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Indore City Information

Indore City Information

Renowned as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, the city of Indore lies at a distance of about 200 km west of the capital city Bhopal. Going back to its formation history, we have come to know that Rao Nandlal Chaudhary founded the city and named it 'Indrapur' after Lord Indra. However, during the Maratha rule, it was renamed 'Indur,' and later, the town became 'Indore' during the British regime.'

indore city information

Also referred to as 'Mini Mumbai,' the city is an industrial and prosperous cosmopolitan sharing a resemblance with Mumbai. It is a city of warm people of different ethnic groups, including Marathi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Muslims, etc. It is a growing city at a breakneck pace due to trade and commerce but still looks clean.

Thepackersmovers.com presents all the reasons that why the city of Indore makes everyone fall in love with it. Be with us from start to end.

Interesting Facts about Indore

  1. The city happens to be the educational hub of central India. Also, it is the only city in India to have both renowned IIM and IIT.
  2. Radio Mirchi-The first private radio broadcasting channel started in Indore.
  3. Celebrities such as Salman Khan, Rahul Dravid, and Lata Mangeshkar were also born in Indore.
  4. Indore happens to be the only city in India to have the greatest jyotirlinga in the range of 100 km-Omkareshwar & Ujjain.
  5. Indore is home to RRCAT (Raja Raman Center of Atomic Technology)
  6. The ‘City of Cotton Mills’ is also Indore.
  7. Some call Indore the Disneyland of Food and others term it ‘the food capital of India.’
  8. Asia’s most giant Lord Ganesha Idol is also in Indore.
  9. Indore’s Kanchi Mandir is all decked up with mirrors.
  10. Indore is also home to central India’s biggest wholesale medicine market.
  11. Indore houses India’s best training school for the dumb & deaf.
  12. Asian continent’s biggest colony, namely, Sudama Nagar, is also in Indore.
  13. The city people also believe that if a circus gets observed in the city, that particular year brings insufficient rainfall.
  14. The city also happens to be the only city worldwide to have a world cup square.
  15. The Lal Bagh Palace in Indore shares a replica with England’s Buckingham Palace.
  16. The city is the largest consumer of Poha.

How to Reach Indore?

Indore is one of India's most innovative cities and is well-known as the industrial hub for IT, automobile, and textile. The best way to come here is via air; however, other options are available, providing easy access to the city.

Indore by road

Indore-By Road

From Mumbai: You can drive on the NH 52 from Mumbai to reach Indore. The distance between the two is approximately 584 km.

From Delhi: You can drive on the NH 52 from Delhi to reach Indore. The distance between the two is approximately 837 km.

Indore By Rail

Indore-By Rail

Coming to Indore via rail is as easy as you think. Indore Junction is the city’s railway station. The trains are available from Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities to Indore.

Indore By Air

Indore-By Air

Indore Airport connects the city with India’s other important cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. The airport also operates international flights to Bangkok, Sharjah, and Kuala Lumpur.

Transport Facilities in Indore

Indore has a very modern outlook. It offers the most developed public transport system with several options to commute within the city. To travel from one place to another, you can either opt for the most convenient yet affordable bus service. However, some other most frequent options available are minibuses or Nagar Sevas, tempos, and auto-rickshaws.

Accommodation Facilities in Indore

Indore offers a wide variety of places to stay to choose from during your stint in the city. Whether you are heading towards Madhya Pradesh commercial capital for business reasons or personal reasons, thepackersmovers.com guarantees you to have a comfortable stay at pocket-friendly rates. You can book a one based on your preferences, from 5-star hotels to mid-range standard hotels to inexpensive, low-priced hotels. All the accommodations available within the city have facilities catering to your minor or significant needs.

Cost of Living

The metropolis of Indore is inexpensive than many other metropolitan cities of India. Below are some of the estimated charges for utilities, rent, transportation, and others informing you how much you may have to pay in case of relocation to Indore. Please note that the below charges may differ from area to area, size of the house, and other factors.


SizeItemsEstimated Charges (Per Month)
For 85m2 ApartmentGarbage, Water, Electricity, Cooling, and HeaterINR 2,000-INR 10,000
Internet (60 Mbps or more)INR 450-INR 1500


Size Estimated Charges (Per Month)
1-Bedroom Flat (Outside City Centre)INR 3,500 to INR 10,000
1-Bedroom Flat (Within City Centre)INR 5,000 to INR 12,000


Items Estimated Charges
Local TransportINR 10-INR 30
Monthly PassINR 300-INR 900


ItemsEstimated Charges (Per Month)
Food at Inexpensive RestaurantINR 100-INR 300
Meal at Standard RestaurantINR 300-INR 1500

Grocery Shopping In Indore

To buy groceries in Indore, either you can visit local bazaars, famous markets, supermarkets, general stores, or place an order online through several apps and get your parcel delivered to your doorsteps.

