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Packers and Movers in Velachery

Packers and Movers in Velachery, Chennai

The best quality moving companies are reliable, experienced, and professional. But people often need help to search for packers and movers with all the goods and required qualities. If you are struggling with the same problem while finding packers and movers in Velachery, then call Thepackersmovers.com. Our experts have done all this research to ensure our customers get only those moving companies that are high in quality and fit well within the budget.

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Why Choose Packers & Movers Velachery from Thepackersmovers?

Hire the best and professional packers and movers in Velachery from ThePackersMovers for a smooth and trouble-free move. Stay assured to choose us as all our packers and movers -
  1. Trusted & Verified:

    Full background verification of the packers and movers Velachery is performed before enlisting them on the website.
  2. Offer Affordable Pricing:

    All our Velachery packers and movers provide top-notch packing and moving services at budget-friendly prices.
  3. Use Best Quality Packing Materials:

    Our professional movers and packers in Velachery use top-quality packing materials to pack belongings and ensure their safety.
  4. Safe Transportation:

    Our packers and movers in Velachery ensure that your valuables reach their final destination in perfect condition.
Packers and Movers in Velachery, Chennai

Packers and movers Velachery charges

Size of Move Up to 30 km Above 30 km
1 BHK Rs. 3,000 - 12,000 Rs. 8,000 - 10,000
2 BHK Rs. 5,000 - 15,000 Rs. 10,000 – 15,000
3 BHK Rs. 8,000 – 18,000 Rs. 12,000 – 20,000
4/5 BHK Rs. 10,000 – 20,000 Rs. 15,000 – 25,000
Car transportation Rs. 3,000 – 7,000 Rs. 5,000 – 10,000
Bike transportation Rs. 2,000 – 5,000 Rs. 3,000 – 8,000

Note: This table provides just an estimation of packers and movers charges in Velachery, Chennai. The actual figures of the final cost of moving will vary from the cost given above based on various factors. To better understand your shifting charges, call Thepackersmovers.com and get free moving quotes to have a word with professional and verified movers in Velachery.

Hiring Guide – Packers and movers Velachery

There are thousands of packing and moving companies in Chennai , Velachery, but it is often not easy to tell which is fraud and which is genuine. Thepackersmovers.com lists all the genuine and professional moving companies in Velachery that can be trusted for their quality work.

A person must hire a moving company when they are shifting, as shifting is a challenging task. It requires a lot of physical hard work, and mental planning to execute it safely and on time. Multiple offices or household goods make it more complicated, and confusion comes with complications. Having a professional by your side is essential to permanently waive all the confusion and complications.

Under professional guidance, a person not only gets saved from experiencing all the hard work, tensions, planning, and hassles involved in the shifting but also from unknown problems. For example; if the route you have to travel is unknown to you, it will create many problems for the person who is moving.

Moving companies usually know all the routes, shortcuts, risky areas (in terms of roads or climate), and the possibility of any and every problem that can come in the way of shifting. This also gives them an advantage as they always have the plan to solve such problems and ensure nothing comes in between you and your shift.

With years of experience comes unmatched knowledge. And one must take full advantage of that experience if one wants to avoid inviting any problems during their shift. So, household shifting with packers and movers in Velachery is always the best option rather than having a DIY shift.

Types of moving companies available in Velachery

If you need clarification about your shifting and need help with what to do for your shift, here is an explanation of the types of moving companies available in Velachery. All these companies are associated with us so that you can call and inquire about their services for our customer care executives.

Local packers and movers in Velachery: If you want to shift your home or office locally in Velachery, these companies will help you. They give the best advice about which moving facility the customer needs and which shouldn’t be availed to save money.

Domestic packers and movers in Velachery: People often shift out of their home towns too, in search of better career options. In that case, domestic packers and movers are your best friend as they relocate people from city to city with safety and smooth experience.

Packing and moving services available in Velachery via Thepackersmovers.com

Here is a list of all the services available at Thepackersmovers.com through our associated companies. Call Thepackersmovers.com to get any of these services. We will provide instant callbacks for free moving quotes, and you can compare and choose your choicest moving company.

Household shifting services in Velachery: If you are looking for local support for household shifting in Velachery, you can easily avail of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading services from our movers. They also provide a pre-move survey and additional services to any customer who wants them.

Office shifting services in Velachery: Sometimes we must move our work to a new location. But moving out with all the IT equipment, furniture, electronics, multiple wires, files, and whatnot is undoubtedly a task. Call Thepackersmovers.com and get experienced corporate movers in Velachery to shift your office to the new location safely and on time.

Storage and warehousing services in Velachery: There are times when people have to leave their homes (majorly in rented apartment's case) but don't have a new home to move into. In that case, storage and warehousing services in Velachery prove to be very useful. Get spacious, temperature-controlled, clean, pest-free, and economical warehousing and storage services in Chennai, Velachery to store your goods temporarily for as long as you want.

