates for this occasion in the September month:

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Bhadrapada (भाद्रपद) 1st September 2021 Wednesday Dashmi Mrigashirsha
    4th September 2021 Saturday Dwadashi Pushya
    8th September 2021 Wednesday Dwitiya Uttara Phalguni
    9th September 2021 Thursday Tritiya Hasta
    11th September 2021 Saturday Panchami Swati
    13th September 2021 Monday Saptami Anuradha

    Shubh Muhurat for New House Construction in October 2021

    Know here the auspicious dates for the performance of the bhumi pujan for new house construction in the month of October 2021.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Ashwin (अश्विन) 18th October 2021 Monday Trayodashi Uttara Bhadrapada
    20th October 2021 Wednesday Purnima Revathi
    Kartik (कार्तिक) 21st October 2021 Thursday Pratipada Ashwini
    28th October 2021 Thursday Saptami Pushya

    Vastu Muhurat for Bhumi Pujan in November 2021

    Get to know here the best dates for griha nirman for the month of November 2021.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Kartik (कार्तिक) 3rd November 2021 Wednesday Trayodashi Hasta
    6th November 2021 Saturday Dwitiya Anuradha
    10th November 2021 Wednesday Shashthi Uttara Ashadha
    15th November 2021 Monday Dwadashi Uttara Bhadrapada
    Margasirsa(मार्गशीर्ष) 20th November 2021 Saturday Pratipada Rohini
    22nd November 2021 Monday Tritiya Mrigashirsha
    25th November 2021 Thursday Shashthi Pushya
    29th November 2021 Monday Dashami Uttara Phalguni

    Grihaarambh Bhumi Pujan Muhurat Date for December 2021

    Find here the good dates for the celebration of Bhumi Pujan in the month of December 2021.

    Month Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
    Margasirsa (मार्गशीर्ष) 1st December 2021 Monday Dwadashi Chitra
    2nd December 2021 Tuesday Trayodashi Swati
    9th December 2021 Thursday Shashthi Dhanishtha
    10th December 2021 Friday Saptami Shatabhisha
    13th December 2021 Monday Dashami Revati

    Inauspicious Dates for New Home Construction 2021

    Not all dates are good for home construction in 2021. There are some dates which must be avoided at any cost to avoid any kind of losses –

    • 14th March 2021
    • 14th June 2021
    • 14th September 2021
    • 14th December 2021

    Bhumi Pujan Vidhi

    Just like any other religious rituals in India, Bhumi Pujan is also required to be performed in a proper manner. So, here is the step by step guide for Bhumi Pujan in India:

    Bhumi Pujan Vidhi
    • The land must be cleaned for purification procedure with Gangajal after taking bath in the morning.
    • Appoint a qualified and experienced priest for Bhumi Pujan having a good knowledge of the mantras. The presence of a priest is compulsory to remove Vastu Dosha and any sort of negativities that may arise during the construction.
    • The priest must face the north direction and the host of the Bhumi Puja must sit facing the East direction.
    • The mantras are chanted to cleanse the body, place and posture.
    • The ritual of Bhumi Pujan starts with offering prayers to Lord Ganesha to eliminate any kind of hindrances in construction. An oil or ghee lamp is also lit.
    • Silver snake or Snake God is also worshiped as it is believed that Lord Sheshnaag keeps your house safe and secure. The Lord is invoked by pouring ghee, curd, honey and milk.
    • A kalash is filled with water with mango leaves and a coconut on its neck. A coin and betel nut is kept in the kalash to invoke Goddess Lakshami.
    • A small piece of land is dug to keep the foundation stone.
    • Flowers, akshat, turmeric, chandan, vermillion, incense sticks, moli, fruits, sweets, paan, supari, and sweets are offered with the recitation of sacred mantras.
    • Sweets and fruits are distributed among people.

    The ingredients to be used in the Bhoomi Pujan include:

    • Turmeric powder
    • Kumkum
    • Sandalwood paste or powder
    • Incenses sticks
    • Camphor
    • Flowers
    • Fruits
    • Betel leaves and nuts
    • Coconut
    • Red cloth
    • Rice
    • Coins
    • Ghee
    • Mishri
    • Naivedyam
    • Milk
    • Mango leaves

    Frequently Asked Questions – Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2021

    Q. What is Bhoomi Pooja?

    Bhoomi Puja is an Indian tradition of honouring Goddess Bhoomi (Goddess Earth) and Vastu Purush (God of directions) before starting the construction work. It is believed that it removes all the negativities and Vastu Doshas in the land.

    Q. Where is Bhumi Puja performed?

    Bhumi Puja is performed in the noth-east corner of the construction site. The construction work must begin from this corner to make sure that this part of the land is lower than other ones.

    Q. Which months are good for Bhumi Pujan?

    Paush (January), Phalgun (March), Baisakh (May), and Margshirsh (December) are the best months for Bhumi Pujan.

    Q. Which days must be avoided for Bhumi Pujan?

    Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays must be avoided for conducting Bhumi Pujan in India.

    Q. When should you do Bhoomi Pooja?

    Mondays and Thursdays are good for Bhumi Puja.

    Q. Which nakshatra is good for house construction?

    Uttaraphalguni, Uttarabhadrapada, Uttarashada, Rohini, Revati, Mrigshira, Chitra, Shatbhisha, Swati, Dhanishtha, Anuradha, Hasta and Pushya nakshatras are good for new house construction.

    Q. Which tithi is good for Bhumi Puja?

    Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Shashti, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Tradyodashi are good tithis for Bhumi Puja.

    Q. When is the best time to keep the foundation stone?

    Foundation stone must be placed in the morning. Never put the foundation stone or brick in the evening or night.

    Q. Which deities are worshipped during Bhumi Puja?

    Goddess Earth, Vastu Purusha, Snake God and the five elements of nature are worshipped during Bhumi Puja.

    Q. Who should perform Bhumi Puja?

    The head of the family along with his wife must perform Bhumi Puja.

    Q. Which Pakshas must be avoided for Bhumi Pujan?

    Divaskarma, Shraadha, and Hadpaksha must be avoided for Bhumi Pujan.

    Q. What is the effect of lunar constellations on Bhumi Puja?

    In case a lunar day falls between 1st and 7th or 19th and 28th, then it is an inauspicious day for the performance of Bhumi Puja. Any lunar day falling between 8th ands 18th is auspicious for this ceremony.

    Q. What other rituals are performed before construction apart from Bhumi Pujan?

    There are five rituals which are performed before the construction of the building begins:

    • Bhoomi or Vastu Puja
    • Balidaana – Offering ritual in Hinduism
    • Hala Karshaana – Levelling of the site
    • Ankurra Roopana – Sowing of the seeds
    • Shilaayaasa – Laying of the foundation stone

    Q. What ritual is performed during the construction of a house?

    Fixing of the main door frame is the ritual which is performed during the construction of a house.

    Q. Is it ok to start the construction work if a woman in the house is pregnant?

    No, it is better to avoid the commencement of the construction work if a woman of the house is seven months pregnant.

    Q. What things should be done after the purchase of a land?

    Things that should be done after the purchase of a land are –

    • Compound wall: It is mandatory to construct the compound wall before the task of construction begins. The height of the south-west wall must be higher than the other walls. The north and east side walls must be shorter than the west and south walls.
    • Cow: It is auspicious to keep a cow or a calf on the empty land.
    • Plants: It is good to grow plants or trees on the construction site.
    • Bhumi Pujan: This ritual is necessary for the happiness and good fortune of the land and family members.

    Q. What is the cost of performing Bhumi Puja?

    The cost of performing Bhumi Puja ranges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000

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