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Indian festive season 2024 has officially begun, and after Raksha Bandhan, it is time to celebrate Shree Krishna Janmashtami. This means that Indian homes will be all decked up for multiple celebrations and to perform various rituals. But it is not fair to have repetitive decor every year for every festival. One must change their decor items and theme every year.

Apart from that, you must also have different decorations for different festivals throughout the festive season. Since Shree Krishna Janmashtami 2024 is in a few days, people are planning to decorate their homes and temples for the grand midnight pooja for the auspicious occasion.

Read the details below if you are also looking for the best Krishna Janmashtami decoration ideas at home. We will help you decorate your home for the pooja like a dream. Moreover, the products required for the decoration will be easily available at home, so brace yourself, channel your inner interior decorator, and read the details below.

How to decorate temple for Shree Krishna Janmashtami?

These are all the items with the details that you need to decorate a corner at your home or your temple for Shree Krishna Janmashtami 2024. Read the details and understand which item will serve what purpose.

Flower decoration

Flower decoration for krishna janmashtami

Krishan Ji loves yellow flowers. His favorite color is yellow. Start with flower decorations and use them at various spots. You can make a bed sheet of yellow and white flower petals beneath all the items that you are planning to put on the special platform dedicated to the midnight pooja of Shree Krishna Janmashtami. Apart from that, you can also place water bowls with floating flowers on them on either side of the special platform created for pooja.

Put on curtains

Put on curtains for krishna janmashtami

To give the Krishna Janmashtami decoration a more professional look, add curtains at the back of the platform. This will refine the special platform’s backdrop, and your pooja stage will look mesmerizingly beautiful. Also, it is not a compulsion to put yellow colored curtains only. You can also opt for white, red, and pink color curtains.

Add fairy lights

Add fairy lights for krishna janmashtami decoration

Now it is time to add fairy lights on curtains and beneath the special Krishna Janmashtami pooja platform. As you know, Indian festivals are incomplete without lights and glitter all over. So take out your Diwali lights, clean them with a dry cloth, and incorporate them with the Krishna Janmashtami decor. Try to camouflage them behind curtains, the base of the platform, and other items placed there. It will upscale the entire decor. Here also, try to use yellow lights as they are considered perfect for festivals and home decor and will also go well with the yellow-colored theme of Krishna Janmashtami decor.

Spread a cloth on the platform

Before you spread flower petals on the platform, put a cloth over it; otherwise, it will look incomplete and strange. Here also, you can choose clothes in colors like yellow, red or white. Then, follow all the steps mentioned above. Make sure the size of the cloth is perfect for the platform. Smaller or bigger clothes will look odd and might ruin your decoration efforts for Krishna Janmashtami.

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Add earthen lamps

Add earthen lamps

Another thing that completes Indian festivals is decoration with earthen lamps filled with oil and cotton wick. Make a few earthen lamps and place them in safe and suitable spots around the special platform made for the pooja. You can also add some floating wax lamps on water-filled bowls with floating flowers. Light them before midnight and see the magic unfolding in front of your eyes.

Place the sacred swing

Place the sacred swing for krishna janmashtami

Now is the time to bring out the beautiful swing of Lord Krishna and place it in the center. Make sure the sacred swing is big enough according to the decorations and has a long string attached to it. This will ensure everyone in the house can give swings to Shree Krishna on the occasion of his birthday. You can buy a fully decorated new swing for the lord or make a DIY swing yourself and decorate it according to your wish. Just remember it is the most important thing for the festival as Shree Krishna Janmashtami is incomplete without performing the ritual of giving gentle pulls to the swing of Shree Krishna as he lies there like a newborn baby.

Add the beautiful Krishna Idol

Add the beautiful Krishna Idol

Now, place the beautiful Krishna idol in the swing. The idol must be the size of the swing and wear elegant, shimmery, and bright yellow-colored clothes. If you already have his idol at home, place that in the swing; otherwise, you can get a new idol online and offline. So, buy them according to your wishes and place them in the swing.

