Moving insurance is one of the best services provided by packing and moving companies. Moving insurance is a cover against the risk involved in transporting the goods. If any damage occurs to the goods or the goods get lost or stolen during the shifting process, the moving company will compensate you for the same.

This is why most people opt for moving insurance when relocating from one city to another. After all, the primary need for packing and moving insurance is required for a long shift only. This is why almost every other moving company provides a moving insurance facility.

There are two kinds of moving insurance offered by moving companies:

1. Goods transit insurance:

This insurance covers the risk of damages while the goods are in transit. It is usually 1.5% of the declared value of goods.

2. All-inclusive insurance:

This insurance service is availed during the shifting process and is offered by only a few packers and movers. All-inclusive insurance is 3% of the declared value.

Make sure to discuss these insurances with your service provider and avail of it while deciding on the agreement. Take the moving insurance on time as the chance for availing insurance can run out soon.