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There are always two sides to a story. Nothing is purely good or bad. But it is essential to know all the factors before making any conclusion, just like shifting into an unfurnished house.

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However, many people find it convenient to decorate and furnish their new homes according to their needs and taste. Many like it better when the house is fully furnished. Both of them have their respective benefits and drawbacks. Let us look at all the pros and cons of shifting into an unfurnished house. If you are looking for an apartment or are about to change home, don’t miss the details below.

Benefits of moving into an unfurnished house:

Benefits of moving into an unfurnished house
  1. Price: Whether renting an unfurnished apartment or buying it, it affects the cost a lot in both cases. If you rent a house that doesn’t have its furniture, your rent will be minimal and affordable. And if you are buying an unfurnished apartment, then the cost will be much less than that of a fully furnished apartment. Therefore, unfurnished apartments are easy to pay for.
  2. You are the designer: When the house you shifted to doesn’t come with pre-planned furniture placement and designs, you can be your space’s sole designer and decorator. You can style it however you like and pick any shade card for any wall of your choice. Place the furniture however you want, and nobody shall complain.
  3. Getting your deposit back is easier: Since all the furniture belonged to you, there are minimal chances of getting anything damaged that belonged to the owner, so getting a full security deposit back is easy and possible.
  4. Hassle-free: The furniture owned by you won’t be abandoned. You can bring it to your new apartment and put it all to use. You don’t have to worry about leaving your old furniture behind, managing it in your new apartment with existing furniture, or selling it off.
  5. Durable: Fully furnished houses are a good option for people looking for a short-term stay, but people with a long-term stay or permanently moving into a house should opt for an unfurnished house. This is because getting your furniture and decorating your house feels more welcoming, pleasant, and home-like than living in an already furnished house. Plus, having your taste and preferences for a long-term house is more practical than living with someone else taste.
  6. Freedom to choose: Another benefit of furnishing your own home is having all the liberty over selecting and arranging your furniture rather than adjusting to someone else’s choices.
  7. Easy to locate: it is much easier to find unfurnished apartments and houses than furnished ones. Unlike fully furnished apartments, they are often available in every society and district.
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And those were some of the most common benefits of shifting into an unfurnished apartment. Now, let us look at the drawbacks of the same type of house.

Drawbacks of moving into unfurnished apartments:

Drawbacks of moving into unfurnished apartments
  1. Can be costly: While the rent or cost of buying an unfinished apartment is low, the cost of furnishing it will add up to make the total expense a bit pricy. But since purchasing furniture is a one-time investment, it is still manageable.
  2. Unfurnished can have different meanings: Your meaning of unfurnished can differ from what your seller or landlord thinks unfurnished is. There might not be essential appliances in your apartment either, and then you have to accommodate them.
  3. Not meant for short-term stay: Students and newly wedded couples might find an unfurnished home challenging to live in as it lacks basic accommodation and doesn’t have the bare essentials to fill their house with the required luxuries.
  4. Complicated shifting: Even if you have all the items and furniture with you, all you have to do is shift to your new home. Then also, the shifting can be complicated as moving furniture is not an easy job. You probably have to hire a packers and mover’s company as shifting furniture requires a lot of hard work.
  5. Designing your home can be costly: We know how it feels to be the designer of your new home and the sole decision-maker, but that doesn’t mean it is economical. If you already don’t own designer furniture and aesthetically sound home decor pieces, you might also have to spend money on them.
  6. It is a tiring process: From finding a suitable home to shifting your furniture and designing it, all of this needs a lot of physical and mental hard work and is exhausting.
  7. Not meant for everyone: For people who neither have their furniture nor want to buy it soon, unfurnished apartments are not a practical solution for you. You either have to buy essentials or have to live without them.
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And those are all the benefits and drawbacks of renting/buying an unfurnished apartment. Before moving into them, one must check the pros and cons of a fully furnished house and compare it with unfurnished one. This ensures a wiser decision and easy life ahead. So, according to your preferences and circumstances, which type of apartment suits you the most?

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