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Auspicious lagan for house construction and Bhumi pujan in 2023

Auspicious lagan

When you are about to do something, you must keep one thing in mind; If you cannot choose an auspicious date to start or perform any auspicious thing then at least try to avoid the inauspicious days. And days starting fromAshada Shukla to Kartik Shukla are when one must not begin their home construction if they don’t want to attract negativity in their home construction. This will keep negativity at bay and ensure your things are going fine.

Month wise Bhumi pujan subh muhurat dates in 2023

Bhumi pujan subh muhurat

Bhumi pujan is done before starting the construction of a home. When the foundation is almost laid, then the Bhumi pujan is performed. Hence, one mainly has an idea of which month they will perform the Bhumi pujan. So, knowing which date is auspicious for Bhumi pujan in that month is crucial. Here is a month-wise list of auspicious dates for Bhumi pujan in 2023:

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in January 2023

According to expert astrologers, there is no auspicious date for Bhumi pujan in January 2023. But if urgent, you can always confirm it with your family priest and see if there’s any fairly good date available for your new home’s Bhumi pujan.

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in February 2023

Bhumi Pujan dateBhumi pujan dayBhumi pujan time
10th February 2023Friday09:15am – 12:15pm

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in March 2023

Bhumi Pujan dateBhumi pujan dayBhumi pujan time
9th March 2023Thursday07:28 am – 12:24 pm
10th March 2023Friday07:24 am – 10:25 pm

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in April, May, June, July, and August 2023

There is no auspicious date or shubh muhurat for Bhumi pujan in these three months of 2023 namely April, May, June, July, and August, according to expert astrologers. But you can always confirm it with your family priest and see if there’s any fairly good date available for your new home’s Bhumi pujan if it’s urgent.

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in September 2023

Bhumi Pujan dateBhumi pujan dayBhumi pujan time
2nd September 2023Saturday07:40 am – 12:16 pm
25th September 2023Monday06:42 am – 08:26 am
27th September 2023Wednesday07:39 am – 10:38 am

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in October 2023

October 2023 is another month with no auspicious date or shubh muhurts for Bhumi pujan. But since this month has so many auspicious festivals, you can ask a priest or astrologer if Bhumi pujan can be done on any of those festivals.

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in November 2023

Bhumi Pujan dateBhumi pujan dayBhumi pujan time
23 November 2023Thursday07:21 am – 09:12 am
24 November 2023Friday07:22 am – 09:08 am

Auspicious Bhumi pujan date in December 2023

Bhumi Pujan dateBhumi pujan dayBhumi pujan time
29 December 2023Friday08:55 am – 12:05 pm

Those are all the most auspicious dates for Bhumi pujan in 2023. Since expert astrologers select these dates, you can pick any of them to perform the religious ceremony on the land where the construction of your new home is about to begin. But since we mostly make our homes once in our lifetimes, it is a better and safer option to do things by following the rituals and common stereotypes. So, ask your astrologer before finalizing any date or muhurat for the Bhumi pujan of home in 2023.

Samagri list for Bhumi pujan – Bhumi pujan shubh muhurat 2023

In Hinduism, every ritual consists of multiple things or samagri to be brought for the ceremony. And when the ceremony is as unique as Bhumi pujan, the list of things is also massive. It gets difficult to keep a count of essential things. Hence, we have given you the entire Bhumi pujan samagri list. Find below all the things you need to have to perform Bhumi pujan rituals:

  • Haldi or Turmeric powder
  • Sandalwood paste or powder
  • Ready-made havanSamgri Packet (or you can make your havan samagri with the details of things given by your pandit Ji.)
  • Agarbatti or Incense stick
  • Fruits (any seasonal fruits)
  • Kumkum
  • Coconut
  • Flowers and flower petals (rose and marigold)
  • Garlands
  • Kapoor or Camphor
  • Panch loha or 5 metals
  • Incense sticks and dhoop
  • Navratan, or 9 types of gems
  • Diyas or earthen lamp
  • Pooja Thali
  • Green limes
  • Matchbox
  • Naivedyam
  • Ghee (clarified butter)
  • ½ m white cloth (safed kapda)
  • Lota
  • 9 types of seeds (Nava Dhanyam)
  • Paan kepatte or betel Leaves
  • Coins
  • 5 bricks
  • Kalash
  • Rice
  • Aam kepatte or mango leaves
  • Red cloth
  • 10 panchpatras
  • Deity’s picture/ idol
  • Kalash
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Sweets
  • Mishri
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Bhumi Pujan Mantra

