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It takes a lot more than just bricks and paints to make a house turn into a home. You need love, warmth, care, and on top of all, divine blessings to have a happy and healthy home. And these divine blessings come from a temple inside the house.

In Indian culture, it is an old and prevalent thing to have a temple inside the home to worship god, seek their blessings whenever you want, and, most notably, for Vastu dosha nivaran. But with the home decor game getting stronger and people being more concerned about everything related to home decoration, even Indian mandir designs have got a grand makeover in recent years.

You can worship your deity regularly and give your home a new makeover. This will not only upscale your home’s entire look and spiritual aura but also get you blessings from the almighty for decorating your home and designing their home too.

And you don’t need an interior decorator for that. Read our tips and ideas below on designing your Mandir at home and selecting your favorite option. Then work on it and see the magic happens.

10 best Indian mandir design ideas for homes

Marble mandir design

Marble mandir design

The grace of the shiny white marble is unmatched, and its endurance makes it one of the longest-running stones in the world. When you buy a readymade white marble mandir for your home, you will realize the power of its designs and the beauty it holds. Every design craved on the marble temple comes to life because the white colour lets it shine beautifully.

And when you place the ideal of your favorite deity in that Mandir, the grace will see no limits since all the colours will glow even more with white marble as their backdrop. The simplicity of white marble will ignite magic and make the entire vibe of the temple very impactful.

Big Mandir designs for Indian homes

Big Mandir designs for Indian homes

No matter how big or small, a mandir complex still needs proper design. And the best way to design a big mandir area is by placing a low-height table with sufficient length in the northeast direction of the room and ensuring it has designs on the cabinets crafted below.

These cabinets should be used to keep Mandir-related stuff like religious books, idols’ clothes, earthen lamps, oil, cotton wicks, incense sticks, and other things. The best way to style this room is by keeping a light colour theme and adding yellow lights for the best effect. This will ensure the idols and pictures placed on the shelf look the best and give the worshiper a very calm and soothing look.

Corner mandir design for homes in India

Corner mandir design for homes in India

If you have finalized a corner area for placing your Mandir, you can design it more beautifully. Instead of a cabinet, shelf, or another place to place the temple, use a low floor stool made of marble or wood in the center to place the idols and images of gods and goddesses.

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Then you can also add small dividers around the main temple and separate it from the rest of the room. You can add lamps and lanterns in the space in between to give it more serene vibes and a spiritual aura.

Glass mandir designs for Indian homes

Glass mandir designs for Indian homes

This is another popular Indian mandir design for homes. You can buy it from the market or prepare it on special order. The Mandir has three side glass walls that can either be translucent or opaque since it is recommended to keep the Mandir covered.

The frame and edges of this Mandir should be made of wood to give it much-needed support and enhance its look. Hang lamps from the above and add lights to the Mandir. This will glow up the entire space because when light falls on the glass, it reflects it.

Cemented Indian mandir design for homes

Cemented Indian mandir design for homes

There are two ways to get cemented Indian mandir designs for your home. One is by making a proper mandir in the correct area and pre-decided location for the home temple when you are constructing your new home. And second is by separately building a cemented mandir in an already-built home.

Cemented mandirs are a great option for the home because of multiple reasons:

  1. You can decide the space you want for your Mandir. It will be constructed accordingly.
  2. You can add personal touches, designs, carvings, and other things like mandir gumbad or dome.
  3. You can paint it with your choicest colour or customize it with wood, marble, tiles, and glass.

Cemented mandirs have cemented pre-built shelves, vital for holding heavy idols and photographs of your deity. To complete the look, you can add nails to the cemented mandir design and bells, lights, or decoration items.

Wall-mounted Indian mandir design for home

Wall-mounted Indian mandir design for home

This is currently one of the most trending Indian mandir designs. People like to mount their home mandirs on a wall and do their daily puja there. The wall-mounted mandirs are usually made of wood with shelves and hooks already attached with the same material. But some people also prefer to have a marble-made wall-mounted Mandir.

You can cover the entire wall with wall-mounted wood or cover only haft of it. However, you like to have it. The idols are kept on the shelf with drawls and cabinets beneath, and bells and decorative items are hung down from the hooks attached to the wall. These mandirs are usually placed in the living area and have a solid brown color for a unique look.

Readymade small wooden Indian mandir design for homes

small wooden Indian mandir design for homes

These small wooden Indian mandir designs are prevalent and are almost found in every other home or office. The reason for their popularity is the variety of designs, colours, and sizes they are available in. These mandirs are good for home because they are spacious, have a drawer below to keep all Mandir essential, have a design and pattern like a typical Indian mandir, and comes in beautiful colours like brown, white, etc.

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You can keep this Mandir in a corner or center, however, you want. Adding lights on the backside and inside of Mandir will add more colours to its final look and get it ready for daily worshiping purposes.

Closed mandir design for Indian homes

Closed mandir design for Indian homes

Do you know closed mandir designs can be explicitly beautiful? Start with having a Mozak glass design on the ceiling of your mandir area. It will not only make the room look exquisite but also increase the lighting effect in the area.

Then, either cover the walls with spiritual wallpapers or paint them with a beautiful and light color. Keep the floor of this room plain. Put pure white marble on the floor to get the much-needed cooling effect in that area, and finish the look of your mandir area with a beautiful wooden door filled with cravings and other designs.

Place the idols and images of god in the center of this room and add a small carpet or rug in between as a sitting arrangement for the worshiper. You will feel like you have entered a beautiful mandir complex from a dream world while sitting in your house.

Vintage style mandir design for Indian homes with a twist

Vintage style mandir design

If you want to give a designer look to your Indian Mandir at your home, then you can turn your existing Mandir into a place of worship with a touch of elegant decor. To do this, plan a colour theme for your Mandir at home and buy a piece of decor accordingly. If required, get your Mandir at home newly painted, so it syncs nicely with all the new additions.

You can use sculptures of elephants, lanterns, and artificial floral hangings around the mandir area in your home. Elephants are considered auspicious in Hinduism, and lit lanterns also signify light and warmth. Artificial floral hangings, on the other hand, are practical, and flowers are a symbol of beauty which is perfect for mandir decoration.

Half-open Indian mandir designs for homes

Half-open Indian mandir designs are those where the Mandir is open from above but has a half door covering the front part of it. This is a very modern way of designing a mandir at home. The half designs or half-covering of the Mandir are usually made of wood.

People like deep brown colours for the wood with the latest designs that are perfect for mandir purposes. The inside of this half-open mandir design can be decorated with a glass stool for placing idols and other mandir essentials on either side of the stool. This will give your Mandir a subtle yet attractive look and make your Pujas more fulfilling and peaceful.

All the tips mentioned above on mandir designs for Indian homes are the latest, trending, and evergreen. You can choose these ideas to make your already beautiful Mandir design more sound and attractive. Just make sure to choose the best wall colour according to Vastu for your Mandir to enhance the support from good Vastu shastra for your home. The rest will follow accordingly. Stay tuned for more details on home decor, shifting, and griha pravesh shubh muhurat details.

Anishka Luthra