People & Lifestyle in Indore

The people of Indore are ‘Indoris.’ They live in complete harmony with each other. They are very friendly towards everyone. They are soft-hearted and courteous but keep a business-minded approach. Once you are here, you will see people from different caste, creed, and religion live together. Their prime languages are Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Sindhi, Bengalis, Gujarati, and English.

The lifestyle of Indoris gets well depicted right from their food to home décor. The city’s rich art and culture have contributed a lot to earn a good reputation. The people are full of life. Their smartness can be seen in eating around 365 days and balance it with engaging themselves in many fitness activities like yoga, gym, etc. Thepackersmovers.com assures you to get lost entirely in the true essence of Indore city while you are here.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Indore

The city has a lot of tourist places to present before you. The best part about them is most of them are lying in proximity to each other. It saves your time and money. Look below for the best places of tourist interest that deserve to get added to your itinerary before you embark on city travel.

  1. Lalbagh Palace; offers elaborate paintings, a royal lifestyle, interesting artifacts, and Buckingham Palace-like façade.
  2. Rajwada Palace; offers sound and light show and architectural craftsmanship.
  3. Central Museum; offers historical relics, stone sculptures, and a few Mughal canons.
  4. Mayank Blue Water Park; offers adventurous rides, pool parties, and dance.
  5. Safari Activity Park; offers adventurous activities for kids, adults, families, and corporate groups.
  6. Holkar Stadium; offers cricket matches. It can accommodate around 30,000 people.
  7. Pipliyapala Regional Park; offers lake viewpoints, food zones, theater, musical fountains, boating activities, etc.
  8. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary; offers wildlife species.
  9. Choki Dhani; offers typical Rajasthani flavors in the form of dance, music, and food.
  10. Annapurna Temple; offers impressive architectural beauty and shrines of Lord Shiva, Kalbhairav, and Lord Hanuman, along with Goddess Annapurna, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

Shopping In Indore

Indulge in these city’s best shopping places to buy unique products, both local and international, as a reminder of your travel.

  1. Kothari Market; offers vibrant clothes in fabulous designs and varieties.
  2. Sarafa Bazaar; offers a wide variety of brass ornaments, traditional and modern jewelry, and delectable food items
  3. MT Cloth Market; offers suits, kurtis, sarees, and impressive fabric.
  4. Heritage Market; offers exquisite handloom and is a shoe paradise.
  5. Tibet Market; offers woolen clothes, monkey caps, woolen shrugs, sweaters, etc.
  6. Sitlamata Bazaar; offers handcrafted fabrics, Chanderi sarees, wedding jewelry, lehenga, etc.
  7. Chappan Bazaar; offers good options and varieties in food.

The List of Malls in Indore Include:

  1. C21 Mall
  2. Treasure Island Mall
  3. Malhar Mega Mall
  4. Central Mall
  5. Indore Central Naman Mall
  6. Porwal Plaza
  7. Galaxy Cyber Mall
  8. Cine Mall
  9. Real Mall

Delicious Food in Indore

The listed below are some amazing food in Indore available at affordable rates. They mainly include:

  • Dahi Vada
  • Poha Jalebi
  • Khatta Samosa
  • Moong Bhajiya
  • Mawa Bati
  • Bhutte Kees
  • Dal Bafla
  • Jaleba
  • Sabudeane ki Khichdi
  • Johnny Hot Dog
  • Indori Namkeen
  • Kulfi Faluda
  • Garadu
  • Khopra Patties
  • Malpuas
  • Sandwich
  • Sarafa ke Paranthe
  • Traditional Dal Ki Kachori
  • Bina Tala Samosa
  • Sev Tomato Sabji
  • Paan

Nightlife in Indore

The nightlife in Indore is very happening, especially if you visit Sarafa Bazaar. It becomes a hotspot for buying many jewelry items made of gold, silver, and others during the day. However, during the night, it becomes a perfect place to try lip-smacking delicacies like aloo tikki, chole tikkiya, sabudana khichdi, papdi chaat, and sweets like jalebi, rabri, gulab jamun, etc.

Nightlife in Indore also gets best discovered at pubs & lounges. Elegant ambiance, loud music, multi-cuisine delicacies, exotic wines, Karaoke nights, trendy décor, and whatnot are the main highlights of the city’s famous pubs and lounges. Their names are:

  1. Trance-The Pub
  2. 10 Drowning Street
  3. Fireball Pub
  4. Club Ego
  5. Kyro
  6. Mustang Lounge
  7. Quorum Lounge
  8. Woodstock Lounge
  9. Calypso Club & Lounge

Top Schools in Indore

Below is a list of the most sought-after schools in Indore to consider for your child if you expect relocation to the city.

