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So, are you feeling dreadful on seeing some of your most loved household items damaged at the hands of the moving company’s personnel? Or else, a few of them went missing during the shifting.

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While it is disheartening to see your precious household belongings damaged in front of your eyes, you can still save yourself from such financial losses by filing an insurance claim from the moving company. This service of packers and movers is no less than a breath of fresh air for the people who feel worried about the safety of their goods during the move.

What is moving insurance?

What is moving insurance

Moving insurance is an additional service provided by moving companies to provide protection to household or commercial goods when they move from one place to the other by any means of transportation. It offers coverage on risks caused by the damages or losses due to natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances like accidents, earthquake, explosion or theft. Availability of moving or transit insurance from professional packers and movers in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, or any other city in India will insure your goods and save you from financial losses during transportation.

There are various types of moving insurance such as cargo moving insurance, international moving insurance, moving and storage insurance, and so on.

Before you hire any moving company for your move, it is important to check if it offers moving insurance on your goods as some fake movers and packers utilize such opportunities to scam you by running away with your money and belongings. Moreover, it is also important that you go through the terms and conditions of the insurance policy well before availing this service from them. Don’t forget to take insurance certificates and original bills from the movers and packers.

Goods covered by moving or transit insurance

Goods covered by moving or transit insurance

If you have decided to take a moving insurance from the packers and movers for the safety of your goods, it is significant that you should know what goods are covered by such insurance cover. The following goods are covered by this insurance policy:

  • Furniture
  • Electronic appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Home appliances
  • Gardening equipment

Items such as jewelry, medicines, cash, valuables, antiques, glassware, and perishable items are not covered by transit insurance.

Purpose of moving insurance for goods

Purpose of moving insurance for goods

The major purpose of taking up moving insurance on your household or commercial goods is to ensure their safety while they are in transit. Unforeseen situations such as fire, theft, or accidents can damage your goods and lead to huge financial losses. So, to save you from such a situation, availing this service from your relocation service provider is suggested.

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Moving or transit insurance is calculated on the basis of the value of goods to be moved and the plan selected for purchase. When you want to opt for basic insurance during transit, you can take transit insurance. But when you want your goods to be fully covered by the insurance policy, then you should go for an all-inclusive insurance.

The basic rate of moving insurance is somewhere around 3% of the declared value. People can make an insurance claim of maximum 80% of the declared value if their goods are lost or damaged during transportation.

Components of moving insurance charges of packers and movers

Components of moving insurance charges of packers and movers

The major heads covered under packers and movers moving insurance charges are –

  • Distance to be traveled
  • Nature of items
  • Real value of items
  • Age of items

Types of Insurance Protections Offered by Packers and Movers

Types of Insurance Protections Offered by Packers and Movers

The packers and movers companies offering moving insurance services provide two kinds of insurance protections:

1. Full value protection: Under this protection, the relocation company will provide cash settlements, repair of damaged items insured, replacement coverage, etc. against lost or damaged goods.

2. Declared value protection: Under this moving insurance, the insurance amount can only be claimed for insured household goods. People have to declare the actual value of their household goods and the moving insurance charges will be calculated accordingly.

Documents required for moving insurance claim

Documents required for moving insurance claim

People claiming moving or transit insurance should submit the below documents:

  • Landing bill
  • Original invoice
  • Insurance claim form
  • Shipping details

Moving Damage Claim: The Ultimate Checklist

Moving Damage Claim

Have you found your insured household or commercial goods damaged when they are delivered to you by the moving company? If your answer is yes, then it is time to make an insurance claim. So, here we have listed down the detailed procedure to make a damage claim from the packers and movers in a hassle-free manner.

Basic criteria: Every moving company follows a different set of procedures and terms for moving insurance claims. The most common one includes:

  • Always start your packing once you are aware of the terms and conditions of insurance claims or let the moving company professionals do the packing.
  • Submit your insurance claim within 14 days of the delivery of your shipment through courier or email.
  • Don’t forget to attach photographs of your damaged items and their packaging with the insurance claim form.
  • The inspection by the insurance company will only be arranged when the evidence is reviewed.
  • Avoid opening the packaging or moving your damaged goods from the place of delivery as the insurance or moving company will conclude that the damage was done after you have opened or moved your parcel or goods. In such cases, the claim gets rejected.
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Liability of claim: People who have taken all-inclusive or enhanced insurance policy on their goods can claim the full amount of the damage but only if your repair or replacement cost is not less than the amount of your insurance cover.

Cases when insurance claim can be rejected: There are several cases under which your claim for moving insurance can be rejected by the company.

1. The goods inside the moving box are damaged but the packaging is in good condition.

2. Goods are very heavy for the packaging.

3. Inadequate cushioning between the packed items inside the box leading to damages.

4. The opening and joints are not properly sealed with packing tapes.

5. Failure to submit insurance claim form within 14 days of shifting.

6. The damaged items are not in the list of insured goods.

7. Failure to sign the consignment as damaged or unchecked.

Procedure for moving insurance claim: When you notice any damages to your goods when they are delivered to you by the moving company, you should ask for the official insurance claim procedure right away.

1. Submit the old along with the latest photographs of the damaged items as evidence and other documents like the photographs of the external damaged packaging and the goods damaged or broken on the insid

2. Submit the invoice of the damaged goods to ascertain their true value.

3. These above documents and pictures have to be submitted with the insurance or moving company.

4. The insurance company will have a look at your evidence and respond within 7 business days and sanction an inspection of the damaged goods.

5. When the insurance service provider or the moving company sanctions an inspection, it will collect the damaged package or items within 5 working days for the inspection.

6. In case your claim is accepted, then you need to fill an insurance claim form and send it back within 14 days. Attach the invoice of the repair charges if your damaged items can be repaired.

7. If your application or request for claim is rejected, then you might have to submit more evidence.

The Ending Note

Now, you don’t have to drop the idea of hiring packers and movers in Bangalore or any other city where you reside just for the sake of the security of your belongings during transportation. The facility of moving insurance will provide extra protection to your goods by providing compensation against the damages during relocation. So, next time, when you hire a moving company for your shift, don’t forget to take advantage of this beneficial service offered by them!

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