Bhumi Pujan Mantra

If you are a Hindu, then you must have performed various religious ceremonies in your life. You must also be aware of the fact that Hindu ceremonies include worshiping and paying respect to various gods. This means that Pandit Ji must chant various mantras to make the project successful for you.

Lord Ganesh Ji, who must be worshipped first in every puja, Goddess Lakshmi to bless you with the fortune to complete the construction of your home efficiently, Bhoomi Devi to bless the roots of your home, Vaastu Purusha so that if there’s any Vaastu dosh in your home, it can be silenced permanently, Snake God, and Panchbhutas to bless you, your family and your new home with all the necessities always. The main mantra that is chanted during Bhumi pujan is:

“Om Vasundharaya Vidmahe Bhutadhatraya Dhimahi Tanno Bhumih Prachodayat.”

This mantra translates to “We pray to the sacred Bhumi Devi, the provider of everything to bless and provide us with fortune and abundance always.” While this mantra is chanted when the havan is going on, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi’s mantras are also chanted for much-needed positivity, prosperity, and fortune to complete the construction of the new house without any problem.

Bhumi Pujan Vidhi

It is not only about performing the Bhumi pujan but also about doing the puja properly. And for that, one must know the vidhi from beginning to end. We have mentioned the entire Bhumi pujan vidhi for you. This is a common Bhumi pujan vidhi that is followed across India. The date, day, location, and other factors don’t matter. This is the standard, popular, and highly practiced Bhumi pujan vidhi that has been followed for ages:

1. Preparing the Bhumi Pujan site: Firstly, the Bhumi pujan is often performed at the center of the construction site. Secondly, on the day of Bhumi pujan, the site is prepared by cleaning it for the ceremony. You must bathe before cleaning it and use gangajal, the holy water of the Ganges to purify it. Ensure there are no stones, pebbles, or holes around that area since the entire site is under construction. You must prepare the site for a smooth and uninterrupted Bhumi pujan ceremony.

2. A trusted and experienced priest: This differs from pujas which can be performed independently. And since we don’t get a chance to make one home multiple times, one must get all the rituals done in the presence of a priest or Pandit Ji. Arrange a Pandit Ji, who is an expert in doing Bhumi Pujan. Pandits are experienced in removing Vaastu dosh by chanting the required mantras without any discrepancy with a loud and clear voice. They also know the vidhi for Bhumi pujan, and will guide you in the best way possible.Pandit Ji will also guide you with everything related to the puja. From Dos and don’ts to what should be done before, after, and between the puja time.

3. Sit facing eastwards: Firstly, the Bhumi pujan and laying down of the foundation must be performed by the owner of the property. This brings maximum prosperity to the piece of land. Secondly, to perform the Bhumi pujan with utmost care to receive maximum goodness, the owner should perform the eastward rituals while pandit Ji should sit facing the north.

4. Preparation of Puja: Spread a colorful mat on the ground, and place all the Bhumi pujanSamagri on it. Arrange the samagri how your pandit Ji asks you to and place his assan according to the north-facing direction while yours is to the east-facing direction. Remember to place pictures or idols of Ganesh Ji, goddess Lakshmi and other deities you worship.

5. An idol of snake god and goddess and a Kalash: This is one of the most important rituals of Bhumi pujanthat shouldn’t be missed at any cost. If you want your newly constructed home to always prosper and negativity and evilness to stay away from it, remember to bring a couple of snake idols for the bhumi pujan. Also, make a Kalash with coconut, mango leaves, and a pot (lota) and place it where pandit Ji asks you to.

6. The havan: The havan proceedings will begin shortly after worshiping Ganesh Ji, the vighan harta, or removing obstacles.

