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While investing money in a house or office, one looks into a number of things so that they can have the best place to live in and work.

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Certain factors that are considered while buying a new place are the cost of the property, the area to own a place, and the surrounding market as well so that there is no problem while setting up a business and shifting with the family. And, with all these factors, the Vastu shastra goes hand in hand as well.

Finding a place that is Vastu-fitted is very much needed as there are several benefits and importance of Vastu Shastra that will make your home and office both prosperous and positive. That is why; everyone prefers to own such a property that is organized and designed according to the norms of Vastu and if not own, then the only preference of everyone is to design such a home or commercial building that is having Vastu.

If talking about the Vastu Shastra a little deeper, then it is a traditional Hindu system that works and translates the basic architecture design into the “science of architecture” so that the person can have a perfectly balanced property that not only keeps the negative energy away but also invites positive energy so that the all the obstacles can be reduced and will also ensure happy, healthy, and positive environment not only for the family but also for the business.

Well, there are several advantages of having a Vastu-compliant property both for living and having a commercial building. But, if you are still confused about why it is needed to make your place Vastu-fitted, then here are some benefits given below that will help you to make the decision without any confusion. So, without wasting any more time, let us have a look at the list of general benefits of Vastu Shastra:

  • Vastu Shastra will help in enhancing the knowledge and interest of the people not only for spirituality but also for all the general norms like life, death, happiness, sadness, prosperity, and many more.
  • People also use Vastu for better living and working life keeping into account the surrounding places and people.
  • Having a Vastu-complaint place will help to promote internal peace, harmony, and calmness.
  • Designing a home or a commercial building as per the norms of Vastu will be helpful in managing the tangled and messed up the cooperative relationship between the dwellers and the couples as well.
  • By evoking the Vastu Shastra and all the five elements within it will help in providing such a living and working space that is not only clean and clutter-free but also working in accordance with the mental skills of the person.

Elements of Vastu Shastra

Apart from the advantages of Vastu, if we go a little deep in this science, then we got to know that is not merely a “Science of Direction” but also known as the “Science of Architecture” that involves the five elements of the cosmos and nature that help in balancing the materials of the surroundings with the man. The materials that are included in this mysterious science are known as “Panchbhootas” and it includes:

  1. Earth
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Space
  5. Air

Talking about each of them in a little more detail to understand the benefits of Vastu Shastra while designing a home and office, we got to know each element a bit deeper. So, let us get started:

1. Water (Jal)

Water is present on earth in various forms like rain, seas, oceans, and rivers as well. Water is considered as the second foremost element that plays in making the place Vastu-compliant. By considering water in the Vastu, it helps in providing the proper direction while deciding the proper placement of water sources inside the home and office.

2. Fire (Agni)

If we talk about fire i.e. Agni, then it is considered as the element of the south-east. So, while designing the house or office as per the norms of Vastu, then the direction of placing the fire or electrical gadgets should be kept in mind as light is the essence of life that is required for the happy and prosperous living or working for human beings.

3. Air (Vayu)

It is indeed a fact that air is one of the most needed and necessary things for all of us. That is why; this element has been given an important place in Vastu shastra. Air is considered as an element of the north-east and that is why; there are several dedicated directions in Vastu for the placement of windows and doors both in homes and offices.

4. Space (Akash)

Space is the first and most important element not only in Vastu shastra but also in nature. It is never-ending and is full of constellations, stars, moons, and galaxies, having all nine planets revolving. While making your home or office Vastu-compliant, several different directions are considered for better space so that it does not lead to detrimental results.

5. Earth (Prithvi)

Earth influences human lives because of the gravitational and magnetic properties and that is why; the task of the site or land selection plays a very important role while designing the home or office according to the Vastu norms. This element helps in promoting positive energy not only in the property but also in the humans living there.

All these cosmos of Vastu Shastra help to maintain the balance between the state of mind and well-being. It is indeed a fact that Earth is the only planet where life exists and this is due to the presence of “Panchbhoot” i.e. all these five elements that are having an important role to play in Vastu.

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Need for Vastu Shastra

Overall these years, people have grown up to take the concept of Vastu Shastra seriously for better living and career growth. And, after recognizing so many advantages of designing homes and offices as per the norms and directions of Vastu, they have also started appreciating the concept of “Science of Directions” a lot more. But, do your guys have any idea what is the reason behind people using and appreciating this science so much even in the modern era? And what has made this tradition so intriguing and this useful for the people to include in their construction and designing process? Well, there are a lot of questions that must be striking your mind right now if you are not fully aware of the phenomenon of Vastu Shastra.