Decorate with dahi handi

Decorate with dahi handi

As you know, people celebrate Shree Krishna Janmashtami with dahi handi or a pot of homemade unsalted butter because it is the favorite thing of Lord Krishna. You can also use dahi handi for decoration or place it on the special platform as Prasad to be distributed at midnight.

Add wall hangings and garlands at the back

During this time, markets are flooded with multiple wall hangings and garlands for the Janmashtami celebration. They came in various designs, patterns, colors, sizes, patterns, and whatnot. You can even buy dream catchers to fill up the backside of a specially-made pooja platform for Shree Krishna Janmashtami.

Add fruits and sweets

Add fruits and sweets

Festive rituals are incomplete without offering fruits and sweets to the deity. Bring seasonal fruits like apples, bananas, and sweets consumed on Shree Krishna Janmashtami like dhaniya panjeeri, coconut barfee, etc. Place all of them on the special pooja platform. Offer these to the lord and distribute them among people after the midnight pooja.

Light incense sticks

Light incense sticks

There is no better place to experience divine aroma than at devotional places. And when you are setting up a whole place at your home for midnight pooja during Shree Krishna Janmashtami, it must have air infused with exotic fragrances of jasmine, lavender, or sandalwood. So, light a few incense sticks and spread positivity across the room with their pleasant aroma.

Turn on Krishna devotional songs

To give the entire space an even more feel of the auspicious festival celebration, turn on the devotional tunes of Lord Krishna. Make an entire list of various Krishna devotional songs and play it the entire day.

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Make rangolis around the set up

Make rangolis around the set up

Small colourful Rangolies around the special platform decor and huge rangoli outside the pooja room will enhance festive vibes. Make rangolies at various places around your house and decorate them traditionally.

Place golden-colored puja thali

Place golden-colored puja thali

Pooja thali is one of the most crucial items for religious offerings. With the pooja thali, one can perform aarti of the divine and pay their respects to the deity. So make sure to have a beautiful and fully decorated pooja thali in the center of the special platform. Add all the essentials in it and place it in front of Krishna’s swing. A golden-colored thali will be ideal for this occasion, but if you don’t have that, go with any other thali you have at home.

Spread a rug in front of the setup

Since you are setting up an entire place to perform the midnight pooja on Shree Krishna Janmashtami, you will need a place to sit in front of it. Place a rug in front of the decorated pooja stage and make sure it is comfortable. This will complete your Krishna Janmashtami 2024 pooja decor at home and turn your home into a temple.

You must have had paint color ideas for your home temple, according to Vastu, and you must also have thoughtfully decided evergreen mandir design for your home; now it is time to

When is Krishna Janmashtami 2024?

Many people are confused about Shree Krishan Janmashtami 2024 date and time. There were some speculations that the Shree Krishan Janmashtami 2024 date and time will either fall on the 26th of August 2024. the auspicious festival will be celebrated on 26th August. So, start planning for the day already.

Things to remember

Here are a few things to remember while setting up the decor for Shree Krishan Janmashtami:

  1. Lord’s aasan or platform should always be higher than ours. Make sure the platform you are building for Shree Krishan Janmashtami pooja is higher than where you will sit to perform the rituals.
  2. Don’t put loosely hanging items at places where you have kept Diyas, candles, or incense sticks. They might catch fire.
  3. Yellow is the favorite color of Lord Krishna, so having yellow-themed decor will be beyond perfect for the occasion.
  4. If you have enough space in your temple and you don’t need to have a separate platform for midnight pooja during Shree Krishan Janmashtami, then make the arrangements and do the decoration in your home’s temple only.
  5. Do not make Shree Krishan sit for pooja in his old clothes. It is his birthday. Buy new clothes for the birthday boy for the occasion as it is auspicious and important to do so.


Shree Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 7th September this year. It is one of the most auspicious days for Sanatan dharma following people as it marks the birth of one of the biggest Gods, i.e., Shree Krishna.

If you are looking for Shree Krishna Janmashtami decoration ideas at home, we suggest you read the details given above properly and make notes. Then, finalize your plan and act accordingly. This will make your preparations for midnight pooja on 2024 Krishna Janmashtami beautiful, joyful, and hassle-free.

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