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With an increase in the believers of Vastu Shastra every day owing to a large number of benefits this study offers to mankind, more people are turning towards making their homes Vastu compliant.

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Wall colors are a significant part of Vastu tips for home to bless it with joy, contentment, power, positivity, and good health.

Significance of Vastu Colors for Home

Significance of Vastu Colors for Home

According to the study of Vastu Shastra, there are several colors which when painted on your home walls bring happiness, positivity, good health, and warmth to all the family members of your home. Every Vastu color for home has its own significance and brings different benefits to family members. The color you will pick for your home walls depends on what you are seeking as a homeowner.

Vastu colorSymbolism
WhitePurity, innocence, openness, luxury
RedPassion, emotions, power, warmth
YellowOptimism, openness, intelligence
BlueBeauty, devotion, contentment, truth
OrangeDetermination, good health, goals, comfort
GreenGrowth, fertility, healing, prosperity
PurpleRichness, graciousness, , luxury, pride
BrownStability, comfort, satisfaction

Vastu Colors for Living Room

Vastu Colors for Living Room

The living room is the foremost space in your home where guests first enter and grasp a lot about your personality. This room in your home represents your individuality and sense of style. As a homeowner, you should ensure that it should be appealing, warm, welcoming, expressive, and attractive in every manner. According to vastu, the right direction for living in a house is east, north or north-east. The accurate wall colors of your living room helps you in striking the right balance with the positive energies and brings happiness to your home.

When it comes to selecting the right wall colors for your living room as per Vastu, you can consider the following:

Wall colorSignificance
WhiteThis color represents purity, innocence and goodness
CreamIt brings charm and beauty to your living space.
BeigeIt is associated with calm, relaxation, and neutrality.
Light pinkIt promotes warmth.
Floral whitesIt stands for perfection and honesty.

Vastu Colors for Bedroom

Vastu Colors for Bedroom

Bedroom is the most personal space in your home where your inner mind hopes for peace and relaxation. Therefore, the wall colors should be soft to ensure a peaceful and calm mind. According to Vastu, there are multiple options in terms of wall colors for bedroom like:

Wall colorSignificance
WhiteIt brings peace to the mind and promotes good sleep.
Light blueIt represents calmness and brings serenity to the mind.
MauveThis shade encourages positive dreams.
Light brownIt fosters good health.
Rose pinkIt symbolizes gentleness, gratitude and admiration.
Tinges of goldIt represents prosperity and wisdom.
MahoganyIt epitomizes endurance and courage.
Pista greenIt brings a feeling of freshness.
YellowThis shade promotes happy mood.
OrangeIt ensures good health.
GreyIt brings accuracy and delicacy.

Vastu Colors for Kitchen

Vastu Colors for Kitchen

Kitchen is the space in your home that represents the fire God. The best Vastu colors for the kitchen would help in increasing metabolism, and improving digestion leading to good human health. Brighter colors are the best choices for the kitchen according to Vastu. Warmer hues are also good for the kitchen as they indicate love and warmth.

Wall colorSignificance
YellowIt represents the fire element at its best.
OrangeIt is a symbol of energy.
BrownIt increases appetite.
Light shades of redIt is the color representing purity.
PeachIt is linked with peace.
Saffron orangeIt depicts Hindu aspects of courage and power.
GreenIt represents nature.
WhiteIt helps in building happy relationships.
PinkIt increases family time.

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

Every Indian home is incomplete without a home temple or a pooja room. Indian people strongly believe in the power of the God and therefore, make sure that this room is built with full devotion and happiness for the wellness of the family members. Therefore, it becomes important to ensure that this room is designed after adhering to all the guidelines of Vastu to have a happy and prosperous life. Avoid painting walls of this religious space with black color as it disrupts the flow of positive energies in your home.

You can choose from the following wall colors as per vastu for your pooja room:

Wall colorSignificance
YellowThis color stands for prosperity, happiness, and optimism.
OrangeIt stands for auspiciousness, courage and power.
WhiteWhite color represents purity and connection with a higher being.
GreenIt promotes harmony and meditation.
GoldenThis colors brings energy and creates an illusion of space.

