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Are you a proud resident of the UK who is planning to relocate to the other part of the country with zero hassles? Moving seems to be a simple but extended procedure from the top, but the intricacies required for its right execution is something that needs thorough planning.

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As most of the people prefer to hire home removal services in UK for their household shifting owing to their vast and affordable relocation services and also for their extensive network throughout the country, you might also be thinking of hiring one for your move. But do you know how to find that perfect mover for your move from millions of them? Well, the below extensive guide has been compiled to make the choice of a good moving company easy for you.

What is the job role of removal companies?

What is the job role of removal companies

Before you jump on to hiring a removalist company for your move in the UK, you should have a clear idea about what these companies actually do?

Removal companies aim to make the convoluted and stressful task of moving a home or a workplace easy and convenient for their customers. With so much going on around you in the midst of planning relocation such as talking to estate agents, switching your utility services and so much more, you are in no state to take the additional stress of hiring an unprofessional removal company. Such organizations will take away all the physical hard work and burden from your mind.

But the real challenge is to find a reliable and good removal company in London, Manchester, York, or any other location in the UK where you reside. Most of the moving experts suggest hiring a moving company that is a part of the British Association of Removers (BAR). The registered companies with BAR provide insurance and effective training to their laborers to make sure that your goods stay protected throughout the move.

Removalists registered with BAR are always given preferences over unregistered companies. Such companies offer high-quality services that are hard to find anywhere else. BAR registered removal companies in the UK have experience in packing, protecting, removing, storing, transporting, delivering, unloading, and unpacking of household or office goods.

Things to do before you ask for moving estimate

Things to do before you ask for moving estimate

Requesting a removal company for a moving quote without any prior experience with such a company is never a wise decision as they may charge you more for their services. So to avoid being overcharged, you should prepare a checklist of the items you will shift to your new place. The moving cost of house removal services is based on the volume and weight of the moving goods and therefore you should only get in touch with them for a moving estimate when you know all these details beforehand. Such a checklist will help them understand the amount of packing materials required, how much space will be needed in the moving truck and your specific moving needs.

All this will help you get the most accurate moving estimate and in case, something falls short during the process, it is not considered your fault.

The moving day

The day of relocation starts with the arrival of the professional packing and moving team of the removals company at your place with all the moving and packing supplies and a right sized moving vehicle. They will have a look at the entire property and start disassembling and packing your belongings in boxes with proper labeling. After the packing process is completed, the team will remove your goods from your current place and load them into the moving truck. Once all your belongings are carefully loaded into the vehicle, they will take your leave.

Services provided by removal companies

Services provided by removal companies
The major services provided by most of the removalist companies include:
  • Packing of goods
  • Loading of the goods at the origin
  • Transportation of goods
  • Unloading of goods at the destination
  • Unpacking of goods (additional service)
  • Storage services
  • Handyman services
  • Additional services such as assembling of furniture and appliances, installation of gadgets, etc.)

The above services offered by removals companies help you make wise selection of the best movers in the UK for your move. You can simply ask them to provide only those services that you need for yourself.

How much moving companies charge for their services?

How much moving companies charge for their services

The cost of moving charged by the removal companies is based on the specific needs and preferences of the people. Such charges are affected by the following factors:

  • The quantity of goods you want to move
  • Distance between the two locations
  • Items that require disassembling and packing
  • Access to the property
  • Delicate items and antiques that require special care and packing.
  • Unique items that require special equipment and tools to move.
  • Experience and reputation of the company in the market.
  • The date and time of relocation.

The best method to get an idea about moving charges is to ask for a free moving estimate from a variety of removal companies.

Facility of storage services

Facility of storage services

A majority of the moving companies today have their own well-equipped storage facilities or outsource storage services to other warehousing facilities. There are several storage services available and some of the companies even pack and load your goods for easy storage.

Availing the services of warehousing and storage from your removal company will save your time and money and make your relocation hassle-free when there is a time gap between moving out and moving in of homes.

Such services are popular with those moving to other cities or states of the country. Sometimes, goods need to be stored for a particular time duration until you have finally settled your new home for your belongings. Such facilities have round-the-clock surveillance and some of them even offer insurance.

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Ways to find trusted removals companies

Ways to find trusted removals companies

‘Where to find a reliable and right moving company?’ is the question that is on everyone’s mind planning a move. Before you directly get in touch with any removal company in your location, it is better to consider the below options:

1. Ask for references from family and friends: Getting in touch with your relatives or friends with a prior experience with dependable and reliable movers is a wonderful way to find one for your move. Such people will guide you better as they have moved their stuff with the help of such companies.