7. The foundation: Bhumi pujan is incomplete without laying the foundation of your new home/shop. This foundation is laid by digging a small area of land on the havan day and putting everything in it according to the orders of Pandit Ji. This foundation is laid to ensure your home’s roots stay strong always.

8. The ending: Bhumi pujan is concluded by placing 4 lime leaves in each corner and one in the center of the puja site. Then they are correctly crushed to finish the Bhumi pujan.

9. Distribution of sweets: Presenting sweets to everyone present on the site is a must. Ending any religious and auspicious ceremony on a sweeter note makes it more fulfilling for those directly connected. So, after you are done with Bhumi pujan, distribute sweets to everyone and if possible, give them to the poor people, laborers present on the construction site, and your neighbors too.

When technology and astrology go hand in hand – Bhumi Puja Muhurat 2023

We know how busy it gets to manage so many things at once while also performing your daily chores and responsibilities. But the Bhumi puja should immediately start because you are busy. Shifting auspicious dates and delaying important rituals is not a good thing to perform. It is ok if you cannot prepare for Bhumi pujan and buy things for the ceremony. The world has advanced so much in terms of technology that you can quickly get everything online that is on the list of Bhumi Pujansamagri. Even booking of Pandit Ji can be made online if you need a priest to perform a fool-proof bhumi pujan. So, worry not, instead, upgrade yourself and take the help of online mediums to get home delivery of Bhumi pujansamagri.

Things to avoid while planning Bhumi pujan

Multiple things should be kept in mind while planning your Bhumi pujan date. We have provided you with the auspicious dates for Bhumi pujan muhurat in 2023 and a few months to avoid. But there’s more to it. Here’s what you should know before finalizing a date for your Bhumi Pujan in 2023:

1. Days to avoid for Bhumi Pujan ceremony: Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the days which, according to Hindi astrology, should not be picked to perform Bhumpujna. That’s because these days are not too auspicious for the occasion.

2. Pakshas to be avoided for the Bhumi Pujan ceremony: Divaskarma, Shraadh Paksha, and Hadpaksha should be avoided at all costs while performing Bhumi Pujan. They could be better pakshas for Bhumi Pujan.

3. Tithis or dates to avoid for performing Bhumi Pujan: 4, 9, and 14 dates should not be chosen to perform the ritual of Bhumi Pujan. There are better dates or tithis for grihaNirman puja.

Dos and don’ts of Bhumi pujan in India

There are a set of rules that Hindus strictly follow while performing any ritual. And when something as big as their home construction is concerned, they take extra preventive measures to ensure nothing wrong happens to their new home or its construction. Here are a few things you must do and must avoid when it comes to performing Bhumi pujan:

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1. Make sure the date you have chosen is auspicious: We know how excited people get to finish their new home’s construction and start living in it immediately. But don’t mess things up due to your eagerness and impatience. Always choose a date suggested by an expert priest.

2. Don’t drink alcohol or eat non-vegetarian food: Our ancestors always suggest that when we are about to perform any auspicious task, we must not eat chicken or drink alcohol. So, stay sattvic on the day of Bhumi pujan.

3. Don’t bring onion and garlic food to the puja spot: Onion and garlic are two vegetables that are considered highly toxic to use in religious ceremonies.

4. Don’t skip Bhumi pujan: No matter how difficult it is for you to perform Bhumi pujan, don’t even think of skipping it. Bhumi pujan is performed to remove any negativity or toxicity from the land. So, doing it keeps your new home safe from all problems.

5. Do charity: Distributing sweets, money, clothes, and food to needy people on this day is encouraging. It brings pure blessings to you, your family, and your new home.

6. Grow plants near the construction area: Plants are a symbol of growing of life. They signify success and growth while bringing peace, positivity, and happiness to the environment. So, grow plants around your construction property, and remember to take good care of them.

Inauspicious time for Bhumi Pujan in the year 2023

An auspicious day is considered auspicious by multiple things. The date, day, time, and Hind month decide if it is fit to perform Bhumi pujan. And like there are auspicious days for it, there are inauspicious days for Bhumi pujan too that must be avoided at all costs. According to Hindu astrology, here are all the days when you should avoid performing Bhumi pujan for your new home’s construction.

