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Do you believe in Vastu? Or do you want to know what Vastu is or basically what are the impacts of Vastu in each household? Let us briefly tell you that Vastu is the art of placing things through which positive and negative energies remain balanced. You can also call it the science of structures. Hindus strongly believe in Vastu Shastra, but it is not restricted to them. Anyone can follow the rule of Vastu to maintain peace and happiness in the house. There are countless vastu tips for different home places, like living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Since the kitchen is the food place of every home, we will discuss effective 10 Vastu Tips for Kitchen. You will notice a difference between your kitchen layout according to Vastu and without Vastu. So let’s start with our first point, that is:

Plan Southeast Direction for Kitchen Layout

If you get the chance to choose the direction for your Kitchen, or you can decide where the Kitchen should be built, then you are lucky. According to Vastu, you should build your Kitchen in the southeast direction because this direction is ruled by fire elements which is the best direction for the Kitchen. There is also an alternative; if you haven’t found this direction suitable, you can opt for the northwest, which is also suitable for the Kitchen.

East is Best for Kitchen Entrance

Like the layout, the entrance also plays an important role in Vastu for the Kitchen. You can choose the east direction for the entrance of the Kitchen. If there is no option for the east, then the west or north direction is also perfect. Also, remember that the entrance should not fall in any of the corners.

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Choose Bright Colours for the Kitchen

Any dark color like black, gray, or brown may look classy, but it is not auspicious according to kitchen vastu. It can bring negativity and poverty to the house. So always choose bright Colours like green, blue, white, pink, etc.

Choose Southeast Direction for Stove

Placement of the stove in the right direction is the most important factor of vastu. As said earlier, the southeast is the direction of the fire element, so placing the stove in this direction is very auspicious. Also, the face of the person should be in the east direction while using the stove.

North-East is Great for Sink

Since the sink contains the flow of water, it should be in the northeast direction, which is ideal for water. Also, the sink and stove should not place nearby because the fire and water repel each other.

Windows are Magical to Let Out Negativity from the Kitchen

If you do not want any kind of negativity in your Kitchen, natural light is the best way to let it out. So you can leave a space for a window during the planning of your Kitchen. Apart from this, the Kitchen should also have an exhaust in the east direction to let out all the negative direction. It will give instant positivity to your Kitchen.<

Avoid North-East for Electric Appliance

It is a must to avoid the northeast direction for the electric appliance. As modern kitchens are full of microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, heaters, mixers, and grinders, you can choose the southeast direction for this as it is highly suitable for electric items.

Southwest Direction is Ideal for Refrigerators

As the refrigerator is an important thing in every Kitchen, it should be placed in the southwest direction. And make sure that it is away from the corners. Avoid the northeast direction for placing a refrigerator.

Storage Units Must be in the South or North Direction

Storage units contain all the basic necessities of the Kitchen, like flour, grains, spices, utensils, crockery, etc. So it is best, as per vastu rule for the Kitchen, if you choose the southern or northern direction for your kitchen cabinets. Eastern and northern sides should be avoided to store grains.

Most Suitable Directions for Kitchen As Per Vastu

Well, northwest is the average direction which will neither have a bad effect nor a positive one. On the other hand, the north-east and southwest are highly poor directions for kitchen Vastu. But southeast is the best location for Kitchen.

Quick Review of Things you Should Avoid

  1. Avoid placing the stove next to one another as the fire and water are not considered together. They repel each other.
  2. Avoid the northeast direction for positioning the kitchen.
  3. Avoid directly placing the kitchen under or above the bedroom or bathroom.
  4. Avoid placing the kitchen door in the corner.
  5. Avoid leaking taps in your kitchen, as they can give you financial problems.
  6. Keep your kitchen de-clutter. It will keep away the negative energies from your kitchen.
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How Can You Remove Vastu Dosh from Your Kitchen?

1. Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Place a cup of sea salt in the corner of your kitchen, or mop the floor with a pinch of sea salt. It is the most ancient remedy to remove vastu dosh from the kitchen. You can also use this for other places in your house.

2. Place Wind Chimes

Place Wind Chimes

Although wind chimes are placed at the home’s entrance, you can also hand them at the entrance of your kitchen. Ensure the wind passes the natural air chime through any door or window.

3. Place a Small Temple in Kitchen

Place a Small Temple in Kitchen

To avoid the Vastu dosh, you can place a small temple in your kitchen of Annpurna, the goddess of food and nutrition. But make sure to clean the temple regularly and do prayers for your well-being.

4. Ensure Proper Lighting in the Kitchen

Ensure Proper Lighting in the Kitchen

Dark and dull lighting can also make the Vasu dosh. So to avoid it, you can ensure bright and adequate lighting in the kitchen. It will increase positivity and make you feel happy.

5. Decorate Your Kitchen

Decorate Your Kitchen

The decoration is the best thing to make anything more beautiful. You can decorate your kitchen with wallpapers, stickers, crockery, etc. It will make your kitchen clean and lower the effect of Vastu Dosh.

6. Keep Fresh Things in the Refrigerator

Keep Fresh Things in the Refrigerator

Make sure that your Refrigerator contains fresh meals. Rotten fruits or vegetables may cause a fussy smell which is not good according to Vastu and also affect your health by having spoiled food.

So the above are some easy Vastu tips for the kitchen that will surely help you to get a beautiful kitchen that will attract wealth and positivity. If you are looking for packers and movers in Delhi, Bangalore, or Chennai, to shift to a new place, then at, you will find thousands of the best and most reputed companies, which will help you to move at very affordable charges. All the companies are verified and licensed holders. You will surely love their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 According to Vastu, what is the best direction for the kitchen?

According to Vastu, the southeast is the best direction for the kitchen.

Q.2 How can I remove the negativity from my kitchen?

Applying various ways, like moping the floor with sea salt water or hanging wind chimes, will decrease the negativity.

Q.3 How can I find affordable packers and movers in India?

You can find affordable packers and movers from

Q.4 What colors are perfect for the kitchen, according to Vastu?

Light colors are perfect, according to Vastu, like pink, green, white, and purple.

Q.5 Where should the stove be placed in the kitchen, per vastu?

The south-east direction is preferable for the stove in the kitchen.

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