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Planets play a significant role in people’s lives as their wrong placement in the astrological chart can lead to harmful impacts on human lives. To remove such negative impacts of harmful planetary positions from one’s life, it is necessary to perform a Navgraha Shanti puja at home. Such Puja for the ruling planet is also useful to make improvisations in career, family, health, finance, education, etc., and bring positive results.

The ‘Navgraha’ consists of Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Guru, Buddh, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. According to mythology, the rage of Lord Shiva led to the birth of these nine planets which are called as Navgrahas. These planets have a direct and cosmic connection with the horoscopes and have the ability to positively or negatively impact human lives. Most of the people perform this Puja along with Vastu Shanti Puja to improve the overall well-being of their homes and lives.

Significance of Navgraha Shanti Puja

Significance of Navgraha Shanti Puja

Like other Hindu religious rituals performed to bring happiness, peace, and prosperity to one’s life, Navgraha Shanti Pooja holds great significance. It is a strong and impactful Puja dedicated to the nine planets of the Universe. It is mainly conducted to appease disturbed planets that are impacting your lives in a miserable manner. The word “Navgraha” itself stands for the nine planetary bodies that constitute the core of Indian Astrology. Since these nine planets play a significant role in human lives like controlling their desires, outcomes, and Karma, this Puja will be immensely helpful in getting the desired results.

Who Should Conduct Navgraha Puja?

Not all people People facing the below problems can perform Navgraha Homam at home once in their lifetime:
  • People with disturbed Rahu and Ketu planets in their natal chart.
  • People with more than four planets that are not in a desired planetary position.
  • People having Kaal Sarpa dosha or kalathra dosha.

Performing this Puja within the auspicious date and timings fixed according to the Nakshatra of an individual will bring desired results to the people.

Navagraha Puja Benefits

Navagraha Puja Benefits

The Navgraha Puja and Homam are conducted to pacify the malefic effects of planets and seek the blessings of their deities. When the nine planets of the Solar System lose their alignments, they cause negative impacts on human lives. The Dosha of unfavorable alignment is corrected by performing this Puja at home.

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This Navgraha Puja brings a lot more benefits to the people, such as:
  • Attain happiness, prosperity, knowledge, prosperity, success, good health, harmony, and fame in life.
  • Remove Vastu Doshas from one’s lives and bless an individual with a long and healthy life.
  • The chanting of the Navgraha mantra gratifies malefic planets and empowers benevolent planets.
  • Removes hurdles, delays, losses, and negativities from life.
  • The Ketu Graha Puja Mantra removes hurdles and brings spiritual enlightenment, self-awareness, and contentment.
  • The Buddh Puja Mantra helps in the attainment of emotional balance improves relationships and communication.
  • The Mangal Puja Mantra helps in the fulfillment of desires, attainment of prosperity, and recognition.
Here you can also find some of the amazing advantages of these nine important planets in human lives:
  1. Sun – It ensures good health and wealth.
  2. Moon – It blesses us with success and intellect.
  3. Mars – It gives wealth and prosperity.
  4. Mercury – It grants wealth and wisdom.
  5. Jupiter – It shower knowledge.
  6. Venus – It blesses with the knowledge of art and music.
  7. Saturn – It signifies happiness and Vairagya.
  8. Rahu – It strengthens life.
  9. Ketu – It promises prosperity, good health and wealth to the family.

Navgraha Puja Vidhi (नवग्रह-पूजन विधि)

Navgraha Puja Vidhi (नवग्रह-पूजन विधि)
The procedure for Navgraha Shanti Puja Homam comprises the following steps:
  • Step 1: Kalash Sthapana is the foremost step in a Navgraha Puja.
  • Step 2: The invocation of the nine plants or Navgrahas before commencing the Navgraha Puja.
  • Step 3: The performer takes water in the right palm and takes the Maha Sankalpam.
  • Step 4: The Puja begins after the Ganpati Sthapana and a Ganpati Puja.
  • Step 5: The Gods in the Kalash are invoked and mantras of the nine planets are chanted.
  • Step 6: The Homam or yagna is performed next to seek the blessings of the Nagrahas.
  • Step 7: Offering of Poornahuti is given into the hawan kund.
  • Step 8: An aarti is performed and Prasad is distributed.

Navgraha Puja Samagri List

Navgraha Puja Samagri List
The list of essential items to perform the Navgraha Homam or Pujan includes:
  • Akshat (Rice with turmeric and kumkum)
  • Navgraha Yantra
  • Fresh flowers
  • Panchamrit (Concoction of milk, ghee, curd, honey, and sugar)
  • Nine pieces of cloths in different colors
  • Nine varieties of fruits
  • Betel leaves and nuts
  • Mango leaves
  • Gangajal
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Mauli
  • Chandan
  • Nine janeu
  • Incense sticks and dhoop
  • Two diyas
  • Haldi
  • Kumkum
  • Kalash
  • Coconut
  • Puja Thali
  • Jalpatra
  • Navgraha photo
  • Havan samagri
  • Cow dung cakes
  • Navgraha sticks
  • Camphor
  • Havan Kund
  • Rice
  • Nine types of sweets
  • Sesame oil

Navgraha Mantras Chanted During Navgraha Puja

1. Surya mantra (सूर्य मंत्र)

Being the king of the planets and occupying a significant place in the Solar System, the planet Sun must be worshipped to have an honorable and prosperous life. Chanting the below Beej mantra of Surya 108 times on Sunday morning after taking bath will bring such benefits to you.

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ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं सूर्याय नमःII

2. Chandra Mantra (चंद्र मंत्र)

A weak Chandra Graha may lead to mental problems, weaknesses, financial instability, and parental illnesses. Reciting the below mantra 108 times on Monday in the evening will remove all such problems and bless you with a peaceful life.

‘ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं चन्द्रमसे नम: II

3. Mangal Mantra (मंगल मंत्र)

The planet Mars stands for might and courage. The weakness of this planet leads to insufficient courage and energy. The chanting of the below-mentioned mantra for 108 times on Tuesday after the bath will eliminate all such obstacles.

ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः।I

4. Budh Mantra (बुध मंत्र

A strong mercury plant brings fame and progress. This powerful planet increases intellect. Recite this mantra 108 times to please this planet and get all the benefits.

ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः।

5. Guru Mantra (गुरु मंत्र)

Guru Mantra eliminates obstacles in married life. It brings good fortune, wealth, long life, etc. to the people chanting it. Guru Beej Mantra when chanted strengthens Devguru Brihaspati. Chanting this Mantra in the evening 108 times is beneficial for people.

ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः।

6. Shukra Mantra (शुक्र मंत्र)

To strengthen planet Mars in the horoscope, people must chant the Shukra Mantra 108 times on Friday after taking bath brings in several benefits.

ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः।

7. Shani Mantra (शनि मंत्र)

The wrong position of Shani Graha or Saturn planet weakens several aspects of life. Chanting Shani Mantra removes all such hurdles and elevates all kinds of problems from life. Recite this mantra 108 times on Saturday in the evening.

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः।

8. Rahu Mantra (राहु मंत्र)

A strong Rahu planet in the horoscope reduces stress and brings success. Chant the below mantra at night for 108 times and get desired benefits.

ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः।

9. Ketu Mantra (केतु मंत्र)

The position of Ketu planet is important in human lives as it can disturb them to a great extent. Chanting the below mantra for 108 times during the night is beneficial for people.

ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः।
Sakshi Ecavade