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Feng Shui Auspicious Dates for Moving House in 2022: The concept of Feng Shui, just like Vastu Shastra, has gained abundant importance in India owing to the large benefits it brings to the people. Even when people plan to shift into their new homes, they consider the lucky date in the Chinese calendars to decide their moving date. Similar to auspicious Griha Pravesh dates, Feng Shui or Chinese dates are also lauded as propitious by the people. So, if you are moving into your new home in some time this year, you can pick an auspicious date from the Feng Shui home moving dates 2022 to welcome peace, happiness, and prosperity to your new home.

Feng Shui Auspicious Dates For House Moving in 2022

According to Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, there are certain lucky days in the Chinese calendar to move into a new house such as:

  • Cheng Day – Best day for all ceremonies
  • San He Day – A triple harmony day
  • Horse Day – 6th day of a lunar month
  • Ecliptic Day – Best day for all ceremonies
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In 2022, the following month-wise dates will be good for moving into your house according to the Chinese calendar.

Lucky Dates to move in a new house in March 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
March 03ThursdayRoosterWest
March 07MondayOxWest
March 13SundaySheepEast
March 22TuesdayDragonNorth
March 23WednesdaySnakeWest
March 31ThursdayOxWest

Auspicious days for house moving in April 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
April 01FridayTigerSouth
April 03SundayDragonNorth
April 04MondaySnakeWest
April 10SundayPigEast
April 14ThursdayRabbitEast
April 19TuesdayMonkeyNorth
April 22FridayPigEast

Move in date Feng Shui in May 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
May 01SundayMonkeyNorth
May 05ThursdayRatNorth
May 08SundayRabbitEast
May 09MondayDragonNorth
May 11WednesdayHorseSouth
May 13FridayMonkeyNorth
May 15SundayDogSouth
May 20FridayRabbitEast
May 23MondayHorseSouth
May 27FridayDogSouth

Chinese lucky dates to move to a new house in June 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
June 01WednesdayRabbitEast
June 04SaturdayHorseSouth
June 08WednesdayDogSouth
June 09ThursdayPigEast
June 12SundayTigerSouth
June 14TuesdayDragonNorth
June 15WednesdaySnakeWest
June 20MondayDogSouth
June 23ThursdayOxWest
June 24FridayTigerSouth
June 26SundayDragonNorth
June 27MondaySnakeWest

Auspicious days for shifting to new house in July 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
July 05TuesdayOxWest
July 06WednesdayTigerSouth
July 12TuesdayMonkeyNorth
July 13WednesdayRoosterWest
July 15FridayPigEast
July 17SundayOxWest
July 21ThursdaySnakeWest
July 24SundayMonkeyNorth
July 25MondayRoosterWest
July 30SaturdayTigerSouth

Auspicious move in dates in August 2022 according to Feng Shui

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
August 06SaturdayRoosterWest
August 08MondayPigEast
August 10WednesdayOxWest
August 13SaturdayDragonNorth
August 15MondayHorseSouth
August 18ThursdayRoosterWest
August 19FridayDogSouth
August 22MondayOxWest
August 23TuesdayTigerSouth
August 31WednesdayDogSouth

September 2022 Feng Shui dates for house moving

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
September 01ThursdayPigEast
September 06TuesdayDragonNorth
September 16FridayTigerSouth
September 21WednesdaySheepEast
September 24SaturdayDogSouth
September 28WednesdayTigerSouth

Feng Shui auspicious dates for moving house in October 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
October 01SaturdaySnakeWest
October 03MondaySheepEast
October 06ThursdayDogSouth
October 08SaturdayRatNorth
October 17MondayRoosterWest
October 20ThursdayRatNorth
October 24MondayDragonNorth
October 25TuesdaySnakeWest

Chinese lucky days for moving house in November 2022

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
November 01TuesdayRatNorth
November 03ThursdayTigerSouth
November 05SaturdayDragonNorth
November 09WednesdayMonkeyNorth
November 10ThursdayRoosterWest
November 13SundayRatNorth
November 19SaturdayHorseSouth
November 21MondayMonkeyNorth
November 22TuesdayRoosterWest
November 25FridayRatNorth

Best days for house moving in December 2022 as per Feng Shui

Lunar DateDayClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
December 01ThursdayHorseSouth
December 03SaturdayMonkeyNorth
December 04SundayRoosterWest
December 08ThursdayOxWest
December 09FridayTigerSouth
December 18SundayPigEast
December 26MondaySheepEast

Some Useful New Home Rituals According to Feng Shui

Some Useful New Home Rituals According to Feng Shui

As per Feng Shui, there are certain new house rituals that you should perform when you are moving into your new home to bring happiness to your new home.

  1. Keep a Feng Shui cat, Maneki Neko, in your new home as it attracts good luck.
  2. Ring wind chimes in your new home as they ward off negative energies and welcomes good luck.
  3. Move in and out of the main door when you enter your new home.
  4. Light a candle in your new home as it will absorb all kinds of bad energies from your new abode. It cleanses your home and removes darkness.
  5. Burn crushed sage to remove evil energies and protect your home from evil eyes.
  6. Light an incense stick to get rid of negative energies from your new house.
  7. Sprinkle salt on the doorway and windows to protect your home from evil eyes.
  8. Sprinkle coins and rice in your new house as it brings prosperity and ensure you are never out of food.
  9. Open windows and doors of the house after you move in to your new house as it increases the flow of fresh air.
  10. Keep a Money Tree in the southwest direction of your home to bring wealth and abundance in your life.
  11. Paint the walls of your home with Feng Shui colors such as white, blue, green, orange, and red as they symbolize calmness.
  12. Never keep a television in the bedroom as this space of your home stands for relaxation and peace.
  13. Invite your closed ones to your housewarming ceremony as will bring positive energies to your home.
  14. Avoid keeping any broken or junk items in your new house as it can bring bad luck.
  15. Make the main entrance of your new home welcoming.
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The Ending Note

Just before you book a home relocation service provider in Bangalore , Pune, Delhi, or whatever location you are residing in, make sure you finalize a moving date from the above Feng Shui dates for moving to your new house. When you select a Chinese lucky date for your household shifting, you will bless your new home with joy, abundance, togetherness, peace, good luck, and prosperity.

Sakshi Ecavade