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We can easily categorize Value Added Services in Two classes one is Value Added Services for Individuals and another is Value Added Services for Corporate. First you have to understand that what Value Added Services Are? Well Value Added Services are those which can save your valuable time and reduces the chances of any inconvenience.

If we precisely talk about Value Added Services for Individuals we can categorize that into five parts such as Settling in Services, Services Provided at the Point of Origin, Orientation Program before Shifting, Child & Elder Care, and Administrative Assistance.

Thepackersmovers.com is an online directory catering their customers with all the relevant info about Value Added Services, whether for Individuals or Corporate. We provide all the relevant information about everything related with Packers and Movers services, so that you could avail the best Packing and Moving service provider for relocation.

Settling in Services:

This is the first type of Value Added Services which is provided by the Packers and Movers Company to their customers. Well these services are provided in order to save the valuable time of customers plus avoid any sought of inconvenience for them. These are the very basic Value Added Services which is provided by the service provider to you. These services are provided at the origin itself i.e. at the start so that the customer would feel comfortable right from the start.

Settling in Services is mostly provided in two phases one is one is at the origin itself and another at the destination point. The major purpose behind the Settling in Services is that they made the settling part easy, convenient, time- bound and flexible.

It is wholly or solely depends on the needs of the customers and for this reason they either avail these services at origin, or at destination or even both. This is one of the major steps which are considered as the backbone of Relocation. It is the sole responsibility of the Packers and Movers service provider to cater their customers with best services, so as to avail the wonderful experience while relocation.

Services at the Point of Origin:

This is one of the major services which a Packers and Movers Company caters to their customers. This is the kind of services which is provided at the very start in order to make the customers comfortable at very start of the relocation process. It’s like the beginners program where consumers are made aware of the customs, language and all those amenities which are the part of their new life in the new region. At this point all the necessary information is given to the customers about the geography, brief history, places to visit, and facilities.

Most of the firms follow this step in order to make their customers comfortable prior choosing the packing and moving services. The significance of this service lies mostly in pre-shifting, where companies are tend to offer such just to make an impression on their clients.

Orientation Program before Moving:

This is more or like similar to the above step, which is tailor made and designed smartly to give more and more knowledge to the customers about the new region they are shifting in. In this step practical methods have been adopted to make customers aware about the costs, public transportation, banking, medical information, recreation facilities, shopping centers etc are briefly explained to the customers.

This program is like any other orientation program where you have been guided with what to come in future. So do not skip this step as it involves the majority of possibilities so that you can shift without any hassle or stress.

Child and Elder Care:

Relocation is not an individual task; it is for the whole family including children and elderly people. Both either children or Elderly people need proper care and attention and for this reason any sought of negligence can be dangerous for them. A reputed Packers and Movers firm provides such facilities that cater their customers with a helping hand in case of Child and Elder Care.

A reputed firm will do every task by itself so that family and members left thinking about that and then the chances of bad symptoms due to disturbance will get reduced.

Documentation Assistance:

Documentation is the important key if anyone wants to shift abroad. So a Packers and movers company will do all the relevant work for you in terms of documents whether it is work or residence permit or visa formalities. They are highly skillful in such tasks and accompany all the relevant steps as fast as possible.

Disclaimer :We offer best suggestions for Packers and Movers service providers in India. You can find suitable options for home, office, vehicle and other relocation needs. Before finalizing any Packers and Movers, you must verify reliability of that service provider on your own. Thepackersmovers.com won’t be accountable for any kind of loss, damage or mishap.Read Entire Disclaimer
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