So, here are some points listed that will help you to understand the need for Vastu Shastra for homes and commercial buildings:

  • Vastu Shastra can be really helpful in making the lives of humans better, both in terms of living in a Vastu-compliant place and working in an office designed as per the Vastu norms.
  • If people manage to concentrate on all the 5 elements of Vastu Shastra, then it will help in exerting the positive cosmic energy in human lives and will also manage to bring success in work in every possible form.
  • It is also researched and concluded that the people who are living or working in such a surrounding that have been designed in compliance with the Vastu rules, lead a better, successful, and happier life.
  • With the implementation of the Vastu Shastra, people can easily and properly connect to the benefits of all the cosmic elements, for prosperous living and working.
  • One more thing that people should know about the needs or the advantages of the Vastu Shastra is that this “Science of Directions” not only brings materialistic or physical success but also having several emotional and spiritual benefits in life.
  • Applying Vastu shastra while designing your new home or commercial building will help you to blow all the negativity far away from your life. Taking this step will surely be a life changing decision that you will never regret to make.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Now, there are two modes in which one can need Vastu Shastra in their life. One of them is while designing the home and the second one is while designing their commercial building. And, if you are not aware of the fact about why to compliance Vastu in your property, then it is very much needed to know the importance of Vastu Shastra both for home and office designing.

For your ease, here are some perks of Vastu Shastra mentioned below so that you can make your decision without any confusion and second thoughts in mind. So, let us have a look at them and take an initiative towards happy living and prosperous working:

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Home

Apart from just finding the right house to buy of choosing the best land for building your home; it is also needed to work towards designing a Vastu-compliant by following the norms of “Science of Directions” both in the placement of furniture inside the house and deciding the direction of doors and windows as well, both in the home and the office. Vastu Shastra also tells about which shapes are the best to keep and which should be refrained, while designing the property.

There are several such norms that are mentioned under Vastu Shastra and they are to be followed if you are willing to make your life comfortable, happy, prosperous, and calm in your new home. And, if we talk about the benefits of following Vastu, then here are some of them listed below:

For harmonizing energy

Since, homes that are Vastu compliant and are built under the consideration of all the natural elements like air, water, fire, earth, and space are considered to invite only the positive energies into the place and according to some principles, these elements are also used to balance and harmonize the energy that is emitted from the cosmos. That is why; it is advised to prepare your place as per the directions that are suggested via Vastu Shastra.

Bring happiness and calm

If you apply all the apt Vastu settings at your home, then your home can make you feel stress-free, calm, and relaxed. So, if you design your place and place all the things at the proper and dedicated place as indicated by the Vastu, then you can not only change the whole look of your place but can also invite happiness and calmness at your place.

Brings inner peace and prosperity

If you are a bit aware of the Vastu Shastra, then you must be having an idea that the north-east direction of your home is known to have comparatively more positive energy than all other directions. And, this is the reason why it is recommended to practice meditation or any other spiritual activity in this direction for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health. That is why; it is recommended to make your place Vastu-compliant for having inner peace and prosperity at your home.

Helps to know you better

It is indeed a fact that building a harmonious home is an initiative towards reducing your stress and tension. That is why; everyone wants to design and prepare their property as per the directions indicated by the Vastu Shastra. The proper placement of furniture, windows, doors, and everything inside your home will help you to make a way for the positive energy and thoughts and hence, helps the person to peep inside their soul to get themselves know in a better way.

Helps to build harmonious relationships

The Vastu shastra is considered as the “Science of Direction” as in this phenomenon, certain directions are mentioned for the placement of the kitchen, toilets, doors, windows, furniture, and everything else so that the positive energies can get into the home and all these negative energies part their ways from you, your family, and your work. This is considered a good indication for building harmony between the members of the family. That is why; it is always recommended to build your home as per the Vastu shastra.

Helps in building trust

Apart from building harmonious relationships between the members of the family, a Vastu compliance place is also helpful in building trust amongst people living at a place. That is why; while designing bedrooms, kitchens, and setting furniture; it is recommended to follow the directions indicated by Vastu Shastra.