Vastu Colors for Dining Room

Vastu Colors for Dining Room

The dining area is one of the significant parts of your home as all the family members have their meals together. This space represents quality time spent with family. According to Vastu, there are certain wall colors that should be considered to keep the positivity of this special place in your home intact and promote family togetherness.

Wall colorSignificance
YellowIt is the shade of enlightenment and honor.
PeachIt represents healing.
Light orangeThis color promotes positivity, happiness, and creativity.
SaffronIt stands for devotion.
BlueIt strengthens family bonding.

Vastu Colors for Kid’s room

Vastu Colors for Kid’s room

According to Vastu Shastra, there are certain wall colors that soothe and strengthen their minds and promote higher concentration levels in children. There are colors that create a positive energy flow around every person. Vastu colors for home walls positively influence one’s mind and body. As far as the wall colors according to Vastu are concerned, you need to be extremely careful while choosing the wall colors for your children’s room as they have a strong impact on their mind.

You can choose from the below wall colors to make your home Vastu compliant:

Wall colorSignificance
GreenIt enhances mental health and increases concentration and grasping powers.
YellowIt enhances concentration levels in children.
WhiteIt creates a sense of harmony and balance.
BlueThe color represents calmness.

Wall Colors Based on Directions

Wall Colors Based on Directions

According to Vastu Shastra, directions play a crucial role in bringing happiness, peace, and prosperity in a home. Main entrance, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kids’ room, and other places in your home should be located in the right directions. When it comes to deciding wall colors according to Vastu directions, you should take extreme care while making a selection as every color brings positivity in a home when they are painted in the right direction.

  • The best wall color for a south facing wall is red or orange as this direction is ruled by planet Mars.
  • Green is the best color for a north facing wall as this direction is governed by planet mercury.
  • The suitable color for a wall in the northeast direction is yellow as this direction is ruled by planet Jupiter.
  • The most preferred color for an east facing wall is orange as this direction is ruled by the Sun.
  • Red is the best color for a southeast facing wall.
  • The perfect color for a west facing color in your home is gray as this direction is ruled by planet Saturn.
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DirectionVastu colors
NorthGreen, pista green
North-eastLight blue, yellow
North-westLight grey, white, cream
SouthRed, orange and yellow
South-eastOrange, pink, silver, red
South-westPeach, mud color or light brown
EastWhite, light blue, orange
WestBlue, white, gray

Vastu Recommended Wall Colors for Home

Vastu Recommended Wall Colors for Home

The best tips to consider when you are making your home Vastu-compliant using wall colors in your home:

  • Master bedroom: Southeast is the best direction for this room in your home and it should be painted in blue color as per Vastu.
  • Guest room/drawing room: The right direction for this room is northwest and the suitable color is white.
  • Kitchen: Southeast is the right direction for your kitchen and it should be painted in orange or red color.
  • Children room: Kids’ room should be located in the northwest direction and the best room color would be white.
  • Hall: Northeast is the best direction for your hall and it should be painted in white or yellow.
  • Washroom: Bathroom or toilet should be located in the northwest direction and the right Vastu wall color for bathroom is white.
RoomSuggested Vastu Colors
Master BedroomBlue
Living roomWhite
Guest roomWhite
KitchenYellow, orange, and yellow
Dining roomYellow, green, and blue
Kid’s roomWhite
CeilingOff-white or white
Pooja roomYellow
Main entranceWood, white, or silver
Study roomBlue, white, light green, or cream
BalconyCream, blue, green, or light pink
StaircaseBrown, white, blue, light gray, or beige
HallWhite and yellow
GarageBlue, white and yellow

Wall Colors to Avoid As Per Vastu

Wall Colors to Avoid As Per Vastu

Vastu experts stress on painting Indian homes with light colors. Darker colors such as gray, black, red and brown are suitable for all the people as they are governed by the planets of Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu. Wall colors like deep yellow, red and black should be avoided as they have strong intensity and can imbalance the energies in your home.

