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We have often seen very luxurious and aesthetically sound fully furnished houses that look like they have come straight out of a dream. These well-maintained houses are designed to make your home look heavenly.

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And while everyone wants to live in these houses, there are multiple pros and cons that one must consider before shifting to a fully furnished house.

Before you shift your home ,have a look at both these equations to find out what is better for you, to shift to a fully furnished house r not.

Pros of Shifting to a Fully Furnished House:

Pros of Shifting to a Fully Furnished House

Here is a list of all the pros of buying or renting a fully furnished apartment:

  1. Saves money: If you don’t want to spend your money on furniture, then a fully furnished house is a money saver.
  2. Saves time: It not just saves money but also saves time. Shifting into a fully furnished house is easy since you don’t have to carry your bulky furniture. Just clothes, a few essentials, and things you own, and your shift is done.
  3. Saves energy: Since a fully furnished house is already well-organized, you don’t have to set up your new home, ultimately saving you a lot of energy. Although if you hire a great packers and movers company, your shifting won’t be a burden since they have entire set of equipments and moving tools to help you.
  4. Fashionably sound: The fully furnished apartments are usually up-to-date with trends and the fashion of housing. So, you don’t have to feel like you are living in an old-fashioned apartment. It will already be trendy and up-to-the-mark with the latest interior design.
  5. Suitable for short-term living: If you are looking for an apartment to stay in for a short period, you might not want to buy or shift all the furniture for that purpose. But living without essential furniture items is also not possible. A fully furnished apartment becomes a great option in that case.
  6. Buys you time: For those who want their furniture but can’t afford it right now, a fully furnished house buys you time to slowly get your furniture while not being without comfort at all.
  7. An excellent option for students: If you are a student who lives away from your parents, having a fully furnished house ensures that you don’t miss your homely comfort too much. Along with giving your convenience, it also saves your money in this case.
  8. Gives additional services: Fully furnished apartments often also provide other facilities and services that can be very useful.
  9. Flexible and convenient: Not worrying about shifting your home next and carrying all your furniture with you is solved with a fully furnished house. You can come and start living and leave anytime, an effortless way of shifting.
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And those were some of the pros of living in a fully furnished house. Now, let us have a look at the cons of shifting to a fully furnished house to know home shifting better.

Cons of Shifting to a Fully Furnished House:

Cons of Shifting to a Fully Furnished House

Here is a list of all the cons of shifting to a fully furnished house:

  1. They are expensive: While you are planning to save your expenses by not investing in furniture and buying/renting a fully furnished apartment, they are also costly, which means your saving idea doesn’t get fulfilled.
  2. You are responsible for the damages: No matter what the quality of the furniture is in the furnished apartment, if anything is damaged, you either have to pay for it or get it repaired properly.
  3. Lacks your taste and style: No matter how hard you try, you can never buy/rent a furnished house that completely matches your taste. You ultimately have to settle somewhere.
  4. Poor quality: While these homes might be aesthetic, the furniture is usually of bad quality. The houses with new and best quality furniture are generally out of range.
  5. No flexibility: You are not permitted to shift the furniture or move it according to your liking and needs; hence furnished houses are not flexible for living.
  6. Not a practical way of saving money: If you are getting a furnished apartment to save money in any form, sooner or later, you will realize it was just a temporary solution to your problem, and it doesn’t save money either.
  7. Difficult to find: Many regions in a state often don’t have furnished houses, so first, finding a furnished apartment is a challenge in itself.
  8. Doesn’t focus on comfort: Many furnished apartments concentrate more on looking presentable or having enough things to show that they are furnished rather than providing comfort and many necessary items.
  9. You will move out soon: Considering all the good things about furnished apartments, people usually move out of them sooner or later since they lack flexibility, freedom, and many more things.
  10. Lack of ownership: You often feel no sense of ownership, sooner or later, in a rented furnished apartment. It feels like you are living in someone else’s house the entire time.
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And those are most of the pros and cons of living in a fully furnished apartment. While living in a rented or fully furnished apartment also affects the pros and cons, they stay the same in both cases. Now that you have this information making a decision based on these facts will be easier.

Anishka Luthra