  1. The Shishu Kunj International Public
  2. Delhi Public School
  3. Choithram School
  4. Sri Satya Sai Vidya Mandir
  5. St. Mary’s Convent Sr. Sec. School
  6. Vindhyachal Academy
  7. Vidya Bhawan Pubic School
  8. The New Digamber Public School
  9. Annie Besant School
  10. St. Raphael Girls Higher Secondary School
Top Colleges & Educational Institutes in Indore
  1. Acropolis Institutes of Management & Research, Technology & Research, and Pharmaceutical Education & Research.
  2. Jaipuria Institute of Management
  3. Indore Management Institute
  4. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences
  5. Holkar Science College
Top Universities in Indore
  1. Oriental University
  2. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University
  3. SAGE University
  4. Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences
  5. Devi Ahilya University

Work Opportunities in Indore

You can expect great job opportunities with the coming of giant Indian companies like Infosys and TCS. However, some other sectors to look for jobs include IT, hospitality, and MNCs.

Hospitals in Indore

The city of Indore is a 2-Tier city, but its medical infrastructure is commendable. It offers high-end and dependable hospitals; this reduces people’s worry about moving to neighboring towns for treatments. The most fantastic thing about the city’s healthcare sector is that it has made medical facilities available and affordable to everyone. From single-specialty hospitals to multi-specialty hospitals to clinics, and small hospitals, all are accessible.

Some features of Multi-Specialty Hospitals include:

  • Well-trained staff
  • Experienced medical personnel
  • Care-taking staff
  • Highly trained & skilled surgeons and doctors to cater to an all-type medical emergency
  • 24X7 nurses, helpers, and technicians

Facilities at Indore Medical Centers:

  • Quality services to the patients
  • Swift treatment for a healthy lifestyle in future
  • Superior medical equipment & technological support
  • Dedicated staff for pediatric disorders, child care, kidney disorders, and other diseases.
  • 24X7 care to the patients

The hospitals in Indore have facilities of clinics that look after minor seasonal illnesses. The patients need not worry as some hospitals also have superb arrangements to provide diagnostic treatments to patients, along with palliative care and superior restorative rehabilitation care.

Advantages of Staying in Indore

  1. The people of the city are good, helpful, and not at all aggressive.
  2. The town provides excellent educational opportunities.
  3. It is a spotless city.
  4. It offers 24X7 electricity and water.

Disadvantage of Staying in Indore

  1. The traffic of the city is disastrous. It is very slow during the peak hours.
  2. The city of Indore does not have direct connectivity to many important cities of India.
  3. The summers are sweltering.
  4. The infrastructure of the city needs improvement.

Moving Tips to Indore

Whenever you plan a move to Indore in Madhya Pradesh, the information mentioned above will surely help your move along with the tips hinted here below. Your reason to relocate can be personal or professional, but the below-mentioned points will 100% support your relocation and make it hassle-free. Sometimes, you may have to backpack at the last minute, and there is a probability of you forgetting essential things that may create stress. It is better to go through these helping tips by thepackersmovers.com for a trouble-free experience ahead. Here they are:

  1. It will help if you pack in advance.
  2. It will help if you set your budget.
  3. It will help if you declutter so that you can only carry what you need.
  4. It will help if you arrange quality moving boxes.
  5. It will help if you fix a timer and pack for 1-hour a day.
  6. It will help if you do not over-pack your moving boxes.
  7. It will help if you select the correct size boxes for your things.
  8. It will help if you do not leave any space in a moving box.
  9. It will help if you consider other items that need attention.
  10. It will help if you tape your boxes well.
  11. It will help if you label each box to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  12. It will help if you contact the utility companies as fast as possible as expect relocation.
  13. It will help if you hire a professional packing and moving company to help in shifting.
  14. It will help if you discuss your doubts with a friend who has up-to-date knowledge about your moving city.
  15. It will help if you Google relevant information about the city you are moving to.

Importance of Packers and Movers

With the help of moving agents, your relocation to Indore can become effortless and more enjoyable. The packers and movers Indore registered on our portal, thepackersmovers.com are efficient and trained to provide value for money services. Their knowledge and experience are timely; this helps them provide the most customized solution for your move. Packing to moving and loading, you can contact these city-based moving agents to get non-interrupted customer care services throughout the year. For non-obligatory quotes and best advice, do not delay pre-home visits for free. We assure you to have the best moving experience with them. Book them now!

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Population 19.9 Lakhs (Approx Figure)
Area 530 km²
Geo Location West Central India
Languages Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sindhi, and English
Average Climate 39° / 21°
Best Time to Visit October to March
STD Code 0731
Nearest Airport Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (15 minutes drive from the city)
Nearest Railway Station Indore Junction
Website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indore
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