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Have you recently moved into your new house? Well, then you must have taken care of performing Griha Pravesh Puja or maybe a Vastu Puja in your new house to welcome happiness and positive energies.

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Right? Well, this one-day auspicious ceremony will ensure the wellness of your home; but if you want to ensure that evil eyes or bad Chi or energy always remain away from your house, then you take extra care by bringing home Feng Shui symbols that have been renowned for their good characteristics.

Just like Vastu Shastra in India, Feng Shui holds immense significance in striking a balance between nature and human beings. Feng Shui art happens to redirect positive energies through the main entrance of your door into your house or office. This Chinese art primarily works to increase the flow of the positive energy or Chi energy in an environment. One of the popular ways of doing so is bringing Feng Shui symbols home. These symbols will not only decorate your home but also welcomes positivity, happiness, good luck, wealth, and protection.

Here are 25 Feng Shui symbols that can be welcomed in any Indian household to ensure better living.

1. Buddha


Buddha is symbolic of good fortune, peace, and prosperity in Feng Shui. As Lord Buddha is a divine figure, you can bring a balance and positivity to your life.

2. Flowers


According to Feng Shui, fresh flowers have the power to uplift the home environment by brightening your living space with their beauty and fragrance. Feng Shui flowers have positive energies in them and bring good luck and prosperity to your homes. However you can also put paintings and pictures of flowers in your house.

Some of the popular ones include:
  • Lotus: It symbolizes beauty and wisdom. The flower continues to bloom even in adverse conditions.
  • Orchid: It stands for good and upright partnership.
  • Chrysanthemums: They epitomize longevity.
  • Peony: It is known for abundance, romance, and prosperity.

3. Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo

One of the most renowned and acclaimed items to bring positivity and good fortune to people, a lucky bamboo plant represents all the five chi elements. When you keep this houseplant in your home, it will enhance the positive energies and good luck. It also enhances good health, wealth, and relationships.

4. Water fountain

Water fountain

Water is a good absorber of negative energies and eliminates them from your home. As per Feng Shui, when you want to purify the environment and bring peace to it, the best way is to install a fountain in your garden.

5. Feng Shui dragon

Feng Shui dragon

Symbolic of protection, Feng Shui dragon will remove bad energies from your home. It comes in three categories – the oceanic dragon without a tail, the celestial dragon being the most powerful, and the wetland dragon. Feng Shui dragon epitomizes protection, development, blossoming, and wisdom. The green-colored dragon when placed in the east will bring good health and the golden one will bring abundance and wealth.

6. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

According to Feng Shui, laughing buddha is also known as the Buddha of Happiness. The happy face of the laughing Buddha brings positivity to the home environment and vanish your worries away. It is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It should be placed near your main entrance door and in your kids’ bedroom. Never keep it on the floor.

7. Lucky cat

Lucky cat

Also known as the money cat, a Feng Shui lucky cat welcomes wealth, good luck, and abundance to your home or office. It is a sitting cat with its one paw standing upwards. The upward paw signifies approaching wealth and often located at the entrance of houses or stores. In your home, you can keep it in the south-east to attract wealth and north-east to enhance inner knowledge. The belief behind using this cat as a Feng Shui symbol is the cats’ ability to see in the dark and this scares away evil spirits.

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8. Gem tree

Gem tree

Crystal or gem tree is the bringer of money luck. Created using different kinds of gems, this Feng Shui tree will bring several benefits to the people. A rose-quartz gem is the cure of love and the jade gem is the cure of wealth. Other varieties of crystal trees include agate trees, amethyst trees, coral trees, and pearl tree.

9. Chinese coins

Chinese coins

Chinese coins are symbols of wealth, wisdom, good luck, and success. They have Chinese inscriptions written on them and tied to each other with red strings. The round shape of these coins stands for heaven and the square at the center depicts earth. Being one of the ancient Feng Shui symbols, they are hanged on the walls of homes and offices. Chinese coins are used in coin chimes and key chains to bring positivity.

10. Elephant


Under Asian culture, elephants are well-known to bring wisdom, good fortune, strength, positivity, fertility, and reasoning power. The best kind of elephant have its trunk up symbolizes welcoming of good news. It should be placed on the mantle or altar. The suitable location to keep Feng Shui elephant is the main hall attached to the main door to welcome good luck. It should not face the main door. Placing it in the north corner of your living room promotes career stability.

11. Crystal Pyramid

Crystal Pyramid

The crystal pyramid balances the energies in your home and wards off evil energies from your home. This Feng Shui symbol purifies the soul and balances the mind and body. It brings positive and powerful energies to your homes, offices of construction projects.

12. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

The Feng Shui tradition had popularized wind chimes across the globe. When you place wind chimes outside your home, they get rid of negativities and evil energies from your life. Not just they purify the energies in your home, wind chimes attract wealth and money when they are located in the wealth corner. Ringing them from time to time will activate the positive energy and bring wealth to your home.

13. Feng Shui Frog

Based on the Chinese culture, Feng Shui frog brings wealth and prosperity to your homes. Also known as money frog, it is a three leg toad that is used to attract prosperity and wealth. Feng Shui frog also symbolizes good luck, financial abundance, and long life. This Feng SHui symbol is a small figurine made with metal and studded with semi-precious stone such as jade.