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Helps in uplifting financial status

If you get successful in the correct application of all the principles that come under Vastu shastra, then apart from building the personal relationships, it will also help in uplifting the financial status of the person residing in the Vastu-compliant home. So, it is clear that the Vastu shastra not only help in harmonizing the personal relationship between the family members but will also help in career growth.

Helps in reducing losses

By the proper implementation of Vastu principles, while designing your house, spiritual peace will be enhanced and the chances of unanticipated losses will also be reduced to a larger extent. And, that is why; it is recommended to follow the directions of Vastu Shastra for a happy, peaceful, and successful life.

Makes people feel energetic

You must have listened and might feel as well that sometimes, people feel dull when they wake up in the morning. This might be due to the stress at work or any personal reason. But, the reason could also be the improper and wrong placement of the items in the house. That is why; it is recommended to use the concept of Vastu Shastra for making the best use of the space in the property and will also help in getting over the dullness, fatigue, stress, and tension.

Helps in reviving mind and soul both

It is indeed a fact that the Vastu compliant homes promise to provide such living spaces to the people that are not only free from the garbage but also free from the negative energies. That is why; it is very important to follow Vastu Shastra while designing a new home for living.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Office

Whenever it is about starting a new business, the investment of money plays the most important role. While designing your workplace, you might be focusing on stylistic themes, cool wallpapers, huge space, and proper functioning of the reception and canteen. But, one thing that lacks here is Vastu Shastra and this loophole can cause several mishappenings. While visiting at any home, you must have felt tranquil or dull, stepping in there. The reason for this is the negative vibes or the improper organization of the furniture, doors, and windows.

Vastu Shastra is being used and widely preferred since ancient times because of its amazing benefits for human life and career growth. This “Science of Directions and Architecture” is an Indian guideline that has gained popularity in the field of interior designing and architecture and there are several benefits of applying the Vastu Shastra both for human health and career growth. Getting the Vastu compliance for your office involves the concept of five components and the energies derived from them for the proper functioning of the office.

Here, some of the benefits of persuading Vastu Shastra in the office are given below:

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Reception

The first and foremost thing that we came across while entering any office is the reception area. That is why; to give your office proper structure, the reception area is the most significant place to take care of. The corner dedicated to reception is in synchronization with the name and fame of the organization. That is why; it is advised to take into consideration Vastu norms for everything varying from the sitting arrangement of the receptionist, the logo of the organization, and the placement of flowers as well so that only the positive energies can enter your office and negative energies part their ways. So, it is advised and suggested to go for the Vastu for shops and showrooms to grow your business and to lead a happier and harmonious life.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Staircase

If your office is divided into more than one or two floors, then you must be having stairs. If you are aware of Vastu Shastra, then you must know that there are certain rules for the placement of the staircases as well as the rising stars in the office are known to be connected with the ups and downs in the financial status of the organization and that is why; it is advised to consider Vastu in this case as well.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Pantry

Pantry or canteen is another significant place in the workplace where the food items are managed. And, this process is having its own effects and impacts on the growth of the organization. And, this is the reason why it is always advised to have Vastu directions for panty as well. Before this, the main thing is that it is essential to have a pantry in the office and the direction of panty and the placement of doors and windows, placements of plants in this area, and all other decisions should be taken as per the Vastu norms.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Office

Now, deciding the direction of the office is one of the most important factors and that is why; it is imperative to consider the direction of the office Vastu compliant as it will bring fortune and success. And, if in case, the Vastu is not considered, then there might be chances to face sudden losses. If you go for the Vastu directions, then you will get to know that there are several directions that invite positive energy, joy, prosperity, and success.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Washroom

The washroom is one such place that is considered to have negative vitality in the office and that is why; it becomes very important to have the proper situation of the washroom so that the negative energies of the washroom cannot impact the positive energy of the office.

Ending Note

After going through all these amazing benefits of having your property Vastu compliant, you must know now that is very important to follow the directions for leading a happier, prosperous, and successful life with your family members. Apart from Vastu Shastra, you can also check the best dates or shubh muhurat for starting a new business in India for a successful business at your new office.

So, if you have planned to relocate your home and office from the old location to the new one, then it is advised to hire packers and movers in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and all across India from one and only for a safe, secure and hassle-free move.

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