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While looking for a house, people look for an East facing house, but their second choice is always South facing homes. The science of Vastu Shastra believes that south-facing homes make a person bold and headstrong.

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Since recent many years, houses facing the South have been getting an unpopular and adverse reaction from the vast majority of people. Many people accept each South facing house to be unfavorable as per Vastu; however, it is only a colossal confusion. There is no awful course in Vastu. Everything depends on heaps of rules and how they are executed. Thus, if Vastu rules are adhered to appropriately, even a South facing house can bring success and be favorable for the inhabitants. Thus, assuming that you are considering getting a plot facing south, this blog is only for you.

In Vastu, every course is related to different gods and their components. The rightful arrangement of the home can assist with acquiring a positive impact in our lives, and neglecting to do as such can bring serious outcomes; thus, let us start by understanding something very similar and a couple of different angles.

Vastu for South facing the main door

As per Vastu standards, main doors or entryways to South facing homes should be set in the middle of a south facing wall of the house. This is with the goal that the energies of the home line up. Doors towards the left of the center point are additionally commonly great. Notwithstanding, house owners should try not to make an entry to the right side of the central point of the wall that faces the South as it is viewed as unpropitious.

Vastu for Bedroom in South facing house

The southwest is the ideal course for master bedrooms in South facing houses. This direction is said to produce positive energy and make the room an unwinding and welcoming space. Notwithstanding, Vastu standards direct that the main room should forever be situated on the most elevated level for houses with different floors.

The ideal position for bedrooms is the North and East for a south facing house as per Vastu science. A room on the north side can be considered as the main bedroom. You should try to keep the headboard of the beds adjusted in the South to get better rest.

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Vastu for Children bedroom in south facing house

According to Vaastu Shastra, the Kids’ rooms can be on the west, north, northeast, or east side of the property is a South facing house or level. A northwest corner and west side room are best for kids. A solid youngster develops and turns into a commendable resident provided that the child is getting an appropriate environment to grow and prosper. Vaastu standards are to be kept to make great Vaastu vibrations in a youngsters’ room, so they rest calmly and start a new day with fresh energy.

Vastu for Kitchen in South facing house

The kitchen is an important spot as we make our food in it, and food plays asacred role in our everydaydaily livesby strengthening us. Consequently, its position is extremely basic for each home, including a South facing house. It is a generally expected assumption that the northeast is the best direction for a kitchen, as it is the zone of the water component.

In any case, it changes according to the direction of the house. If you have south-facing property, then put your kitchen in the southeast part. It makes ideal equilibrium of the components fire and water and brings well-being and success for its inhabitants. If in case that isn’t attainable, then go for northwest corner.

Vastu for Staircase in South facing house

Flights of stairs come in many shapes and structures. Nonetheless, Vastu Shastra accepts a few styles in a staircase that can upset the Vastu of the house. Twisting flights of stairs or the ones that go outside the boundary of the house are supposed to be avoided. Likewise, it is accepted that flights of stairs ought to be of light shades, and each progression should twist at the right points. Vastu specialists suggest an odd number of stairs going in a clockwise direction.

Vastu for Pooja room in South facing house

Pooja Rooms are viewed as the most sacred piece of the house and should be the positive and quieting space for every individual. If you put it in the correct direction, Vastu Shastra believes that the sanctuary can bring inspiration, success, and happiness in the individual’s life and the house. Pooja room should never directly be set on the floor or be built with glass or acrylic materials. As indicated by Vastu, the best position of a pooja room in a South facing home is the northeast. Try not to put the temple or puja room in the south part of the property.

Vastu for Bathroom in South facing house

It is said that latrines, bathrooms, and restrooms can draw in a lot of negative energy in case they are not constructed according to the Vastu Shastra rules. Generally, washrooms and latrines should be two independent parts of the house as opposed to being consolidated together. However, because of the quickly expanding population, most would agree that there isn’t sufficient room on Earth for that to occur. Vastu shastra suggest that the Bathroom and toilets should be placed in the southeast or northwest part of your South facing home.

Vastu for slope in South facing house

According to Vastu specialists, the slant of any house as per Vastu should forever be leaned towards the North, East, or North-East of the plot. For this, you ought to guarantee that the slope is higher on the south side and lower towards the north/east. The contrary situation may bring numerous undesirable difficulties, like chronic weakness and monetary battles. This is a typical and basic guideline for a Vastu, regardless of its directional direction.

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Vastu for the Living room in south facing house

According to Vastu Rules, the living room or hall in a South facing home ought to be in the south or southeast corner of the house. The fundamental rationale behind this standard is to use the daylight of the first part of the daytime productively and keep the southeast corner of the house energized.

Vastu for study room in south facing house

According to Vaastu Shastra Study room can be situated in the north-east, east, and northwest part of the house or apartment, yet never be in the southwest and southeast corners in a South facing house. We should make a peaceful environment for them to study and develop well. The positive Vaastu vibrations are the reliable affirmation of the youngsters’ future.

Vastu Plan for an East-Facing House

S. No.
Type of Rooms
Ideal direction according to Vastu
Guest room and living room
South or South-East
Pooja room
Study room and kid’s room
Dining room
South/ South-East
Overhead tanks
South-East/ North-West
Children bedroom
West, North, North East or East
Master bedrooms
Entrance doors
Middle of a south facing wall
Leaned towards the North, East or North East

Do’s for a South facing house

  1. Place the principal entryway in the third or fourth pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat for South facing home.
  2. Place the master bedroom in one or the other North or East course
  3. Guarantee that the plot of the slant leaned from the South to North (assuming the plot is slanted)
  4. Place the kitchen in the southeast corner, followed by North West.
  5. Guarantee that the plot of the slant leaned from the South to North (assuming the plot is slanted)
  6. Place the pooja room in North-East
  7. Plan a nursery, however, just in the southeast or Southside.
  8. Place the flight of stairs in the South, West, or South West headings as it were.
  9. Guarantee the dividers on the South are higher and thicker than dividers of the North.
  10. Place the septic tank in the West of North West (WNW) or the South of South West (SSW).
  11. Pick the tones for the façade cautiously. Go for red and orange for it.

Don’ts for a South facing house

  1. Stay away from South West corner for the main entry, I.e., the main gate of the house.
  2. Try not to paint the exterior of the home in dark or blue, or dim shadings.
  3. Especially stay away from any underground water repository on the front side of a South facing plot.
  4. Stringently try not to put a kitchen in South West corner
  5. Ensure that there is no go across street or T-intersection before a South facing plot.
  6. Stay away from the irregular arrangement of mirrors in a South facing house.
  7. Try not to put a nursery in the Southwest corner.
  8. Try not to put the kitchen in the South-West.
  9. Abstain from putting the parking area in the South bearing.

Frequently Asked Questions on South Facing house Vastu Tips.

Where should we place the septic tank in our South facing home?

The septic tank should be placed in the South-east, northeast, or southwest corner of the house.

Where should the overhead tank be placed in the south-facing home?

As per the science of Vastu shastra, the overhead tank should be placed in the South-west corner at the topmost height of the building.

What is the color preference for a South facing home?

Colors like brown, orange and red are considered best as they bring good vibration and positivity in the house and the life of people living there.

What astrological signs are best to reside in the South facing home?

  • Aries (Mesh),
  • Cancer (Kark),
  • Leo (Singh),
  • Scorpio (Vrishchik),
  • Pisces (Meen),
  • Sagittarius (Dhanu)

What plants are considered auspicious to be placed in a home that is facing south direction?

One should choose the following plants for their south-facing home:

  • Placing the Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  • Money Plant
  • The Jasmine plant
  • Mango trees
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