ChaitraConstruction during this month should be avoided because it is said that Bhumi Pujan in Chaitra month brings hardships.Chaitra month of the Hindi calendar starts at the beginning of March and ends in April.
JyeshthaDuring the Hindi month of Jyeshtha, Planets are not in a favorable condition, making it unfavorable to perform Bhumi Pujan.The month of Jyeshta starts in June and ends in July.
ShravanPerforming Bhumi pujan this month can cause financial losses which is why avoiding it is better.The Hind month of Shravan falls in August
AshadThis is another month that causes financial losses if you lay your new home’s foundation in AshadThe Hindi month of Ashad falls in the English month of July.
BhadrapadConstruction new house or laying a foundation during this month can affect your family relations. Doing Bhumi pujan during Bhadrapad can ignite fights and tension between the concerned family.This Hindi month of Bhadrapad falls in September.
AshwinThis month is also considered inauspicious for Bhumi Pujan by expert priests.The Hindi Ashwin month has a few days in October.
MaghYou can only construct your house this month if your home is east or west facing. Those who have north or south-facing homes should avoid performing Bhumi pujan in MaghMagh, is the 11th month of the Hindi calendar which usually falls in the English months of January to February.

Whether you are planning to start the construction or performing Bhumi pujan and laying the foundation of your new construction site, try to avoid these days at all costs. You can choose a neutral date for Bhumi pujan 2023 if an auspicious date is too far.

Best time to start house construction in India – Bhumi Pujan 2023

house construction

Multiple factors determine the construction of a house. And when it’s about deciding the perfect time to start with the construction the contractors usually prefer the time when the soil is neither hard due to low temperatures, nor hot due to high temperatures. And that time falls in the month of September to November because of the presence of the autumn season during these days. The best pace of construction is picked up during the month of autumn.

So, ask your priest which day in the autumn months will be the best for BhumPujanMuhurt and when you should proceed with constructing your new house.

Invitation card samples for Bhumi pujan 2023

Are you looking for some ideas to call all the important people to your Bhumi pujan ceremony? We know how difficult it gets to tell each relative the details of the Bhumi pujan muhurat. So, go for an invitation card instead. A card will have all the required ceremony details that your guests should know. Doing this allows you to list people who will get your Bhumi pujan invitation card. Thinking if you have given all the correct details to the guests or not will be a problem anymore.

Those were some of the samples for your upcoming Bhumi pujan in 2023. You can send digital cards on WhatsApp to all the guests or get a hard copy printed of your favorite sample.

Concluding Bhumi Pujan shubh muhurt 2023

And your Bhumi Pujan is sampann now! Always remember that when we do something in our lives that is deeply associated with our emotions, like building a new home for our family, we should always go the auspicious way to execute everything. Whether you are doing Bhumi pujan of a new home in 2023, greh Pravesh pujan, or moving into your new home, make sure the dates are auspicious and astrology has your back. This will encourage utmost prosperity in the further proceedings of the construction of your home. Check this space for more details on Greh Pravesh shubh muhurt in 2023 and other home shifting and office relocation details.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2023

Q. What is Bhoomi Pooja?

Bhoomi Puja is an Indian tradition of honouring Goddess Bhoomi (Goddess Earth) and Vastu Purush (God of directions) before starting the construction work. It is believed that it removes all the negativities and Vastu Doshas in the land.

Q. Where is Bhumi Puja performed?

Bhumi Puja is performed in the noth-east corner of the construction site. The construction work must begin from this corner to make sure that this part of the land is lower than other ones.

Q. Which months are good for Bhumi Pujan?

Paush (January), Phalgun (March), Baisakh (May), and Margshirsh (December) are the best months for Bhumi Pujan.

Q. Which days must be avoided for Bhumi Pujan?

Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays must be avoided for conducting Bhumi Pujan in India.

Q. When should you do Bhoomi Pooja?

Mondays and Thursdays are good for Bhumi Puja.

Q. Which nakshatra is good for house construction?

Uttaraphalguni, Uttarabhadrapada, Uttarashada, Rohini, Revati, Mrigshira, Chitra, Shatbhisha, Swati, Dhanishtha, Anuradha, Hasta and Pushya nakshatras are good for new house construction.

