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Are you planning to open a shop or a showroom for the betterment of your family’s future? Then, in such a case, you definitely wish to reach new and successful heights of a prosperous business and want to ensure that everything goes as planned.

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In India, people have high faith in the concept of Vastu Shastra and make sure to set up a home or a business venture according to it. Just like a happy home, your own shop or showroom is a dream which you wish to fulfil and ensures only happiness and auspiciousness resides in it.

You must have heard about people building their home as per Vastu Shastra using the popular and useful vastu tips for home. So now, here we also bring some amazing vastu tips for shops to ensure only success and financial prosperity comes in it.

Main entrance of the shop or showroom

The main entrance of the shop or showroom must be facing North or East direction to attract positivity and prosperity. Even though shops which face West or South also do well, but North and East direction is the better option. It is mandatory to keep the entrance of the shop or showroom clean of dirt and clutter as it is a welcome point for the customers. According to Vastu Shastra, there should be no obstructions such as trees, statues, poles or anything else. The shop or showroom should not face any drain as it leads to loss of wealth. Never let stagnant water accumulate in front of the shop.

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Shape of the shop/showroom

The shape of the shop or showroom has a significant role in making professional decisions. A rectangular or square-shaped shop is the most ideal choice as per the Vaastu Shastra. Avoid keeping the shape of the shop triangular or of any other irregular shape as it can cause mental stress or irregularity in incomes. Keep the front of the shop wider than its back for better productivity. Moreover, there should not be any slope towards the entrance of the shop as it considered inauspicious.

Counter of the shop/showroom

The counter of the shop must be rectangular, angular, or square in shape rather than a circular one as it can lead to financial losses. It should be placed in the south-west or south-east direction is financially viable for you. Keep the counter clean and full of space to promote more profits in the shop.

Cash counter of the shop/showroom

The right direction to keep the cash counter in the shop is North as it considered auspicious and profitable for the business. The north direction is the residing location of Lord Kuber and brings in financial prosperity for the shop. Never keep the cash counter empty of cash. If there is a locker room in the shop, then you can construct it in the South-West direction with it opening in the North direction.

Showcases and heavy furniture

The ideal position to keep showcases and other heavy furniture items is South West direction. Keeping them in the North East direction can lead to losses to business.

Location of the shop owner

As per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, the owner of the shop should sit facing the North or East direction. Avoid sitting facing the west or south direction as it can lead to problems in the business. Moreover, the cashier of the shop must sit in the south-east direction.

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Other Vastu Tips for Shops

  • The ideal location for sale promotions techniques display boards, banners and announcements is North West direction. The color blue is the best color for such activities.
  • The best location for storage is South, West and South West directions.
  • A temple in the shop must be placed in the North East zone with a Gangajal copper vessel filled. Keep this corner clean of clutter or dirt.
  • Electronic equipments and appliances should be kept in the South East zone.
  • Wooden or marble flooring is ideal for the vastu for shop.
  • Never keep the idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha to the right of the North-East location.
  • Mannequins must be placed in the North West and North of North West direction.
  • The best location to place mirrors in a shop or showrooms is North, West, or North East as it represents the water element.
  • Write “shubh-laabh” and “riddhi-siddhi” on one of the walls of the shop.

The Ending Note

When a person opens a shop investing his hard-earned savings into it, he has many dreams for his family attached to it. It is a source of livelihood with which a person earns bread and butter for his family. Applying these Vastu tips while constructing a shop or showroom and even designing the interiors will help in bringing happiness, profits and financial stability into it!

Sakshi Ecavade