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Car Transport in Rajkot

Car Transport in Rajkot

Transportation of your vehicle to a new place like Rajkot from the old one during the home or office relocation is indeed not at all a simple task to perform and that too when you are planning to relocate your place especially on your own. And, the reason for this is very simple and straight as your car is indeed your prized possession and you have invested a lot of money in fulfilling your dream. That is why; it is recommended to be extra cautious while hiring the car carriers in Rajkot so that you do not need to face any problems during the relocation process. But, getting this job done is not that simple. But with Thepackersmovers.com, it is very simple as for relocating your car from Rajkot, you require professional’s assistance from one place to another successfully.

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Car Transport in Rajkot

Door-to-Door Car Transport in Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Do you expect car transportation anytime soon? If yes, be quick to pay an online visit to our website, Thepackersmovers.com, and hire the most suitable car transport company Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and other cities of India. Ours is a trusted onsite providing detailed information regarding movers & transporters who go the extra mile to deliver fully satisfying services. Their experience and knowledge help provide instant solutions to vehicle shipping requirements, also budget-friendly. For safe & secure car transport in Rajkot, we recommend quickly filling out your needs on the online form and getting quotes & advice.

Any company that offers packing, loading & delivery is not reliable unless it is licensed & authorized. At the Thepackersmovers, we assist you with professionally certified companies that are legitimate service providers for home/office relocation, vehicle transportation, storage & warehousing, and cargo shifting services. While searching for the best car transport centers near me in Rajkot, you find that the Packers Movers is a one-stop destination for all packing & moving services in PAN India & worldwide. We offer matching quotes based on the requirements of leading companies. The customers compare the prices to choose the most suitable service provider for a peaceful car moving experience. Book your slot today!

Estimated Charges based on Distance for Car Transport Rajkot- The Packers Movers

Type of Move Up to 400 km 400 km- 800 km 2800km-1300 km 1300km-1900 km
Home Shifting + Car Transportation Charges INR 11,000- INR 25,000 INR 12,000- INR 28,000 INR 14,500- INR 37,000 INR 17,000- INR 40,000
Car Shifting Charges INR 2,500- INR 4,800 INR 3,800- INR 6,500 INR 4,500- INR 8,500 INR 5,500- INR 9.700

Car Vehicle Type Within 10 km -400 km Within 400km km- 800 km Within 800km-1300 km Within 1300km-1900 km
Hatchback INR 2,700- INR 4,500 INR 4,700- INR 7,500 INR 7,500- 11,000 INR 12,000- INR 18,000
Sedan INR 3.500- INR 6,500 INR 5,500- INR 8,500 INR 8,500- INR 12,000 INR 14,000- INR 22,000
SUV INR 4,500- INR 6,500 INR 6,500- INR 9,500 INR 10,000- INR 14,000 INR 15,000- INR 24,000
Crossover INR 4,500- INR 6,500 INR 6,500- INR 9,500 INR 10,000- INR 14,000 INR 15,000- INR 24,000
Coupe INR 5,500- INR 7,500 INR 7,500- INR 9,500 INR 10,000- INR 15,000 INR 17,000- INR 25,000
Convertible INR 6,000- INR 8,000 INR 8,000- INR 10,000 INR 10,000- INR 15,000 INR 17,000- INR 25,000

Helping tips to Save Money for Car Transport Rajkot, India

The mentioned charges above are subject to change as the client’s requirements vary for car moving services in Rajkot. However, some factors are bound to affect the moving costs for every customer. The Packers Movers assists you with the much-needed information to save a considerable amount of money on your car relocation. Here we go!

Distance - The transport time entirely depends upon the distance from source to destination. The more the distance is, the more you will pay for the services.

Size & Weight of Vehicle - A large-sized & heavy car will take more time to deliver to the targeted location.

Type of Moving Vehicle - An enclosed car carrier or truck is pricier than an open car carrier owing to its range in size & capacity. It is also service seekers’ favorite because their car remains dust-free.

Insurance Coverage - It is a value-added service must for the security of your vehicle. But as it is a chargeable service, please ensure you discuss it with the experts and opt for the most appropriate one for your car.

A Pre-Car Move Survey - A pre-car move survey helps service seekers gather valuable information regarding car relocation, including moving costs, distance & time, and workforce required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Car Transport in Rajkot

Q1. Do you offer quotes for free for car transport in Rajkot?

Yes, The Packers delivers free quotes for car transport in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Q2. Who are the best movers for car transport in Rajkot?

All movers registered with the Thepackersmovers are the best. However, whose prices and services match your requirements is worth hiring immediately to manage car relocation.

Q3. Do I require some documents for car transport in Rajkot?

Yes. Please ensure you have a photocopy of your driving license, car insurance, RC book, and an original PUC certificate.

Q4. Do you only offer car transport in Rajkot?

No. The Packers Movers assists you with Packers and Movers in Rajkot, offering home/office relocation, two-wheeler or four-wheeler transportation, & storage and warehousing services.

Q5. Does car transport in Rajkot inclusive of extra hidden charges?

No. We assure you of reliable services from genuine service providers free of additional fees. Book now!

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