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No matter whether you are seeking a local or an intercity shifting, every relocation procedure starts with the job of packing of goods. And, when you have your fragile, precious items involved, it becomes one of the nerve-wrecking tasks of moving that puts you on edge.

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A slightest mistake can risk the safety of your delicate belongings during transportation. Although the best moving equipment for relocation are used by the professionals, ensuring the use of the premium quality packaging supplies to pack delicate things is the next best move.

Safeguarding your fragile goods like crockery, chinaware, glass items, paintings, etc. begins with the techniques of packing. Additional care is required while choosing tools and packing supplies for your fragile items. Paying attention to their packaging is the key to their safe delivery to the new destination.

What are fragile items?

Delicate items in your home are prone to damage if not handled properly. The probability of their damage is much higher compared to the other household items in your home. They could be your expensive crockery, tiles, picture frames, jewelry, cutlery, etc.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges during moving is handling delicate items. Such items have a great monetary and sentimental value. So, people become extremely cautious while handling such items during their shifts and prioritize their packing over other tasks. Their main motive is their safe delivery in one piece to the destination at all costs.

Packing materials for fragile items

Packing materials for fragile items

Fragile or delicate items have special packaging supplies to provide extra support during the transportation of such goods. Such packing materials protect delicate items like picture frames or crockery from breaking or cracks. Some of them include:

  • Carton boxes
  • Crockery and glass packers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper or packing paper
  • Markers
  • Newspapers
  • Foams
  • Polythene bags
  • Packing peanuts
  • Packing tapes
  • Plastic furniture covers
  • Towels

Picking sturdy boxes for expensive, fragile crockery with compartments is helpful. Such divisions help to restrict the movement of such delicate items within the box and reduce the change of damages.

Fragile Items Packing Tips

1. Plan before packing

Proper packaging of delicate items requires detailed planning before really executing it. Preparing a packing checklist is one of the significant tasks to do when you have a list of expensive fragile items in your home. Such a list help you strategize your packing techniques and help you decide on the packing supplies you will use to pack them for their safe delivery at your new home.

2. Use small-sized moving boxes for fragile goods

Smaller boxes are easier to carry and reduce the chances of your delicate items colliding with each other. You can keep separate small boxes for your expensive, delicate goods such as porcelain and crockery. Fill all the extra gaps in the boxes with newspapers or padding so that they remain intact during the move.

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3. Avoid flimsy boxes

A strong and thicker moving box is a good choice to pack your fragile items. Moving boxes made with cheap and flimsy material can risk the safety of your belongings while handling. Good quality boxes can tolerate the sudden movements or shocks well so that your items inside remain safe.

4. Tape the bottom of moving boxes

Taping the bottom of your moving boxes with extra strips of packing tapes will strengthen it so that the weight of the goods in the boxes does not break it open.

5. Cushion the bottom of box with packing material

When you hold up a box, the weight of the items inside falls down. You can add extra support to the bottom of the moving boxes by cushioning them with bubble wrap, packing paper, foam, or towels to protect your fragile items.

6. Put heavier items on the bottom

Keep heavier items at the bottom to make a stronger base in the moving boxes. Place smaller and lighter items on the top of the boxes so that they don’t get crushed from the weight of the heavy goods.

7. Dividers for glasses

When you are moving your expensive crockery from one place to another, you should carry them in their glass divider cardboard boxes. Such boxes protect your glassware from breaking due to collision.

8. Fill hollow goods with packing supplies

Crockery items such as glasses, cups, bowls and other glassware with hollow spaces should be stuffed with packing paper to mild the vibrations.

9. Disassemble and pack every fragile item separately

Every glassware item, plates, and other delicate items should be packed separately packed with proper packaging materials. Disassemble every delicate item and pack them individually to avoid damage. Chinaware should be packed with bubble wrap and taped. Pack all those items separately in smaller boxes instead of stuffing them with other goods.

10. Be generous with packing tape

All types of delicate items should be secured with bubble wraps and packing papers with ample amount of packing tapes to keep the items intact during the move. Such packing with the tapes will strengthen your packaging and provide more support.