Factors affecting the cost of shifting in Velachery

Here are all the factors that affect the cost of shifting in Velachery

  1. The volume of goods: The number, size, and weight of goods play a major role in deciding the final cost of shifting. If the goods are not too heavy or giant and can be handled with a limited number of labours, it will surely cost less than in the opposite case.

  2. Quality and quantity of packing material: Customers can decide if they want high, medium, or low-quality packing. They can also decide which item needs to be packed with the best quality packing material (all the fragile and antique items) and which should not be packed with layers of material. Based on these requirements and the number of packing materials used on goods, the cost of shifting gets affected.

  3. Availability of lift: If the house is on a higher number of floors and there is no lift availability, extra labour, and equipment will be required to load and unload the goods. This factor adds its fair share to the total cost of moving.

  4. Distance and vehicle used for transportation: Just because it’s a local shift doesn't mean it cannot have a good number of distances between the pick-up and drop location. The distance between the two locations and which type of truck (shared or dedicated) is used for the shit also play a significant role in deciding the cost of shifting.

  5. Date of shifting: If a customer chooses to move on a holiday or festival, there is a high chance that the shifting cost will be higher. That’s because a lot of people prefer to move on these days. Therefore, the shifting charges witness a hike to accommodate the proper distribution of labour and equipment and arrange necessary resources. Hence the customer has to pay more price than what they would have paid if they had chosen a non-holiday date to shift on.

How to hire the best packers and movers in Velachery?

Here are the steps you must follow to get the best packers and movers in Velachery and shift with ease and comfort:

Start by looking for nearby packers and movers in Velachery

You can easily find all the nearby packers and movers in Velachery by searching the internet. Their number of experiences, customer reviews, services available, official address, and contact details, everything is mentioned on their website.

Call a directory portal

You must have your own choices and take help from a directory like Thepackersmovers.com. This gives you a lot of options to compare and choose your final packing and moving service provider in Velachery.

Ask for official documents

It is important to check whether Velachery packers and movers are genuine, as this industry is also filled with fraudsters. Ask the moving company to provide you with their moving license, GST number, identification number, etc. Consider only those moving companies genuine that can present these documents. All those who hesitate or say no to showing their official documents should be eliminated from the list of your potential choices for shifting companies.

Get pre-move survey

This survey is important if you want to know the moving company properly. Their behaviour, knowledge, professionalism, and everything can be checked here. Also, how the moving company will work on your shifting and what doubts you have regarding the same are addressed during the pre-move survey.

Verify all the details and moving quotes

Once you get all the moving quotes from the packing and moving companies you have shortlisted and callbacks arranged by Thepackersmovers.com, it's time to compare them. This comparison should be based on their price, services they provide, customer satisfaction based on their reviews, number of experiences, and how expert and professional the company looked while giving you the pre-moving survey.

Discuss with family and trusted people

Whether you feel confident about a mover, you must discuss everything about them with your family and take their opinion. They will give you the best guidance and advice and might show you the picture from a different angle you missed the entire time.

Hire and get moving

After completing all these steps, you will get at least 1 or more 1 packers and movers in Velachery for your move. Hire that moving company, finalize your shifting date, and move easily, safely, and comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to estimate shifting charges in Velachery, Chennai?

The packers and movers charges in Velachery for shifting depend on the number of goods to be moved, the type of packing material to be used, the type of moving vehicle used for shifting, and the amount of fragile and antique items. Other minor factors include the availability of a lift, date of shifting, additional services availed, and distance between pick-up and drop location. Based on these factors, the final cost of shifting in Velachery is estimated.

Q2. How much do packers and movers in Velachery Chennai charge?

On average, the packers and movers charges for shifting in Velachery ranges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 20,000 depending on the size of the move. But since multiple other factors are involved, the moving charges vary from shifting to shifting. So, the exact cost of moving can only be known after taking note of all the customer requirements for shifting.

Q3. How to identify fake packers and movers in Velachery?

Fake packers and movers in Velachery in Chennai do not have valid legal documents like company registration certificates, ID proofs of owners, proper social media profiles, office premises registered in their name, or GST registration numbers. They also sometimes have improper behaviour that hints that the moving company is not genuine.

Q4. How do I choose the best packers and movers in Velachery?

To get the best packing and moving company in Velachery, you must have multiple options to compare the cost and services of the company. If you want free quotes from genuine moving companies, call Thepackersmovers.com to get an instant response. Then you can compare all the moving quotes provided by the company and choose any company associated with the directory.

Q5. What is the estimated time of local shifting in Velachery?

Local shifting takes little time as the distance to be travelled is significantly less, and multiple services are also not required for the same reason. That is why, local shifting in Velachery takes at most 1-2 days to be completed. In any case of unavoidable circumstances, the moving company usually informs the customer about the delay and the reason behind it.

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