Q. Which tithi is good for Bhumi Puja?

Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Shashti, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Tradyodashi are good tithis for Bhumi Puja.

Q. When is the best time to keep the foundation stone?

Foundation stone must be placed in the morning. Never put the foundation stone or brick in the evening or night.

Q. Which deities are worshipped during Bhumi Puja?

Goddess Earth, Vastu Purusha, Snake God and the five elements of nature are worshipped during Bhumi Puja.

Q. Who should perform Bhumi Puja?

The head of the family along with his wife must perform Bhumi Puja.

Q. Which Pakshas must be avoided for Bhumi Pujan?

Divaskarma, Shraadha, and Hadpaksha must be avoided for Bhumi Pujan.

Q. What is the effect of lunar constellations on Bhumi Puja?

In case a lunar day falls between 1st and 7th or 19th and 28th, then it is an inauspicious day for the performance of Bhumi Puja. Any lunar day falling between 8th ands 18th is auspicious for this ceremony.

Q. What other rituals are performed before construction apart from Bhumi Pujan?

There are five rituals which are performed before the construction of the building begins:

  • Bhoomi or Vastu Puja
  • Balidaana – Offering ritual in Hinduism
  • Hala Karshaana – Levelling of the site
  • Ankurra Roopana – Sowing of the seeds
  • Shilaayaasa – Laying of the foundation stone

Q. What ritual is performed during the construction of a house?

Fixing of the main door frame is the ritual which is performed during the construction of a house.

Q. Is it ok to start the construction work if a woman in the house is pregnant?

No, it is better to avoid the commencement of the construction work if a woman of the house is seven months pregnant.

Q. What things should be done after the purchase of a land?

Things that should be done after the purchase of a land are –

  • Compound wall: It is mandatory to construct the compound wall before the task of construction begins. The height of the south-west wall must be higher than the other walls. The north and east side walls must be shorter than the west and south walls.
  • Cow: It is auspicious to keep a cow or a calf on the empty land.
  • Plants: It is good to grow plants or trees on the construction site.
  • Bhumi Pujan: This ritual is necessary for the happiness and good fortune of the land and family members.

Q. What is the cost of performing Bhumi Puja?

The cost of performing Bhumi Puja ranges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000

Q. What are the best dates for Bhumi Pujan in January 2023?

There is no auspicious date for Bhumi Pujan in January 2023

Q. What is the good neev poojan muhurat in February 2023?

The good neev poojan muhurat in February 2023 includes these dates – 10th February

Q. What are the best bhoomi pooja dates in March 2023?

The best bhoomi pooja in March 2023 are –

  • 9 March 2023
  • 10 March 2023

Does April 2023 has any auspicious date for Bhumi Pujan?

There is no auspicious date for Bhumi Pujan in April 2023

Q. What are the good house construction muhurat in 2023 May?

There is no good house construction muhurat in May 2023

Q. What are the shubh muhurat for niv pujan in June 2023?

There is no shubh muhurat fir niv pujan in June 2023

Q. What is the best Bhumi pujan date in July 2023?

There are no dates for Bhumi Pujan in the month of July 2023. Consult an astrologer to find a shubh muhurat date for this religious ceremony depending on your Kundali/horoscope.

Q. What are auspicious dates for Bhoomi Pujan in August 2023?

There is no auspicious date for Bhoomi Pujan in August 2023

Q. What is the best date for neev pujan in September 2023?

The best date for neev pujan in September 2023 is 2nd September, 25th September, 27th September.

Q. What is the auspicious muhurat for Bhoomi Poojan in October 2023?

There is no auspicious muhurat for Bhoomi Poojan in October 2023. However, you can ask an astrologer for a good date for this religious ritual for your Kundali/horoscope.

Q. What are the good dates for Bhumi Pujan in November 2023 ?

The best good dates for Bhumi Pujan in November 2023 are –

  • 23 November 2023
  • 24 November 2023

Q. What are the auspicious dates for Griharambh in Decemmber 2023?

The auspicious dates for Griharambh in Decemmber 2023 are – 29 December 2023

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