11. Label delicate items

Every moving box containing delicate and expensive items should be labeled properly. Such boxes should be kept in safe places away from heavier goods. They should be handled with extreme care to avoid any damages.

12. Pack plates in vertical position

Chinaware or glass plates should be kept packed in bubble wrap, tied with a tape, and then put in a moving box vertically to occupy less space. You can keep some crumbled packing paper at the bottom, between, and top of the plates to prevent sudden shocks.

13. Secure fragile electronics

Fragile electronic items should be packed with extreme criticality to protect them from damages. Choosing their original boxes is something you should do as they are of apt size and space.

14. Hire a packing expert

As fragile items require specialized and protective packaging, hiring professional packers and movers in your city is a good idea for their safe delivery. Such packing companies have the right packing materials to pack and wrap fragile items such as crockery, chinaware, paintings, etc.

15. Take as much time as needed

When you are packing your expensive, fragile items like your crockery, cutlery, etc., avoid rushing up. Mind stability and a good research of the right techniques of packaging will be useful and ensure a safe delivery of such items to your new home. Keep your pace low and patiently do the packing of delicate things to minimize the risk of damages.

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How to pack flat-screen TVs?

How to pack flat-screen TVs

For someone who is planning to wrap their flat screen television sets in a furniture box and get it loaded in the truck, you are highly mistaken. Such valuable electronic items are more susceptible to damage when you are traveling a long distance. So, it should be done right at any cost.

  • Start the packing of flat-screen TV’s by safely wrapping it with a good-quality furniture pad.
  • Find the original TV box and put some crumbled packing paper or newspaper at its bottom. If you don’t find the original box, you can buy a flat screen box matching your TV size.
  • Cover the main TV screen with extra pieces of cardboard to protect it against external shocks.
  • After placing the TV set in the box, put some more crumbled packing paper for extra protection.
  • Tape the TV box from the outside in a secure manner.
  • Label the television box with words like “FRAGILE”, “TV”, and “KEEP UPRIGHT”.

How to pack ceramics, glassware, vases, dishes, chinaware?

How to pack ceramics glassware

These fragile items require an ample amount of time to pack. The most successful trick to pack such delicate things is the right padding and keeping things inside intact. Such techniques will prevent their breaking due to moving and external shocks during the transportation. A tightly packed carton will not crush or get damaged.

  • Pick a strong carton box for such delicate goods.
  • PDon’t be a miser while using packing paper for stuffing the empty spaces in the boxes.
  • PGlasses should be packed upright and plates should be packed vertically.
  • PDishes should be kept at the bottom of the boxes, bowls at the center, and the glasses on the top.
  • PHeavier items are meant to be kept at the bottom and the lighter ones on the top.
  • PEnsure that the dish pack is tightly packed with ample crumbled paper.
  • PCeramic items and decorative glasses in quirky shapes and sizes should be packed separately from the other delicate things in the kitchen.
  • PLabel the boxes with words such as “FRAGILE GLASSWARE”, “CAUTION TOP LOAD”, etc.

How to pack picture frames and artwork?

How to pack picture frames and artwork

The right sized and strong packing boxes should be selected for delicate and expensive items like paintings and picture frames. And, they should be packed vertically to zero the risks of damages during the transit.

  • Large artwork and picture frames should be wrapped in furniture pads.
  • Ensure that you cover the front of such delicate items with extra cardboard for protection.
  • Small picture frames and artwork can go in dish packs.
  • You can put towels and padding in the empty spaces in the boxes to avoid colliding and breaking of glasses.
  • Label the boxes with “FRAGILE”, “GLASS PIECES INSIDE”, etc.
The ending note

Fragile items are often expensive to buy and hold good value for the people. How much packing supplies will be required to pack your delicate goods is a question of concern? A packing or moving box calculator is a useful tool that will help you ascertain the quantity of packing materials required by you for your expensive delicate items. Such tools help you minimize the cost of packaging by letting you know the exact quantity of packing materials needed for your goods.

Our essential packing tips listed above will ensure a safe and secure movement of your fragile items from one place to another guaranteeing no damages.

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