2. Search internet: Internet is the storehouse of all the information that you need, even the best removal companies. Google is the best search engine where you just have to enter ‘house movers’, ‘removal companies’, ‘international removal companies’, etc. and get the options right there in front of you. By just typing ‘removal companies near me’, you’ll get the names of the best house movers in the UK near your location with a proper business listing in front of you.

3. Contact local moving directories: Local directories such as and BAR are the most trusted and easy ways to find goods moving companies around your location. Such directories ensure only the best removalists are listed on them and people can directly get in touch with the best-matched companies for their move.

Removal service comparison site

Removal service comparison site

Such websites work as a broker between the people and the removal companies. You need to share your relocation details with the site and they share such information with different movers who either contact through the comparison style website with a moving quote or directly call you with their moving estimates. But, relying on this method is definitely not beneficial for you. So, there are a few things that need to be check before hiring movers through such comparison websites:

  • Reviews and ratings of the previous customers
  • Moving cost quoted
  • Online presence with a good website
  • Services offered
  • Office address
  • Type of moving trucks owned
  • Owner’s details
  • Customer service

Some of the websites listed on such platforms offer cheap moving quotes to the people and offer compromised and low quality services to their customers.

Always go for such websites that provide references of pre-verified and licensed moving companies to the people to ensure a safe and secure moving experience.

Shortlist at least three movers to get a quote

Shortlist at least three movers to get a quote

When you are in the process of finding good movers for your relocation, then three is the best number.

Having three moving estimates from three different companies let you compare such companies on the basis of the price and strike a better deal. Consider the following tips when you are selecting these three moving companies:

  • Are they offering all kinds of services you need? Think about the packaging, disassembly/reassembly, or storage.
  • Do they cover your desired location? There are movers in the UK that provide their services throughout the country and some of them just serve a certain area.
  • Are they reputed and licensed? Ensure that the companies you have shortlisted have the necessary credentials and accreditations.
  • Do they have positive reviews from previous customers? Such reviews help you understand their quality of services and past performances.

When you are done with the shortlisting part, it is the best time to ask for quotes and schedule at-home surveys.

Home removal surveys

Home removal surveys

Getting a home removal survey conducted by the movers at one’s place is the best way to get the most accurate moving quote for your move with any discrepancies. They should be free of cost and without any obligation.

A home removal survey is a service and the first step in a moving process in which the moving company examines the property and takes down the specific needs and preferences of the person to provide a customized moving solution. Most of the companies are conducting such surveys through video conferencing.

Ensure to verify whether the moving quote provided by them is fixed or just an estimate with the moving company professional when this survey is performed on call.

Home removal surveyors are more of a house move consultant and will take down your individual needs and preferences such as packing-related instructions or items to be moved. During this survey, they will:

  • Answer all your questions related to the relocation.
  • Explain about their services, how they conduct the moving process, and discuss your moving plan.
  • Prepare a checklist of the moving items to understand the measurements of the personal effects for the moving truck, the number of manpower required, and the quantity and quality of the packing materials required for the move to come at an accurate moving cost.

As the owner of the property that is being relocated, you should also follow these tips to make the most of your house removal survey:

  • Share the exact moving date and time with the house removal company.
  • Tell them about the delicate items you will be moving to the new location so that they can overcome any challenges that may occur later.
  • Take them around your property and show them the garages, open cupboards, and other outdoor spaces so that they are well-informed about the required resources.
  • If your household stuff requires a handyman to disassemble, then this is the right time to share.
  • Discuss the packing details with them. If the packing will be done by you, then make sure you share this information with them during this survey.
  • Don’t forget to tell them about the restricted parking space, poor entry, or challenging things to invite a lower quote as it may cost you more if something like this comes up on the moving day.

House removals offering this free facility of house removal survey stands for professionalism and that is what you expect from a company you have trusted for your move.

Things to know if you’re doing self-survey

Things to know if you’re doing self-survey

When an individual decides to do a self-survey of his/her house property to prepare an inventory of moving items, there are high chances that some things will be missed. And, when you share such information with inadequate details regarding your move with your movers, it can lead to confusions, extra expenditure, or delay in the moving process. Most of the people have no idea about how to prepare such a checklist or inventory and what all points or things to consider arriving at an accurate moving quote. So, it is better to leave home removal surveys to the experts and get all your doubts or queries cleared face to face with them. And when such a survey is performed by the moving professional, you can be sure that the moving estimate is the right one.

