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You have finally checked out a few houses and have decided on moving into one, in a new city due to job change or transfers. Then comes the main process of relocation. You will have to start your search for a reliable and trusted moving company to relocate all your household goods. You also have to make one of the important decisions regarding your house relocation – the move date. There are many aspects that you have to consider before choosing a date for move. You can even choose the auspicious dates for a move as per Feng Shui.

We understand moving itself is a stressful task and finding one date can be stressing and confusing. Worry not, as below we have listed some important things to consider that will also answer the question – how to choose a date for move. Keep reading below:

1. Consider the weather

Consider the weather

One of the things to keep in mind when selecting a date for your home relocation is the weather. Moving during the rainy season isn’t a good idea as water and humidity after the rain may damage your belongings. Even extreme heat can impact the condition of your belongings. It’s best to choose a season with mild and predictable weather.

2. Work and school schedule

Work and school schedule

You can coordinate your moving date with your work schedule to avoid any disruptions. If you have children then moving during their summer or winter break is ideal, since they won’t be missing out from school. You can also plan a move and take a few days off from work. This way you will have enough time to move and also set up your new home.

3. Check the lease agreement

Check the lease agreement

Before deciding on a date for your home relocation, make sure to read your rental agreement if you are currently living in a rented home. The date you have to move out is mentioned in the lease agreement. You also have to inform your landlord about moving out prior to 30 days. Also, ensure to ask your landlord about the rules and regulations regarding the moving out from the building.


4. Consider the season

Consider the season

Moving in summer – You can consider relocating your home during the summer season. During this season, the more hours of daylight provides more time for completing the packing and moving task. The weather during summers is also mostly pleasant with occasional downpour. The kids also have a summer break which means moving during this time won’t affect their studies and school schedule.

The cons of moving during summers are the increased demand of the house shifting services which leads to the unavailability of the packers and movers. Excessive heat and hot weather can make the packing and moving process tiring.

Moving in winters – Moving during this season means cooler weather for the physical task of packing and moving. Also, due to the less demand of the moving companies, they are easily available and also offer minimal charges during this season. However, less daylight means reduced time for packing and moving.

5. Weekdays vs. weekends

Weekdays vs. weekends

The day you choose to move also plays a role in the packers and movers charges offered. You can have a less expensive home relocation anywhere in India if you choose to move during the weekdays. Weekends are usually busy days for the moving firms and they even charger higher prices for their services. You can take a few days off your work and relocate your home during the weekdays at lesser moving cost.

6. Special occasions or holidays

Special occasions or holidays

While choosing a longer holiday or festivals sounds like a good idea, but its best to skip these days. Since many people are free during these days they prefer to shift during this time which results in unavailability of the moving companies and increased shifting charges. The traffic during these days are also increased that may cause a delay in the goods delivery.

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7. Selling or buying a home

Selling or buying a home

If you are buying or selling a home, then you also need to consider this when picking a relocation date. If buying a new home, consider the closing and possession date and if you are selling your home, then consider the closing date and coordinate it with your move to have a smooth and secure relocation.

8. Consider your budget

Consider your budget

The moving budget must also be put into consideration when thinking about how to choose a date for relocation. If you are on a tight budget then choose moving date that doesn’t clash with any special occasion or festival as the moving cost will be higher. Relocating during mid-months instead of month-ends is also cost-saving.

9. Packers and movers availability

Packers and movers availability

To have a smooth and safe house relocation, you must hire reliable and trusted packers and movers in Bangalore, Chennai, etc. So, go through multiple moving companies, check their experience, services offered, charges, etc., and then pick one for your move.

After finding household packing services that fit your requirements, ask the movers and packers about their schedule and the dates they will be available for booking. You can then pick a relocation date based on the moving company’s availability and other points on this page.

10. Personal preferences

Personal preferences

Before selecting the relocation date, check your calendar to ensure no major special events, such as birthdays, festivals, etc., are coming up that you don’t want to miss out on. Also, consider the preferences of your family members and then choose a date for moving accordingly, which everyone agrees on.

Once you have decided to relocate to another city, you have to decide when date for relocation. Above are some points that you must consider when choosing a date for your relocation. These points will also help you in having a smooth and trouble-free relocation.

Pratiksha Priya