To shift locally to the national capital of India, you have to pay around 7,000 to 8,000 rupees to a moving company. But it is difficult to tell the exact cost of shifting for 1 BHK in Delhi as multiple factors affect the cost. Having their exact estimation is not possible. Hence, only a rough idea can be provided about the cost of shifting charges in Delhi for 1 BHK.

Only a packing and moving company can tell you the exact amount of shifting, which can vary.

Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of shifting 1 BHK locally in Delhi:

The number of goods

Sometimes, there is more or less the number of goods a customer has in their 1 BHK than the estimation of the moving company. The company usually provides charges based on their estimations from experience. So, anything more or less in goods will also matter while calculating the final cost of shifting.

Time of shifting

matters whether you are shifting locally or from city to city. That’s because several relocations are at their peak on weekends and ending of the month. And prices of packing and moving companies increase during this time. So, if you want to get a comparatively less expensive moving quotation, prefer moving on weekdays or mid of the month. This time the shifting flow is less, and getting the best moving companies at affordable rates is easier.

Miscellaneous factors

The size of goods and labor required to lift them, extra services availed like unpacking and rearranging of goods at the drop location, tools and equipment required for shifting, number of vehicles used for transportation, etc. These things matter and affect a great deal to the bill of shifting.

Those are some of the factors that highly affect the moving cost. Some people like taking the moving insurance in local shifting too, so that also gets included and increases the price of shifting.