  • Excessive white is bad for your home as per Vastu as it increases egocentrism.
  • Red wall color should be avoided in your bedroom as it symbolizes fire element and increases temperament issues.
  • Avoid using darker shades in the car parking or garage.
RoomColors to Avoid
Master BedroomDark hues of red
Living roomDark colors
Guest roomDark hues of red
KitchenBlue, dark gray, black and brown
Dining roomGray
Kid’s roomRed and dark blue
CeilingGray and black
Pooja roomRed
Main entranceDeep yellow and red
Study roomGray and brown
BalconyBlack and gray
StaircaseBlack and red
BathroomDark shades
HallDark shades
GarageBlack and brown

Vastu Colors for Exterior Walls of Home

Vastu Colors for Exterior Walls of Home

Just like the inside of your home, your home exterior walls should be painted with Vastu colors to bless your home with positivity and happiness. Some of the best colors for exterior walls as per vastu are:

  • Blue: Pick a lighter variant of this soothing color for your home exterior walls as it attracts auspicious energies towards your home.
  • Green: Green is the color that signifies nature, relaxation, and growth. This color attracts positivity and signifies cleanliness.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the color of optimism and joy and brings positive vibes into your home. This color also represents power.
  • White: White is the color of peace and brings the same thing into your home. It keeps away negative energies from your home and represents elegance.
  • Orange: This bright color brings warmth and happiness into your home.
  • Peach: This is the best Vastu color will bring satisfaction to your home and increase your positive feeling to you. It creates harmony and reduces arguments between your family members.
  • Brown: This comforting color represents durability in relationships and stability.
  • Purple: It represents dignity and richness as per Vastu. Purple colors stand for luxury, opulence, and nobility.
  • Pink: The pink painted exterior walls of your house bring more love and happiness into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Wall Colors According to Vastu

Q. What is the best Vastu wall color for positivity?

The best wall colors for Vastu that brings positivity to your home are:

  • Green: This color is stress relieving and is associated with nature.
  • Yellow: It symbolizes power, communication, and self-esteem.
  • Purple: It promotes soothing sleep.

Q. Which color is good for the south wall as per Vastu?

Red or orange is good for the south wall as per Vastu.

Q. What colors should be avoided according to Vastu?

Black and darker shades of brown, gray, or red should be avoided according to Vastu.

Q. What Vastu colors are good for the home office?

Lighter shades of yellow, green, brown, and gold are good Vastu colors for home office.

Q. Which colors are Vastu compliant for curtains in homes?

The best Vastu colors for curtains in your home are:

  • North facing homes – Light green
  • North west facing homes – White
  • West facing home – Gray
  • North east facing homes – Yellow
  • South east facing homes – Pink or red
  • Living room – Blue, green and yellow
  • Dining room – Pink, blue, and green
  • Bathroom – White, pink, gray, and black

Q. What are the best Vastu colors for flooring in homes?

The best Vastu colors for flooring in homes are light or neutral shades.

  • North, east and northeast facing homes – Wooden flooring
  • Northeast facing home – Blue flooring
  • Southeast facing home – Pink or red flooring
  • Southwest facing rooms – yellow flooring

Q. Which colors are good for home entrance?

The good colors for home entrance according to Vastu are cool mint green, butter yellow, gray, turquoise, pale blue, sage green, etc.

Q. What are the best colors for the bedroom?

The best colors for bedroom as per Vastu are –

  • East facing bedroom: Light blue and white
  • Northeast facing bedroom: Light blue
  • Southeast facing bedroom: Pink and orange
  • North facing bedroom: Pista green and green
  • Northwest facing bedroom: White, light gray and cream
  • South facing bedroom: Red and yellow
  • Southwest facing bedroom: Light brown and peach
  • West facing bedroom: White and blue

Q. Which colors are best for the living room in Vastu?

Lighter shades of green, yellow and white are the best colors for the living room in Vastu.

Q. What are the best kitchen colors as per Vastu?

The best kitchen colors as per Vastu are –

  • East facing kitchen – Orange, beige and green
  • West facing kitchen – White, gray, and golden
  • South facing kitchen –Yellow, orange, red, green and beige

Q. Which color is best for a pooja room?

Green, yellow, red, orange, and white are the best colors for a pooja room according to Vastu Shastra.

Q. Which wall color is best for the hall?

Blue, red, yellow, purple, blue, lime green, off white, white, and pastel shades are the best wall colors for the hall/living room.

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