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Making a west-facing house plan is important before start living in it. If you sit down and think about it carefully,

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you will realize that your happiness greatly depends on the internal environment of your house. A home should reflect positivity, happiness and should have a good vibe to it.

While buying a new house, people do certain things to ensure that it brings good luck to them and helps them stay protected against evil forces or inauspicious incidents. A lot of people, who might not be well-aware of it, start studying vastus hastra or get in touch with somebody who is an expert in this space to work out the directional alignments in the house.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra has often been referred to as the ‘science of architecture’. Vastu shastra encompasses several things pertaining to architecture including space arrangement, measurements, layout, spatial geometry, design and ground preparation.

When somebody in India plans to build a house, office, building or any architectural structure, they seek the guidance of a vastu shastra expert. If you have basic knowledge of it, you can set a few things right about west face house vastu without consulting an expert.

According to vastu shastra, all the directions are equally important. At the same time, each direction has certain limitations or shortcomings that one must be aware of. A good understanding of vastu shastra will ensure that you do not face any major issues with the directional alignment of your house.

West Facing House: Is It ‘Vastu Safe’?

West Facing House

If the main entrance of an apartment or a home is west-facing, it will be categorized as a west-facing apartment or a house. It is not difficult to determine whether a house is west-facing or east-facing. All you have to do is stand at the entrance of your house or apartment facing outside. If you happen to face the west direction, then you can concur that it’s awest-facing property.

If you have been wondering “is west facing house good”, then the answer to that is a yes!

If you speak to your family members, friends or colleagues, they might tell you that a west-facing house is not auspicious. The notion of west-facing properties bringing misfortune has prevailed for a long time.

A qualified vastu expert will tell you that there is no truth to this. Vastu for a west-facing house is as important as checking the vastu for any other house. If you opt for a north-facing house, you will need a vastu for house plan facing north.

Advantages of West Facing House

Advantages of West Facing House

Moving into a west-facing house has vastu benefits but you need to be aware of them so that you grow and prosper while living in that house.

More Light

According to vastu, a west-facing property gets directionally aligned in a manner that the rays of the evening sun penetrate inside the house easily and stay there for a long time. Therefore, when you buy a west-facing house, you can be assured of it being well-lit. Every day, you can look forward to the magic hour.

Brings Prosperity

If you have been going through financial difficulties or a bad patch in your professional career, you should invest in a west-facing home. A property, with a west-facing entrance, is known to attract prosperity and wealth. A vastu expert can help you chalk out a vastu house plan for west-facing property.

Professional Benefits

For certain professionals, living in a west-facing house proves to be very beneficial. If you are an entrepreneur or aim for a flourishing career in politics, a west-facing property would bring good luck to you. It also contributes towards teachers and educationalists achieving success in their professional life.

Positive Energy

The vastu for west-facing house plan should be designed meticulously. Anybody who adheres to the principles of vastu shastra believes in the fact that a west-facing property serves as the source of positive energy. Moving into a west-facing house should help you have a more positive outlook towards your life.

Shortcoming of a West-Facing House

Shortcoming of a West Facing House

Entrance Placement

When you speak to an architect, they will tell you that getting an entrance designed for a west-facing house is quite a cumbersome task. Since a large part of the house could be spread across the North West or South West directions, it is a little difficult to determine a placement for the entrance.

Gets Hot

If your west-facing house is in an area that is marked by summers that last for long, you will have to use air-conditioners and other machines to keep the internal environment cool. The sun follows a path that goes from south to west. Because of this, west-facing homes receive a lot of heat which gets trapped inside.

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Installation Issues

If you opt for a west-facing house, you have to be very careful while installing a few things. Septic tanks, for instance, should not be installed in the western side of the house. In the south-west direction, you should avoid installing a water pump.

Important Tips That You Must Remember

After you decide to invest in a west-facing house, you might be a little confused about a few things. You need to get clarity on a couple of factors before you spend your hard-earned money on acquiring a new house that faces towards the west. You can hugely benefit from some vastu tips for west facing house.

  • A property that inclines from south to north is said to bring good luck. However, it would not be advisable to move into a house that slopes towards the north.
  • The west direction proves to be auspicious for the children’s room, dining room, study room, toilet and overhead water tank.
  • If you are buying a house facing west, you must ensure that the water pump or the bore-well is not installed in the south-west corner.
  • To avoid the odds in your life, it would be advisable to stay away from the odd number. The total number of windows and doors in your home should be even.
  • If the entrance of the house happens to be in the south-west area, you will have to use different types of gems like earth crystals and sapphire to ensure that nothing untoward happens.

Designing a Vastu Plan

Designing a Vastu Plan

Whether you invest in an east-facing property or a west-facing property, the vastu plan would be different for different rooms. For instance, the vastu plan for the living room might be very different from that of the master bedroom.

To figure out the vastu for each room, you will have to consult an expert. The vastu for west facing house plan should be structured with a lot of careful consideration.

Pooja Room

Pooja Room According to Vastu

The pooja room in a west-facing house should be towards the north-east direction. Most vastu shastra experts consider this to be the most auspicious portion of the house. If you want to set up a home temple, you can choose the west direction for the same. The one thing you have to make sure is that the idols and photographs of the Gods should be facing towards the east.

Living Room

Living Room According to Vastu

Just like the pooja room, the living room in a west-facing property should be ideally set in the north-east direction of the house. Opting for the north-west direction wouldn’t be a bad idea but you have to check the directional alignments of the other rooms in the house.

Children’s Room

Children’s Room According to Vastu

West face house planning should include the children’s room. When you have children, you would definitely be concerned about their safety and well-being. You will want to plan or design the vastu of their rooms very meticulously. In a west-facing house, the children’s room can be included in the west, south or north-west areas.