14. Fu Dogs

Fu Dogs

Fu Dogs stands for well-being, prosperity and wealth in Feng Shui. This Feng Shui symbol is found on the entrances of houses, government offices, palaces, etc. as they imply authority. Fu dogs are considered as “door gods” as all kinds of energies through them. For centuries, these Feng Shui symbols symbolize wealth, power, and protectors. According to the ancient folklores, fu dogs were kept in front of the gates of palaces for security. Using them in pairs will bring more good fortune.

15. Horse


Horses are always associated with success and prosperity. Under Feng Shui, theyare believed to represent freedom, fame, and speed. This is the reason why pictures, structures, and paintings of horses are found in homes and offices. The Feng Shui symbols of horses can be placed south direction for fame and in the north direction for career prospective.

16. Birds


In Feng Shui, birds are considered as a cure for multiple human problems. Depending on problem to be cured, different bird symbols are used in Feng Shui. The main motive of using bird symbols is to unite freedom, divine, and inspiration. Birds also help in the establishment of the connection with the heaven.

  • Phoenix: The mythical bird of phoenix stands for good luck and rebirth.
  • Mandarin ducks: These pair of birds symbolizes fidelity, nuptial harmony, and happiness.
  • Crane: This one of the four celestial animals represents long life and wish fulfillment.

17. Tortoise


Tortoise is a symbol of protection according to the Feng Shui. Being one of the most ancient Chinese symbols, this animal is used to strengthen energy in your home and protect it from bad eyes. The right place to keep tortoise is the back of your room. It also represents long life. People can also decorate their homes with turtles or tortoises to enhance wisdom.

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18. Chi Lin

Chi Lin

Having the highest status in the system of Feng Shui, Chi Lin is a mystical Chinese creature with a body of a horse, head of a dragon, and the scales of a carp fish. Renowned as a Chinese unicorn, the Chi Lin represents loyalty, good health, and protection. The best location to keep this Feng Shui symbol is your main door or the living room. The places to avoid include kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

19. The Double 8

The Double 8

According to the Chinese tradition and Feng Shui, number eight is a lucky one. And when this number is written twice, the good luck factor doubles. As eight is a symbol of infinity, it is considered auspicious in the Feng Shui system. It brings good fortune to personal and professional life. It opens the gateways of happiness and positivity in your home and office. The best place to keep this Feng Shui symbol is the bedroom in your home and enhances flow of creativity.

20. Protective Turtle

Protective Turtle

A turtle is one of the most powerful symbols under Feng Shui for protection. This feng shui symbol with a head of a dragon and the body of a trutle guards good Feng Shui energy. A black turtle is the most powerful one. A dragon turtle is known to attract success, career development, good luck, and wealth wherever you keep it. When a Chinese coin is put in its mouth, it cures money problems.

21. Butterflies


Often used as Feng Shui symbol, a butterfly is used to cure issues related to love and romance. It stands for freedom and positivity. Butterflies can be used to decorate the interiors of your home and they will help in transforming any sphere in your life. Chinese butterflies bring love, happiness, and good fortune to your life. You can use painting, motifs, or sculptures of Chinese butterfly to decorate your homes on your walls, curtains, screens, furniture, and cushions for good health and wealth. The best direction to keep Feng Shui butterfly is south-east.

22. Fish Symbol

Fish Symbol

Fish is used as one of the ancient symbols of feng shui that symbolizes prosperity and abundance. The most auspicious fish under feng shui is Asian Arowana that is expensive. Feng shui aquariums are a cure to welcome wealth in homes. Not only aquariums, you can also use fish paintings in homes and offices. Keeping different kinds of fishes in an aquarium is believed to bring good fortune to your home and office. Gold fish and black fish are the most popular varieties of feng shui fishes that welcome harmony.

23. Fruit


As fruits are gifts of abundance and sweetness from the nature, they represent prosperity, fruition, and generosity. Even in the contemporary world, people present fruits as gifts to celebrate auspicious occasions. Some of the famous Feng Shui fruit symbols:

Peaches: Under Feng Shui system, peaches are believed to attract romance and love. This fruit also brings long life.

Oranges: Oranges stand for the yang energy of the sun. This fruit represents happiness, brightness and uplifts your energy. As this fruit is connected to gold in feng shui, it will bring good luck and wealth.

Pomegranate: As this fruit has many seeds, a pomegranate represents abundance. The red color of this fruit brings protection and good fortune.

24. Mystic Knots

Mystic Knots

Feng shui mystic knots comprise of combination of six times infinity knots representing eternal happiness and long life. This symbol also brings lifelong good fortune in your life. Mystic knots is one of the eight mythical objects use to protect human life from evil energies.

25. Pagoda Tower

Pagoda Tower

The Pagoda Tower epitomizes high intellect in people. This feng shui symbol targets to enhance the human mind and knowledge. It also promotes memory retention and promotes education among people. The best places to keep Pagoda Tower are schools, offices, and houses as these places promote knowledge and learn new things.

The Conclusion

The list of Feng Shui symbols is quite long. You can also find red envelope (Good luck and blessings), gold ingot (symbol of wealth), a deer (long life and endurance), bat (wealth and prosperity), White tiger (courage, dignity and protection),and others.

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