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Pitra paksha or shradh is about to end, and people are bracing themselves to begin with, or complete their pending auspicious works.

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With a popular stereotype of not doing anything auspicious during shradh or not buying anything during the 15 days of pitra paksha, it becomes essential to know when we can start doing our new tasks, auspicious works, buying new stuff, and do home shifting after shradh. The answer is Shrad Navrati, which comes just after the pitra paksha ends. Let’s know all about home shifting in Sharad Navratri and how promising it is to perform Griha Pravesh in Sharad Navratri 2024.

What is Sharad Navratri 2024?

Devi Durga

As you know, Navratri is celebrated every year, one in April and one in October. Navratri, which comes in April, is called Chaitra Navratri, and the one in October is called Sharad Navratri.

Sharad Navratri comes just after the 15 days of pitra paksha and is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. While the nine days of auspicious time is celebrated for religious reasons, another reason that makes Sharad Navratri loved by the masses is that it is also one of the most prosperous time of the year. You can do many religious tasks, buy new stuff, start new ventures, and shift your home during this time.

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We can do all things well during the revered festival of Sharad Navratri because it marks the victory of Devi Durga over the demon Mahishasur. Since the festival comes just after monsoon, during the autumn season when the crops are ready for harvest, it is also considered good as everything around us is either blooming or welcoming change in their lives.

So, it is safe to say that relocating a home or office or starting a new business in Sharad Navratri is not only allowed but considered most auspicious.

Home shifting in Sharad Navratri 2024

Now that you know the best time for home shifting after Shradh, two things still need to be answered. What is the perfect day and date to shift home during Navratri 2024? And the second one is how to shift home in Navratri 2024. Let us answer both of these questions for you.

What is the auspicious date for home shifting in Navratri 2024?

Sharad Navratri 2024 is from Thursday, 03rd October to Saturday, 12th October. The entire nine days of festivity are auspicious and perfect for home shifting. You can pick up any date between these nine days to shift your home or get your office shifting done by

Also, it doesn’t matter if you are shifting to your own home or a rented apartment and whether you are performing a Griha Pravesh puja or not, you can still shift home without any worries during these nine days.

How can I relocate home or get the commercial shifting done in Navratri 2024?

You can get your booking for home shifting in Navratri 2024 done by Visit their website and fill out the inquiry form or leave your contact details there. You will get a call back from them to finalize your booking. Customer care executives will ask you a few questions to get calls from three moving companies in your area to help you choose your choice of moving company in Mumbai or anywhere across India. They offer multiple home shifting services, which are mentioned on their website. So plan your shifting now and get moving with The Packers Movers.

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There are further questions that many people ask regarding home shifting during Navratri. Let us discuss some of them with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Home shifting in Navratri

Q1. Can we shift to a rented house during Navratri?

Yes, you can shift without worries in a rented apartment in Navratri.

Q2. Can I buy a new house and shit there in Navratri?

Buying a home or shifting home during the nine days of Navratri is encouraging. You can do both of these things without having any second thoughts.

Q3. Why is Navratri good for home shifting?

During the nine days of Navratri, nine different forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped. She is known as the mother nature, Shakti, one of the supreme forms of power, Annapurna, or food provider to all, and the supreme mother of all beings. During the nine days of Navratri, it is considered very auspicious to perform any puja, including Griha Pravesh puja, as goddess Durga blesses everyone with an abundance of happiness and prosperity.

Q4. When should I shift home, during Sharad Navratri or Chaitra Navratri?

It doesn’t matter whether it is Sharad Navratri or Chaitra Navratri, both these times are very auspicious for home shifting, and you can relocate to your new abode without worrying about anything.,

Q5. Which day is the best for commercial shifting out of the nine days of Navratri?

All nine days of Navratri are equally auspicious. Whether you opt for home, office, or commercial shifting, you can pick any day and date out of the nine days of Sharad or Chaitra Navratri.

Now that you have all the required information on home shifting in Navratri release all the worries and start planning already. Navratri is around the corner, so book your shift with fast and get the best moving companies in India to execute the task.

Anishka Luthra