Kitchen According to Vastu

According to Vastu, if the kitchen is not positioned properly, it will lead to the owners suffering from financial and health problems. When you are planning to build a west-facing house, you must ensure the kitchen is in the south-east corner of the house. The cooktop must also be aligned in a way that you face east while cooking.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom According to Vastu

The master bedroom should be in the south-west direction if the house is west-facing. If you happen to invest in a multi-storey house, you should pick the top floor for your master bedroom. Having a south-west bedroom is known to improve relationships and strengthen bonds between couples. Vastu principles must be followed while placing the bed and the furniture.


Staircase According to Vastu

While designing a west face house plan, you should not forget the straircase. While getting the staircase constructed, you must ensure they are in the south direction. If, for some reason, you are not able to construct them in this direction, you should opt for the southwest or the west direction.

Plants for West-Facing House

Plants for West Facing House

Before you move into a west-facing house, you should make peace with the fact that your plants will not be exposed to a lot of sunlight in the early hours of the morning. There is a positive side to this as well. In a west-facing garden, plants will stay protected from the extremely harsh afternoon heat. There are many plants that are not suitable for a west-facing house.

Here are some of the plants that grow very well in west-facing homes or gardens:



Daffodils are ideal to be grown in west-facing homes. It does not take much effort to plant them and they grow pretty quickly as well. If you live in an area that is marked by temperate climates, then you have another reason to grow daffodils.



One of the things that make arose very special as a flower is the fact that it finds a mention in the Bible. Though May and June are said to be the best months for the growth of roses, you can be sure about them growing well in most seasons when you grow them in a west-facing garden. Roses are known to thrive in well-drained soil. The spring season is the best possible time to plant them.

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When you have a west-facing garden, you must grow tulips in it. You have to plant tulip bulbs in the autumn before the winter season approaches. If you plant different varieties of tulips, you can expect to see them blooming from the beginning of the spring to the time it comes to an end.

Colours For a West-Facing House

As per vastu, the most suitable colours for a west-facing house are silver, white, beige and yellow. These colours are known for their neutral tones and therefore, ideal for households which are looking to attract positive energy and vibrations from the west.

If your house is overly directed towards the west, then you can opt for light blue. Blue, as a colour, is known to align well with the west direction. You also have the option of choosing from vastu-neutral colours like cream and off-white.

People Who Benefit From a West-Facing House

Benefit From a West-Facing House

If your house is vastu-complaint, you will not face any major issues with it. Whether a west-facing house benefits you or not would depend on various factors including your nature of work and astrology. The west direction is governed by Saturn and the planet, in a lot of ways, determines many things related to it. Space is known to be one of the integral components associated with the west direction. Those who live in west-facing homes would work actively towards the betterment of society. A west-facing property will help a person become more productive.

West face house planning proves to be very auspicious for individuals working as doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, chefs, nurses, detectives, gardeners and financial advisors. When you live in a west-facing property, your professional life will be marked by a sense of fulfilment.

People who work with NGOs prefer living in west-facing properties as it is known to be favourable for social workers. Your endeavours and efforts towards making society a better place would find greater success when you move into a west-facing property.

While choosing a house or an apartment to live, you should be mindful of your Raashi or zodiac sign. According to vastu shastra experts, a home that faces the west is auspicious for individuals whose zodiac sign is Aquarius or Kumbha Raashi.

Things You Should Remember While Designing a Vastu Plan

Designing a Vastu Plan
  • The walls that you get constructed in the west and south corner must be higher and thicker than the walls on the north and east corner. The walls in the west and the south direction ought to be thin.
  • If the land plot happens to be sloped, you must make sure that it remains inclined from the south to the north.
  • On the southwest side of the property, you must not get a kitchen built.
  • There are certain situations in which you should avoid the thought of buying a property. Make sure the main entrance does not feature any obstructions like trees.
  • The entrance or main door in a west-facing house should be positioned in the Pushpadantaand Sugrivapadas. While designing the entrance of your house, it is imperative that you consult a vastu expert.
  • When you sleep late in the night or during the afternoon, you should ensure that your legs are not pointed in the direction of the door. You must also remember not to sleep under a wall partition or an overhead beam in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the benefits of living in a west-facing house?

A west-facing house is ideal for those who are engaged in certain professional fields like medicine, teaching, business and politics. It is also recommended for those who have an active social life. A west-facing house also proves to be auspicious for individuals who work with organizations that work towards social causes.

Q.2 Is moving into a west-facing house a good idea?

If you speak to a vastu expert, they will tell you that all the directions enjoy equal prominence and have their own benefits and limitations. With the help of a vastu consultant, you can make yourself aware of the directional alignments associated with a west-facing house. Once that is done, you will not face any issues with your west-facing property.

Q.3 Does a west-facing house complement a particular Zodiac sign?

A west-facing house turns out to be auspicious for an Aquarius or individuals who are aligned with Kumbha Raashi. Known to be the eleventh astrological sign, Aquarius is associated with a symbol that stands for nourishment.

Q.4 What kind of flowers should be grown in a west-facing garden?

West-facing gardens are suitable for growing a variety of plants and flowers. If you are fond of roses, you should make it a point to grow them in your west-facing garden. Keep watering them from time to time and very soon, you will have a flourishing rose garden. Daffodils and tulips are two other types of flowers that can be grown in west-facing gardens.

Q.5 Is the entrance of a west-facing house auspicious?

The entrance of a west-facing house would prove to be auspicious for you if it is in the north-west side of the property. If built in the right direction, the entrance of a west-facing house will bring a great amount of positive energy into the house. The vastu of a west-facing house can be fixed or corrected if you reach out to the right person. If you have not already built your house, you can consult somebody for vastu before the construction process starts.

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