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Your moving day is finally here! The days of planning and preparing for your move are finally over. Now, the transport process of relocation will start, which is executed by the professional packers and movers in Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. But you must know that the smooth and seamless packing and moving process doesn’t just depend on your packers and movers; it’s a collaborative effort. There are some home moving etiquettes which if you follow them, will make your home relocation much easier and smoother move.

So, below are some of the etiquettes of moving that you must be aware of to make the relocation process easier for everyone involved. It also includes the things your moving companies wish you would know. Keep reading below:1

1. Be accessible and available

Communication is the key to a smooth and hassle-free home relocation. Your household shifting services provider may have some questions for you from time to time when they are packing and moving your goods. So, make sure you are available easily to answer their questions. If it’s impossible to be there in person due to other urgent work, provide them an alternate point of contact.

Due to a lack of communication, certain things may not go according to your expectations, and issues may arise. It’s best to tell them clearly in advance what your requirements are.

2. Don’t hover

It’s best not to hover when trying to get too involved in the packing and moving process with the team. While it’s okay to lend a hand, staying out of the way is probably best. The moving company always arrives prepared with enough hired hands, and they have a system for packing, loading, and moving your boxes the best way, which is efficient.

You can use this time to prepare an overnight box, change your address on online shopping apps, and check the rooms in your home for any last-minute items that need to be packed.

3. Offer refreshments

Packing and moving is a time and energy-consuming task. The movers spend all day working while ensuring that every step of the packing and loading process runs smoothly for you. So, it’s a kind gesture to provide them with some refreshments. Some helpful and kind gestures you can do for the hard-working movers are some snacks, tea or coffee, and chilled water during a really hot day.

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4. Have someone look after your children and pets


Make sure to keep your pets and children away from the moving process. During the packing and moving, your children or pets may come in the way, and they may get injured or cause hindrance during packing and moving, slowing down the work.

To help your packers and movers do their tasks at their own pace without any disturbances, make arrangements for someone, such as your neighbors or friends, to look after your kids and pets until the packing and loading process is done.

5. Have extra moving supplies if needed


Yes, moving companies usually bring sufficient packing materials and apt tools to load your goods onto the transport truck. You can also keep some packing materials or tools handy, which will be used by the packers and movers.

Also, if you need any specialty boxes or wardrobes, make sure to inform your movers about this beforehand. Requesting such boxes on the moving day will confuse and delay the packing process.

6. Keep prohibited items separate


There are many sensitive and hazardous items that packers and movers don’t move, such as corrosives, alcohol, combustible items, etc. So, get a list of the items from the moving company you have booked and keep these things out of the way during the packing and loading process.

7. Pack valuable items yourself


Packers and movers also don’t pack and move valuable items such as jewelry, medication, personal documents, etc. Make a list of such items and keep these in a separate box and out of the way of your packers and movers so that they are focused on the main goods that need to be packed and moved and get it done quickly.

8. Make arrangements for movers


Ensure the movers have easy access to your house or flat. The packing and moving process can go on for half of the day, depending upon the number of items you have. So, reserve an elevator to carry the goods easily and take them to the transport truck.

If parking is a challenge in your apartment building, then make sure to notify them about your move and reserve a parking space for the transport truck. This way, the packing and moving day will go smoother. Otherwise, it will be very chaotic with confusion.

9. Always inform your movers in case of changes


One house moving etiquette you must remember is to update your movers in case of any changes; after all, you would want them to do the same to you. Don’t surprise them on the moving day by telling them you have brought a few more furniture or heavy items that need to be packed and moved.

Moving firms come prepared so that little time is wasted discussing the relocation. In case of any changes in the number of goods or anything else, it’s best to inform your movers beforehand.

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10. Label the boxes


Ensure your goods are packed room by room, and keep labeling the boxes. When unloading and placing the goods at your new home, a new set of laborers may arrive, and they won’t know which boxes will contain what room items.

Labeling your boxes according to the items in the different rooms will let the unloading team know which boxes should be placed in which room to clear the confusion and reduce the stress of directing them.

Also, remember to label the boxes containing delicate items as ‘FRAGILE’ or ‘handle with care’ so that the unloading team knows which boxes need to be handled with the utmost care to avoid mishandling and damage of goods.

11. Keep the payment ready


After the relocation, it’s time to pay the packers and movers for their work. Don’t haggle or negotiate the packers and movers chargers at this time, as this is considered to be poor home moving etiquette and a lack of respect for the hard work done by the team.

Packers and movers mostly provide you with estimated quotes in advance. So, it is best to negotiate the packing and moving charges at that time instead of at the last moment after all the hard work is done.

Keep the cash or credit or debit card for payment ready. After a long day of work, you don’t want to keep the process stretched longer with payment delays.

12. Tipping your movers


Tipping is not mandatory, but it encourages you to tip your packers and movers Chennai, Indore, etc. and is considered one of the mindful moving practices. Tipping is usually done to thank the packers and movers for carrying out the many packing and moving tasks. It’s also done based on the quality of the work the packers and movers have done.

Additional tip: Leave a review

In today’s date, reviews have become one of the important things for a growing business or service. This is because the first thing most potential customers check before considering opting for their service is past customer reviews and ratings. If you were genuinely impressed with the quality of work done by your hired packers and movers, leave a positive review on their website or any review website stating their good points. They will highly appreciate this gesture as it will greatly help their business.

A smooth and successful relocation does not just depend on the quality of work your packers and movers do. Relocation runs smoothly when collaborative efforts are made. Considering the moving etiquette, being more considerate and communicative with your movers will pave the way for a smooth and trouble-free relocation.

Pratiksha Priya