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Success story of Ganga Packers and Movers

Ganga Packers and Movers

"I believe that to achieve a successful life, you have to surround yourself with people who positively influence and inspire you.“

Success Story of Ganga Packers Movers

There are multiple people in my life who inspire me. My father inspires me to become financially independent. My friends inspire me to achieve a respectable position with a better salary, and my mother inspires me to get a better and healthy life.

With so many well-wishers around me, one thing was for sure; I am well-protected and guided by the right people in my life. This gave me the confidence to do something big on my own in life. And the kind of support I get, I was sure my family and friends would be there to guide me in my time of need and show me the right path.

So, when one of my friends, Amit Sharma, suggested I should have a packing and moving company and start a business in this field, I was delighted with his idea and thought of giving it a try. But I wanted to research about the business before entering any business. I knew it would be foolish and waste my time, money, and efforts.

Before opening my own company, I studied a little about the packers and movers business. And when I was confident that I knew enough to start my own business, I opened packers and movers company in Delhi in 2010, i.e., Ganga Packers and Movers.

There was also a reason behind the name of the company that I chose for my business. I always thought that whatever I did in life should be neat and clean. And there is nothing more clean and sacred than the river Ganga. So, the reason behind the name 'Ganga packers and movers' is that our work will be as clean and pure as the river Ganga.

I was glad I took the step as my friend’s idea suited me perfectly. I had a basic knowledge of packing and moving when I started this business 13 years ago. But once I entered this territory, I gained knowledge with each passing day, which led me towards the long-lasting success of my business.

In these 13 years, we faced many challenges to bring the business where it is today. From being new to a domain to having multiple competitors and winning customers' trust to proving yourself to people around you, I, along with my work, went through a lot. But my family never left my side. They pushed me and ensured I never gave up. Their love, care, and trust in me was why I kept going, and all the difficult times, including the dark days of Corona when I thought I had to shut down my business, all of it was behind us.

My father always taught me never to stop

"My father always taught me never to stop looking for motivation, as life never stops guiding you and giving you new ideas."

This line stuck with me, and I became keener in finding my ideal job or business. One day I went out with my friends, and one of my friends told me about his cousin's new business. He had started a new packers and movers business, and the business was doing quite well. My friend didn't give many details about it, but his words echoed in my ears. I told my mother about my friend's cousin's new business and how it intrigued me. So, my mother suggested I talk to him more about it and understand what type of business this is and every other detail I needed. I did the same and approached my friend again.

ganga packers and movers associated with Thepackersmovers

“During difficult times of Covid, we associated with Thepackersmovers.com, the famous directory portal. The directory portal helped us kickstart our business again.”

Ganga Packers and Movers have provided satisfactory services to their customers for the past decade. At present, we are serving all over India. During the difficult times of Covid, we made an association with Thepackersmovers.com, the famous directory portal that helps the customer find verified moving companies and moving companies find genuine customers.

The directory portal helped us kickstart our business again. We hoped our work would slowly but surely see brighter days again with our dedication and additional help from the directory. And it happened. I am glad we didn't give up and continued doing what we do with dedication.

In the end, I want to say that life always teaches you something. I remember one thing from the Great Bill gates "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." So keep learning and always keep moving forward.

Thank You –Naresh Dalal
Founder – Ganga packers and Movers, Delhi

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