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Comparison of quotes received from home removals

When you have received moving quotes from three different movers that you have shortlisted, it’s time to compare their charges.

Always take a written quotation with removal contract: When you have finally found your best movers for home removal after comparing different companies, you should ask for the moving price in writing in the contract and also read the terms and conditions of the contract thoroughly. In case you find any problems in them, speak with the company. The British Association of Removers (BAR) has stated universal terms and conditions that are applicable to all the removal companies in the UK and accepted by the Trading Standards Institute to safeguard customers.

Compare moving quotes on the basis of moving criteria: Don’t just give preference to the prices quoted by the removal company; consider other things such as the services offered, past performances, ratings and reviews of the company, additional services, moving schedules, insurance, and accreditation. Hiring moving companies only on the basis of the moving quote can lead to: 1. Delay in the moving procedure. 2. Harm to personal belongings. 3. Unavailability of the right resources with the selected mover. 4. Delay in the claim process.

Insurance charges

Insurance charges

Don’t forget to give a glance to the insurance cost of your move. This charge is calculated on two basis:

  • As a percentage of the moving cost.
  • As a percentage of the value of goods.

Also check the type of moving insurance provided by the company such as:

1. Liability Insurance – It has a fixed cap on every moving item in case there is negligence on your part.

2. Reimbursement Insurance – It is calculated on the face value of every item minus depreciation on the goods destroyed in the transit.

3. New for old insurance – Under this type of insurance, damaged items are replaced with the new ones.

What to do after selection of the removal company?

When you have finally made a choice of your preferred movers for your home removal service from the available options on the basis of their charges and service quality, it is time to inform them about your decision and fix the moving price with them. Try to strike a good deal with them after negotiations and sign the contract with them only after going through all the terms and conditions of the contract. You can suggest changes then and there and share your specific moving requirements in them. This helps them to curate a customized moving plan for you that is within your budget.

Check for professional accreditations

Check for professional accreditations

Finding a trusted and affordable house removal company that falls in your pocket size and fulfills all the criteria which you are looking for is a tough job for you with so many of them located in and around you. The British Association of Removers (BAR) makes this job really simple for you as it is aimed to promote professional excellence. When any company is listed on this website, you can stay assured of the highest service quality. All the member companies listed with the BAR should:

  • Follow a strict code of conduct
  • Adhere to the minimum quality requirements
  • Offer dispute resolution guidance
  • Offer Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) that guarantees no financial losses to the customers when goods are lost or damaged in the transit.

Make sure you always hire a mover that has the BAR badge on its website as well as in company profiles.

Check reviews for removal companies

Reading the ratings and reviews of the previous customers of the removal companies help you know more about them. Such testimonials posted on different review websites such as Facebook,, etc., give you a clear understanding about the service quality of the company or the negative reviews works a red flag to stay away from such movers.

When is the best time book a removal company?

The best time to book a mover for your move is at least a month before the date of move. This helps you save a good deal of time and money and you also get the opportunity to book the best and trusted removal company for your move. Making a booking with them at the last minute can cost you more and get a compromised level of services as they would be in a rush.

How to book a top house removal company?

How to book a top house removal company

When you have decided which movers you will hire for your moving, contact for booking on the moving date. Some companies ask you to return the signed contract/acceptance form to secure your booking.

Booking when moving date is unknown: You can still call the relocation experts to make bookings and share the provisional dates with them. Once you have finalized a date, let them know.

Make advance payment: Most of the removal companies ask for some advance payment to confirm the booking. If you are doubtful about making such payments, you can hire a mover that is also a member of the British Remover Association to guarantee safety of your money. When you are making a move during a pandemic, BAR has suspended all new claims related to the Advance Payment Guarantee until further notice. So, confirm before you plan a move.

Cancellation and postponement waivers in case of delayed moves

After the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country, a majority of the movers provided a cancellation policy and postponement waiver to their customers during lockdown. So, when you are planning a move, make sure you hire a company that has this policy and waiver. You can also be asked to pay an additional insurance fee to protect incidents that are beyond control. BAR does not guarantee any claims during such circumstances.

A good number of removal companies offer such waivers in return of a small fee that allows people to reserve the services of the companies, securing their money and adjustment of moving dates later. This way, your money is not lost and you can still retain their services and avail them whenever you want in the future.

The Ending Note

Hiring the right house removal company is on everyone’s priority list. So, taking all the right steps till you hire one for your move is the perfect way to start your search for the best movers near you. The above pointers will help you decide the most suitable house removal for your move and that too within your budget!!!

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