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Navratri is one of the most auspicious times of the year in India. Celebrated with deep veneration and devotion, this nine-day celebration is the best to celebrate any religious ceremony without actually searching for a shubh muhurat.

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Moving into your new home during Navratri season is also considered auspicious. As housewarming is a religious occasion that should be celebrated during an auspicious date and time, the nine days of Navratri are perfect to plan Griha Pravesh 2024.

Types of Navratri Celebrated In India

Types of Navratri Celebrated In India

The popular nine-day festival of Navratri is the homecoming of Goddess Durga in all her nine avatars that is celebrated with great devotion and extravagance throughout the country. Majorly, there are four kinds of Navratri celebrated throughout the year:

1. Chaitra Navratri: Also known as Vasant Navratri, Chaitra navratri is celebrated in the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April). This Navratri festival ends with the celebration of Ram navami on the ninth day.

2. Sharad Navratri: This Navratri is celebrated during the lunar month of Ashwin (Spetember-October). This Navratri ends with the celebration of Dussehra and Durga Puja in India on the tenth day.

3. Magha Navratri: Celebrated during the Hindi month of Magha (January-February), Magha Navratri falls in the winter season. The fifth day of this Navratri is celebrated as Basant Panchami on which Goddess Saraswati is worshipped.

4. Ashadha Navratri: This Navratri is celebrated in the lunar month of Ashadha (June-July) during the beginning of monsoon season.

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Griha Pravesh into your new home during any of these Navratri festivals is considered auspicious and there is no need to find a shubh muhurat for Griha Pravesh. Banant Panchami, Maha Ashtami, and Ram Navami are the auspicious days for performing any religious rituals as all evil eyes or negativities will get ward off during the auspicious time of Navratri.

Griha Pravesh during 2024 Chaitra Navratri

Griha Pravesh during 2022 Chaitra Navratri

The festival of Chaitra Navratri is just a few months away. If you are planning to move during the month of Chaitra, then this Navratri is the best time to move into your new home without even consulting an astrologer. In the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra, the most auspicious days to plan your Griha Pravesh 2024 include Gudi Padwa, Vasant Panchami, and Ram Navami. Shifting or performing a housewarming ceremony during this Chaitra Navratri brings joy, success, peace, prosperity, and good health to your family. Moreover, it also removes negative energies or evil eyes from your home.

Dates of Chaitra Navratri 2024

DateDayTithiNavratri Day
09th April 2024 Tuesday PratipadaMaa Shailputri Puja
10th April 2024 Wednesday DwitiyaMaa Brahmacharini Puja
11th April 2024 Thursday TritiyaMaa Chandraghanta Puja
12th April 2024 Friday ChaturthiMaa Kushmanda Puja
13th April 2024 Saturday PanchamiMaa Skandamata Puja
14th April 2024 Sunday ShashthiMaa Katyayani Puja
15th April 2024 Monday SaptamiMaa Kalaratri Puja
16th April 2024 Tuesday AshtamiMaa Maha Gauri Puja
17th April 2024Wednesday NavamiMaa Siddhidatri Puja, Rama Navami

Griha Pravesh during 2024 Sharda Navratri

Griha Pravesh during 2022 Sharda Navratri

Sharda Navratri is a ten day long festival celebrated during the month of September-October. Just like Chaitra Navratri, moving into your new home during this festival also brings happiness and prosperity to your family.

Although there are no dates available for Griha Pravesh during the months of September and October, but you can go ahead in planning this auspicious ritual in your new home on any of the following dates for Sharad Navratri 2024:

DateDayTithiNavratri Day
03rd October 2024ThursdayPratipadaMaa Shailputri Puja, Ghatasthapana
04th October 2024FridayDwitiyaMaa Brahmacharini Puja
05th October 2024SaturdayTritiyaMaa Chandraghanta Puja
06th October 2024SundayTritiyaMaa Chandraghanta Puja
07th October 2024MondayPanchamiMaa Kushmanda Puja
08th October 2024TuesdayShashthiMaa Skandamata Puja
09th October 2024WednesdaySaptamiMaa Katyayani Puja
10th October 2024ThursdayAshtamiMaa Kalaratri Puja
11th October 2024FridayNavamiMaa Maha Gauri Puja, Rama Navami
12th October 2024SaturdayDashamiMaa Siddhidatri Puja, Navratri Parana ,Dussehra, Vijay Dashami

Useful Tips for Griha Pravesh During Navratri

Useful Tips for Griha Pravesh During Navratri

Griha Pravesh is a significant religious ritual performed just before any family enters into their new home. People give a lot of importance to the auspicious dates or shubh muhurat for Griha Pravesh as they believe performing such ceremony during this time brings good luck and prosperity to the family. According to the Vastu Shastra, this religious ceremony is conducted when all the five natural elements of nature align with each other. As Navratri is one of the best time periods for any auspicious work, you can perform Griha Pravesh during these nine-days of festivities.

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There are a few tips that you should follow while performing Griha Pravesh during Navratri festival such as:

  • Bring turmeric, jiggery, coconut, Akshat, and Kalash when you enter your new house.
  • The best direction to keep the Kalash is northeast.
  • You can plan a Mata ki Chowki or Ramcharitra Manas in your new home on Griha Pravesh.
  • Griha Pravesh should be performed in a home that is ready to move in. The doors, windows and the roof of the house should be in place.
  • The religious idols of Gods and Goddesses should be placed in the east direction of the house during the Griha Pravesh ceremony.
  • Ganpati Pujan is necessary during this ceremony.
  • The floor of your new house should be cleaned and mopped with salt water for the purification of the house. You can also sprinkle holy water in the house.
  • Decorate the main entrance of the new house with a Toran made with mango or Ashoka tree leaves and marigold flowers.
  • Swastika symbol should also be made at the main door.
  • The floor of the house should be decorated with a Rangoli made with colors and rice flour.
  • A person should enter with the right foot first in their new home.
  • Place a Kalash with water or milk in the new house on the housewarming day.
  • The family members should sleep in their new home on the day of Griha Pravesh.
  • Boil the milk in the kitchen of your new home on the Griha Pravesh as it brings good fortune.
  • Ensure that someone stays in the house for the next forty days of the Griha Pravesh.
  • Prepare a feast for the Brahmins or priests for this religious ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Griha Pravesh in Navratri

Q. What is the best day for Griha Pravesh during Chaitra Navratri?

All the nine days are best for Griha Pravesh during Chaitra Navratri 2024 are from 09th April to 17th April 2024.

Q. Can we perform Griha Pravesh on Dussehra 2024?

Yes, Dussehra or Vijay Dashami is considered an auspicious occasion to do Griha Pravesh in your new home.

Q. What are the auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh during Chaitra Navratri?

All the nine days of Chaitra Navratri are auspicious to perform Griha Pravesh.

Q. What are the auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh during Sharada Navratri?

The auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh during Sharada Navratri 2024 are from 03rd October to 12th October 2024.

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