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We live in an era where on the one hand, people constantly look for ways to get their work done quickly yet efficiently.

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Saving time and doing smart work is the new definition of how to get things done. On the other hand, service providers innovate ways to provide the latest and exceptional services to their customers, who deserve nothing but the best.

One example of services that help people navigate to better options for great services is directory portals for shifting or moving from one place to another. Many people don’t understand the importance of booking a moving company via a renowned movers and packers company like So, we decided to let you know about it all.

9 benefits of booking your shift via a directory portal:

Here are all the details for you that will help you make up your mind about booking your shift through a directory portal only:

1. Genuine suggestions

When you call a directory portal like The Packers Movers, they give you only genuine suggestions for moving companies in your location. They don’t suggest you just anyone for the sake of providing names of home relocating companies because it’s their job.

2. Verified Companies

They personally verify every company associated with a directory portal. They do their job in making sure no company is fake or has a history of fraud, so they do their verification on their own and then suggest them to you. This is what the verification process consists of:

  1. Checking their official documents like GST number, driver’s license, government-authorized papers, etc.
  2. Verifying their official website
  3. Going through the customer reviews
  4. Asking for their vehicle number and pictures.

3. Quick service

Directory portals like provide quick service and respond to each query ASAP. But they never jump from one query to another without giving them the needed time. They make sure to pick as many calls or make as many callbacks as possible and solve each query with their efforts.

4. A fully loaded service junction

Even when a moving company successfully provides their authentication and official certificates to the directory portals, companies like The Packers Movers still check the number and type of services they provide. They must be able to cater to all sorts of shifting like household shifting, commercial shifting, office shifting, cab shifting, bike shifting, etc. The moving company should also give services like dismantling, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, rearranging, goods insurance, warehousing and storage services, etc. After knowing that the company has all such facilities for the customers, the directory portal hires them.

5. Awareness and professionalism

Another thing that makes the directory portals for moving companies famous is their professionalism and awareness of the subject they are working in. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to be so good in their jobs. From providing verified leads to the moving companies to providing verified moving companies to the customers, every directory portal is proficient in its job. It provides its best services to all seekers.

6. Never forces

While these directory portals don’t miss any calls, they also never force you to select an option from the choices they have given. So, you can count on them to give you the best suggestions without forcing you to consider them in return. And that is how a professional company should behave.

7. Take feedback

Reviews and feedback at directory portals are highly appreciated and welcomed. It helps them improve their services and take your comments to the moving company on your behalf. So, the customer is free to express themselves and share their experiences.

8. Complete assistance

Last but not least, if your shifting is in the hands of a directory portal, we can assure you that they will guide you whenever and wherever required in the entire shifting process. They never abandon their customers and never look back. Every customer can contact them and get their assistance while shifting their homes.

9. A much-needed mediator

Directory portals like have almost two decades of experience providing verified moving professionals across India. Director portals have become a mediator between customers and moving companies, with at least one moving company in every city of India. This relationship authorizes everything and makes home or office shifting a safe experience for all.

Aren’t there too many benefits to count for having a directory portal by your side to book your shift? We know it is. Then don’t doubt a directory portal. Just check a few details for authentication and get going with your bookings via

Anishka Luthra