Everyone must have moved once or twice when they bought a new house or had to move to another city for studies, job opportunities, or a lifestyle change.

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The process of packing and moving involves many steps, and for many people, it’s not a very fun thing to do. The outcome is positive, no matter how troublesome and tiring the moving process may be. But, moving to your new home can be made easier and stress-free with the help of some quick packing and moving tips, especially if you are shifting for the first time. Implementing these genius moving hacks during your home relocation will save your efforts, time, and energy. So, try our best packing and moving hacks to make your home shifting smoother.

Get Quotes from Multiple Movers

Boy,laptop and Moving boxes

First and foremost, deciding if you want to hire professional packers and movers who provide household shifting services or a truck rental service if you are planning on a DIY move is essential. In both cases, it is best to visit a reliable online directory or do your proper research to find a moving company. Make sure to get at least two to three moving quotes, compare, and then hire the moving company. Finding and choosing a company should be done at least eight weeks or a month before the day you have to move.

Declutter Your Home

 Declutter Your Home

If you have lived in your home for years, there must be many items to pack, be they small or huge. And, packing everything for the move can be overwhelming for you. So, it is best to go through all your goods from the closet, living room, and bathroom to the kitchen and purge the old and unused items. This way, you will have to pack and unpack fewer items, and you will also save on packing supplies.

Donate or Sell Items

Donate or Sell Items

Moving can be pretty expensive when you have many items for packing. So, you can lower the cost by donating the unwanted items to charity or putting it up for a garage sale. You can also give these items to your friends, relatives, or neighbors.

Start Using Up Food and Cleaning Supplies

Food and Cleaning Supplies

You must know that the packers, movers, or truck rental service providers do not move perishable items or cleaning supplies. If you have a lot of frozen food, snacks, and cleaning supplies, it is best to start using them early. You can also give some of these items to your neighbors or friends.

Use Egg Cartons to Store Jewellery

Egg Cartons to Store Jewellery

Your pieces of jewelry, such as gold or silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., will not be packed and moved by the home-shifting companies. So, if you are looking for moving packing tricks to pack such essential and precious items, use egg cartons. Place the jewelry in the cartons and then place it in a box.

Take a Picture of Wiring

Picture of Wiring

When you remove your TV, PC, or other electronics, it is best to take a picture of where the cables are plugged in for easy wiring in your new home.

Store Small Items in Pots

Small Items in Pots

Looking for packing kitchen hacks? Then there is a simple one! Instead of using up small boxes to store your small spice containers, gadgets, and other items, you can keep these in your pots and pans and then seal the top with the lids.

Label All Your Boxes According to Room

Label All Your Boxes According to Room

Here is another helpful packing tip – Labelling! Many people forget to pack their boxes in a hurry, but this step will help you from opening all of your boxes at once when you search for a particular item. After you pack all the things in one room, you can label the boxes with that room’s name like “Living Room Essentials”, “Bedroom Items”, etc. You can also color code the boxes.

Line Boxes with Garbage Bags for Waterproofing

Line Boxes with Garbage Bags

To prevent spills, you can also line your boxes with a plastic garbage bag and place your items. This way, you can avoid spoiling other boxes during transport.

Prevent Bottles from Spilling

Bottles from Spilling

If you have any shampoo, moisturizer, or already opened liquid, you can line the top with a plastic sheet and then close it with the lid to avoid spills.

Pack Your Boxes Heavy then Light on Top

Boxes Heavy

Instead of loading all of your boxes and making them too heavy for carrying, pack the boxes or cartons with heavy items at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. You can also line up the top with old sheets or towels for cushioning.

Keep Items of Different Rooms in Separate Boxes

Different Rooms

It is best not to mix the items from different rooms in the same box, as this makes the packing process quicker, but the unpacking process will be time-consuming. You will end up unpacking all the boxes in the house when you only need a few kitchen or bedroom items.

Gather More Packing Supplies from Nearby Shops

Packing Supplies

If you run out of boxes for packing, visit your nearby grocery or medical stores to gather old but sturdy boxes. These shops have a lot of boxes in all sizes lying around, and they can be used to pack all the items you have found at the last minute for packing. This shifting hack will also help you save from buying new boxes.

Make an Inventory


When you begin packing and loading your boxes for the move, it will be beneficial if you have an inventory of the number of boxes you have for each room of your house plus the miscellaneous ones. You create a list of the boxes and a short description of what that box contains. When it’s time to unload the boxes, you can cross off them from the list and know if anything is missing.

Pack Decorative and Fragile Items Early

Pack Decorative

The art decors, teacup sets, glassware, crockery, and other fragile art items are very tricky to pack as they can break easily. Each of these items needs to be carefully handled and packed, which will take time. So, instead of packing these the day you move, it is best to start packing some of these delicate items early. On a moving day, you can focus on packing the other things.

Use Old Towels for Cushioning

 Old Towels for Cushioning

When you are looking for tips for packing to move quickly, here is one more that will save you some expenses. Instead of going out and buying padding supplies, use the old bedsheets or towels to cushion the delicate items preventing them from breaking during the move.

Keep Sealable Bag on Hand

Sealable Bag

Always keep a sealable bag at hand where you can store the key to your cupboards, shelves, or closets. You can also store the loose screws, bolts, and other miscellaneous items in this sealed bag and tape them to the furniture it belongs to.

Pack an Essentials Box

Essentials Box

Because you will be packing everything for relocation, keep some essential items for use on your last day at the old location and first day at the new home. Make an essentials box or bag and fill it with toiletries, snacks, water bottles, electronics, nightclothes, etc.

Pick a Moving Day

Moving Day

When picking a day for moving to your new home, try to pick a weekday instead of choosing weekends, as this is the busiest time for the moving companies. During weekdays, you can easily hire the packers and movers, and you may also get a discount.

Use Furniture Sliders to Protect Your Floor

Furniture Sliders

You can use furniture sliders to move the bulky furniture or heavy items. This will protect your hardwood, carpeted or linoleum floors form scuffing.

Home relocation is indeed a very challenging affair as it takes your time, energy, money, and efforts. But, using some of the abovementioned best tips for moving and packing will make this process easier for you. After following these moving hacks and tips, you will have a smooth home relocation.

Pratiksha Priya